Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo - Plastic Surgeon

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Our Vision

Our vision is to work in the best plastic surgery health center that meets the highest quality and safety standards, while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Our Mission

To ensure security in each intervention


  • Commitment to patients.

  • Professionalism in the attention.

  • Personalized attention.

Liposuction (Liposculpture)
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This cosmetic technique can be called the no-scalpel surgery. It molds the body while eliminating the fat volumes that disfigures it. It´s suitable for people at all ages, but is very common among young people that having a seemingly normal weight, can’t eliminate the accumulation of fat with exercises, nor with strong diets.

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Breast Augmentation
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Where are you going to place my prosthesis?
There are many areas for a possible breast implant placement, such as submuscular (under the muscle), subglandular (under the gland), subfascial or in mixed planes. Therefore each patient evaluates with our advice, which one of all suits best their particular case. We place retro muscular implants in most cases (95%) because of the short and long term benefits patients will have.

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Butt Augmentation
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Can I place myself injections in my buttocks after surgery?
NO, every patient undergoing a process of fat injection or buttocks implant should not inject any medication because it could pierce the implant, and if it is fat, the medication is not going to be properly absorbed and will not have the desired effect.

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Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo


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