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I went to Dr. OMULEPU in Miami. I walked into surgery very naive! I figured because I had 5 kids this would be a walk in the park! Dr. Omulepu seen I was really confident, and he kept it real with me! He told me step by step what to expect, and how to make it easier! He is very straight forward and just tells you like it is! My consult with him was the same day of surgery, all other correspondence was through his staff. He came in marked my body, asked if I was ready for what I was getting myself into lol, I of course was naive, but he did let me know that it would get better! I am pleased with my results, and his staff makes sure to answer all my questions whenever I call. one thing about his personality you should know, is he kinda acts like he has adhd! He's constantly moving, but he is paying attention! He would be writing, while examining, while talking/answering questions! He moves fast, but he is thorough! He's just an excellent multitasker! Lol the office is clean, the ladies are nice and gentle, and most of all patient!!! The wait times are long, but they are busy! You don't see the staff sitting around gossiping, chewing on their faces, they are all working etc.. They just seem super busy! I would definitely recommend him and his office!!

– ochoa2012