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Dr. D is a lovely doctor, with a great bedside manner, a sense of humour, and is very caring. I really appreciate that he is conservative and realistic about expected outcomes. He was very detailed about what to expect and in what order the whole way through (pre and post). He is very easily accessible post-surgery for questions or concerns. I was a little nervous about having the pre-pictures taken and yet, I was made to feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend him to others - I know I already have. And, for someone who did not approach the abdominoplasty for cosmetic reasons (not that there is anything bad with cosmetic reasons!), the experience and outcome have been well worth it. Dr. D made the lowest possible incision, it seriously is 1cm above my pubic hair, and as I requested, he didn't pull my skin all the way down, so I still have a vertical slit from my old belly button (I am emotionally attached to that belly button, so I was happy to keep some memory of it!). Plus, he did tell me that he probably would need to do the vertical slit because there might not be sufficient skin to comfortably pull it all the way down. He was right! The scar goes from hip to hip, but is so low that I could wear a very low cut bikini and it wouldn't be noticeable. The scar is healing beautifully and is very clean with barely any skin folds. Dr. D is truly a surgical artist!

– DiastasisRecti