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This was my first experience with cosmetic surgery, and it was a wonderful one! The staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and so very sweet. Dr. Jugenburg was very knowledgeable, and put all my concerns to rest. He gave me all the information I needed, and made sure I was not only comfortable, but had no outstanding questions. Dr. Jugenburg was a pleasure to deal with, and I found he made me feel comfortable from the first moment I stepped in the office. Post-surgery, I am very pleased with the work done, and the standard of care provided to me by Dr. Jugenburg and his staff, which is exceptional, to say the least. Dr. Jugenburg did exactly what I asked for and wanted. Pain and bruising are minimal, I have clean cuts, and am healing well. I also left surgery with my body clean, minimally bandaged, and bandaged neatly where necessary (I have seen some friends full of iodine and bandaged very sloppily). Overall, my experience was amazing! Follow ups have been going well.

– CjsK