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The U.S. ranks dead last in preventable deaths among the 19 leading industrialized nations! We’re clearly off target in our approach to healthcare.
Over 70 million Americans live with chronic pain—back pain and headaches top the list. Back pain is the leading cause of adult disability in America, costing more than cancer and heart disease combined.
In 2008, the New York Times declared: “Despite spending $86 billion in 2005 on spine treatments, impaired function is increasing and we’re losing the battle against back pain. The biggest surge in spending has been for…narcotic pain relievers.”
Newsweek stated that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death, killing twice as many Americans as AIDS or suicide, and more than accidents or diabetes. This doesn’t even include outpatient care, malpractice, improper use of drugs or over-the-counter medications.
My Strategy: Resolve your health conditions and other life problems from a holistic mindset and approach. “Holistic” means caring for the person as a whole (whole mind, whole body and whole spirit) instead of just as an accumulation of symptoms.
I’ve dedicated my life to bringing holistic care to my patients and a holistic message to the world in order to solve pain and health issues and contribute to the solution of larger global concerns.

William Gautier
AHD Clinic
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