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Sleeve Gastrectomy
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Dr. Hector Perez – Bariatric Weight Loss Surgeon

Ave. Sunyaxchen No. 59 S.M 25 Cancun, Q Roo, Mexico 77500
Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX

Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am-7:00 pm

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy or known as longitudinal “vertical” gastrectomy, gastric reduction or vertical gastroplasy is a laparoscopic bariatric “weight loss” surgery aiming at reducing the stomach size by stapling the stomach and removing a part of it leaving a banana shaped sleeve or tube from the stomach. The operation is irreversible.

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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
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Dr. Pablo Garcia Vargas - Bariatric Surgery

Luis F. # 457, Centro Medico Dominicano, Tower Thomén Pereyca, Cons. 403
Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DO

Monday to Saturday : 9am - 7pm

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also called a “sleeve” or “gastric sleeve,” is a hybrid operation. 80 percent of the stomach is completely resected and removed from the body. The resection is done along the long axis of the stomach so that the new stomach looks like a banana or a hockey-stick. The new stomach is very stiff, tubular and narrow stomach, and does not let you eat very much food. The portion of the stomach that is removed is the most elastic.

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