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Our philosophy is to ensure uncompromising professional quality and comprehensive, customized procedures.

From the moment you meet with our board-certified plastic surgeon, at our Monterrey, México practice, to the instant your cosmetic and reconstructive results are revealed, you will feel embraced, encouraged, advised, and supported by our entire surgical team.

We want to provide you with en experience that is unlike any other one you will encounter at a surgical center.

What We Offer

Genuine patient care is our highest mission at Monterrey Plastic Surgery. We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our patients who will always enjoy warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance.

Our team strives to create an idealistic treatment plan that is completely customized and reveals supremely satisfying results, which look flawlessly natural.

In addition Dr. Lara Ontiveros listens, understands, accepts the ethnic qualities, or unique characteristics that make you.

Breast Implants
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Breast augmentation in Monterrey México is a surgical procedure where breast implants are used to increase the size of a woman’s breasts as well as improve their shape and contour.

Women of all ages may benefit from breast augmentation surgery. Genetics, previous pregnancy, nursing and weight loss can all contribute to a lack of attractive breast volume. This can produce a less than desirable breast contour.

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Breast Reconstruction
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Breast reconstruction, in Monterrey México, is an integral part of breast cancer treatment. The procedure is performed when one or both breasts are removed due to cancer or another disease.

The latest reconstructive surgery techniques, along with advanced medical devices, have made it possible for plastic surgeons to reconstruct the breasts in a way that comes close to matching the form and appearance of a natural breast.

At Monterrey Plastic Surgery we offer a wide variety of breast reconstruction procedures.

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Weight Loss Surgery
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More and more patients have changed their lives for the better with dramatic weight loss by diet, exercise and/or bariatric surgery. Unfortunately excess skin and laxity may persist following the weight loss. The extent of the skin laxity that exists depends on the amount of weight lost, the rapidity of the weight loss, the patient’s age and genetics.

In Monterrey Mexico, cosmetic surgery after weight loss can put the finishing touch on your new look.

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Ear Surgery
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Laser skin resurfacing, in Monterrey Mexico, is one of the newest plastic surgery technologies, improves certain kinds of wrinkles and fine lines to create brighter and healthier looking skin.

At Monterrey Plastic Surgery we use, an advanced laser technology that combines three treatment modalities into one. This highly targeted treatment works by removing layers of skin with precision to improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Laser skin resurfacing, also known as a laser peel, laser vaporization and lasabrasion, can reduce facial wrinkles, scars and blemishes.

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