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Now is the time to stop and think,to strive for something greater and be decisive.Take the plunge and begin to blaze a new trail toward health and well being.

Push harder and go further, value yourself, meet or reacquaintyourself with the new you. Care for your mind, your body and especially your heart. Trust and have faith that there is always more to you,and Godhas provided us something better. After all, we are his perfect creation, and if he gave us life, then we should live it.

Duodenal Switch
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The ”switch,” or duodenal switch procedure, is a weight loss operation that combines qualities of both the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass. The operation is performed in two steps. First, we conduct a sleeve gastrectomy, removing around 80 percent of the stomach and converting the remainder into a slender tube.

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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
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The vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also called a “sleeve” or “gastric sleeve,” is a hybrid operation. 80 percent of the stomach is completely resected and removed from the body. The resection is done along the long axis of the stomach so that the new stomach looks like a banana or a hockey-stick. The new stomach is very stiff, tubular and narrow stomach, and does not let you eat very much food. The portion of the stomach that is removed is the most elastic.

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