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Come and visit us, feel and experience a unique treatment while undergoing your dental procedure at one of the best destinations World-Wide!

At Dentistar Cancun We have a NEW unique smile in PARADISE waiting specially for YOU!!!

Full Mouth Makeover:

If the condition applies, a
treatment plan will be created that will address your concerns using the latest
technologies available in advanced specialized dentistry that will enable you
to look and feel great and allow you to eat comfortably. Are your teeth
preventing you from eating, smiling, and biting properly due to severe decay,
severe periodontal disease, or if you no longer wish to have dentures and
missing teeth, then you may be a candidate for a Full-Mouth Makeover. Our team
of high qualify Specialists will meet with you and review your unique situation
and address each of your concerns and goals. At DENTISTAR you will be treated
by dental Specialists who have the training, skill and the judgment to create a
beautiful, comfortable, and everlasting smile.


Dental Implant
From$995.00 USD
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Missing permanent teeth can be embarrassing, but it no longer has to deter you from showing off your smile while walking in the streets . Dental implants are small posts placed beneath the gum to work as the roots of missing teeth. A crown, or artificial tooth, is then fitted to match your teeth and mouth and improve your smile. An implant can replace one tooth or multiple teeth for a full, healthy smile that looks and feels natural.

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    Deborah Moeck, USA

    "If you want a low key, dedicated professional Dentist - Dr. Javier is for you!"

    "4 vaneers and 4 crowns

    I spoke with Dr. Javier at Dentistar before coming to Cancun. He was very helpful and informative. Once meeting him I knew he was the right Dentist for me. He is extremely professional and experienced. He listened to what I wanted and made recommendations that proved to be better than what I had "thought" I wanted.
    It was quick and painless and my teeth are beautiful!! I can't quit smiling!!!!
    Dr. Javier is kind, gentle and professional.
    I plan on returning to see Dr. Javier for veneers on my bottom teeth as well.
    If you want a low key, dedicated professional Dentist - Dr. Javier is for you! It is not like an assembly line like other Dentist Centers in Cancun.
    I highly recommend Dr. Javier!

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    Shannon, Canada

    "Honest professional advice."
    "I thought I had broken yet another tooth three days ago and expected the worst. Dr. Loria replaced my filling, gave me honest professional advice about my future options, and treated me pain free in minutes. My problem stems from Bruxism - night grinding. I have had Dr. Loria make several night guards for me - a new one each time the grinding takes its toll on my teeth, which means I have to get another crown and need another night guard to accommodate the difference in my teeth. We live in Cancun every winter. Dr. Loria was recommended by friends who live here full time. My husband and I have been coming to the clinic for many years. They are accommodating about your time preferences, polite, and efficient. The only slight down is that while Dr. Loria speaks excellent English, the staff does not. But it all gets sorted out with little trouble."

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    Michael Wilmington, USA

    My experience at DentiStar was excellent. Dr Loria is a highly skilled dentist. The two bridges he made for me fit perfectly and the whole process from the first time I walked into his office took only three days instead of the 15-21 days quoted here in the states.
    The price quoted was the price I paid and it was less than 40% of the estimate given by my dentist.
    When I need dental services other than cleaning I will return to Dr Loria without hesitation."

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    Sean, US

    "Extremely friendly, fast and comfortable. Very good work. Better than the Dentists back home. Very professional.

    All I can say is Excellent!!!!!!"

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    Micheal Wetterly

    I am very happy with the dental work i have had done with Dentistar clinic in cancun, Mexico. My wife and I will be coming back for some follow up work early next year.

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    William, USA

    "Everything was phenomenal I do not have one negative criticism about Dr. Javier Loria or his wonderful staff. They were professional, they were friendly, it was so seamless. I have a phenomenal new smile with my Veneers. I was in no pain, again I'll say no pain. All of my friends, my boss has gotten Dr Javier Lorias card! My teeth are beautiful, everyone is just wiped out about how beautiful they are, I am more than satisfied with everything! please post this recommendation ... wherever you have to post it, I mean Dr Javier is the bomb.....lol"

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    Tom, US

    "I will highly recommend them to all"
    "Dentist Consultation, Dental Bridges

    Dentist Consultation, bridge and plate. Dentalstar was everything they said and more. My treatment exceeded my expectations and i will highly recommend them to all. My wife and I plan to return to have more work done."

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    Sylvain Labbé, Canada

    J'ai eu de bons soins pour 4 implants ! Je recommande cette clinique! Très professionnel et équipé comme au Canada!

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    Anthony CH

    Excellent dentist and prices very professional Dr Javier and his team.

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    Ernest Porcupine, USA

    "My wife and I had dental implants, root canals, crowns and extractions over a period from Jan 16th to Jan27th. Dr. Loria was very professional, knowledgeable and creative in assessing and completing the extensive dental work that we had done. We paid exactly what he quoted and he went over and above board to do whatever was needed that resulted in an exceptional job. The pain management was superior to previous dental work we had completed in Canada. They have state of the art equipment including 3d x-ray technology and dental crown contruction in office. The office and dental stations are very clean and comfortable. Dr. Loria and his staff are very personable, speak good English. Our overall experience was very positive and we would highly recommend this dentist."

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    Brian Arlington, USA

    "I can't say enough about how great my visit was, Dentistar can create crowns during your visit on site rather than waiting 3-4 days like others. Besides saving a ton of money (more than I even expected) the staff was so friendly and genuinely concerned about helping me. I received full sedation, which is so the way to go, and the computerized set up they had was even better than my dentist in the US. I have a new dentist in Dr. Loria, he is my new dentist for life."


Dr. Javier Loria


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