All-on-4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 technique offers patients a more affordable solution to this problem, as a complete upper or lower arch of teeth can be supported by four optimally placed dental implants. It was originally developed in the 1990’s by the Portuguese dentist Paulo Malo who worked in conjunction with Nobel Biocare, one of the best known dental implant companies in the world.

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Average Price: $7,830.00

Dental Destinations Cancun Medical Providers
Dental Destinations Cancun
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Dental Destinations Cancun is the Number One resource for all your dental Vacation Cancun needs with 10 Years first hand experience having helped over 1300 people from over 14 Countries, Dental Destinations Cancun can guide, assist and pass on all the Information you will need to maximize the whole dental Vacation journey. With our Impeccable Reputation for Professionalism, Friendliness and Honesty we are the best option for you finding your new dentist in Cancun.

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SUNSET DENTAL Cancun Medical Providers
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Here at Sunset Dental we do not perform any unnecessary work and that is a PROMISE! The treatments offered by our professionals will be based on finding out what matters to you and a comprehensive clinical evaluation, This is a partnership we will both be undertaking. Us as the Dentist and you as the patient. All patients receive certificates of quality assurance and a guarantee on the pieces placed.

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CCD Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Medical Providers
CCD Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry
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Here at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry™ we are proud to be the pioneers and leaders of dental tourism in Mexico. We are a specialized dental clinic in Cancun that offers affordable prices in cosmetic dentistry services, dental implants procedures & general dentistry to Americans & Canadians that seek first class dental treatments at affordable prices.

Visiting our facility means you can receive any type of dental treatment needed, from a simple white resin filling to an extreme smile makeover, all completed in just one week while you save thousands of dollars compared to your home dental prices.

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Dentcare Cancun Medical Providers
Dentcare Cancun
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Dentcare Cancun offers the best and largest facilities in Cancun, with brand new, imported equipment, as well as state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards of hygiene and infection control. Our team of dental care professionals can treat and solve any kind of dental or mouth problem in a comfortable, ethical and friendly environment.

For 25 years our goal has been to satisfy our patients by providing professional and excellent dental care.

Quality dental care with friendly services for all of your family members.

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Sedation Dentistry Medical Providers
Sedation Dentistry
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Plantation, Florida, US


Expect the best dentist visit when you come to our Plantation Dental office. Our certified and licensed dentists specialize in anxiety-free dental visits. We have pioneered several sedation techniques in dentistry. In addition, our office is certified in twilight sedation and general anesthesia. Max Arocha DMD is a prolific innovator and awarded U.S. and international patents in the field of injectable methods of anesthesia.

We look forward to hearing your story. We enjoy helping and caring for you and your family.

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HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun Medical Providers
HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
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We are a dental clinic integrated by best trained dentists covering all dental specialties. State of the Art technology in a very comfortable and warm environment. Hospident specialists focus their efforts on specific dental fields of experience.
Major Dental Makeovers can cost much less in Cancun, Mexico. It is the ideal place to transform yourself.

Together we form a balanced team with a common vision and a unique skill set, beyond dentistry, we are fascinated by people, by human nature. We focus on the patient, rather than the case, we also strive to be a social example and support at an the local market.

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