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so i had been searching for doctors for breast augmentation i had always wanted one, but i was to young or broke lol . so when i had turned of age and had certain amount of money saved i decided to search for a doctor , beign from the us i first began to search for doctors in the states , but seriously the prices were off the roof crazy expensive so where near what i had saved , so then a co-worker recommended me to her dr. from tijuana dr. luis suarez , so i thought i have nothing to loose so i began to do some research aside from the fact that my co-worker was really happy with her results , so i went into his website and saw before and after pictures and was happy with what i had seen and also the testimonials , so i called and made a appointment , and went and met dr. suarez , seriously as soon as you talk to him and he starts explaining how the surgery would go about and everything in reference to the breast augmentation he is so knowledgeable and professional and just point blank amazing , i was so convinced as soon as i walked out , so looked for dates they explained to me the deposit situation lab work and so on , so i found a date i liked they let me know it was available , they gave me the option on depositing in dr. suarez bank account in the us which i thought was so time saving so i did , i they saved the date i wanted , i payed off the balance the day of the surgery. i totally recommend dr. suarez and his staff they were nothing but wonderfull !!! you should def. check him out great price , great surgeon , just great great great :d

– poison.IVY13