• HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun
  • HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun

HOSPIDENT - Make Over Cancun

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Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX

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Hospident specialists focus their efforts on specific dental fields of experience. Vigorous training and continued education keep us current with dental advancements allowing us to provide patients with the highest level and quality of care.

Our mission is the total satisfaction of each patient, in addition to receiving the best dental treatment; you will be carefree in a warm and friendly setting, inside our modern and comfortable offices.

Hospident founding doctors have maintained a reputation of excellence here in Cancun for the past 21 years. We are here because of you; your satisfaction, preference and recommendations have made us who we are today.

At Hospident, each clients wellness is our primary goal, we go the extra mile, what sets us apart from the competition is that extra step; honesty, empathy and our effort to bring you the best results at the best prices. 


Modern Dental practice goes hand with the latest advance in equipment and techniques these results in better dental evaluations and treatment decisions for all dental problems.

On the other hand it is equally as important the professional preparation as well as the skill of the specialist.


SAVE UP TO 60% IN TREATMENT COSTS. Often, in order to get higher results at lower prices for complex rehabilitations, patients must travel to other countries to find the same quality at lower prices. That is how dental tourism was born; helping patients and making their dreams come true.

Sinus Lift
From$1,680.00 USD
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A sinus lift is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. It's sometimes called a sinus augmentation. The bone is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of your nose.

To make room for the bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved upward, or "lifted." A sinus lift usually is done by a specialist. This could be either an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a periodontist.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal
From$320.00 USD
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Wisdom teeth are extracted for two general reasons:
Either the wisdom teeth have already become impacted, or the wisdom teeth could potentially become problematic if not extracted.
Potential problems caused by the presence of properly grown-in wisdom teeth include infections caused by food particles easily trapped in the jaw area behind the wisdom teeth where regular brushing and flossing is difficult and ineffective.

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Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez DDS
Dr. Paola Mora DDS, MS
Dr. Gabriel Murillo, MD, MBBS
Dr. Rafael Orozco Egremy, DDS.


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