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NASHIELLI Plastic Surgery
 gives you the opportunity to undergo plastic
and reconstructive surgeries at beautiful locations in Mexico
such as Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. Places
where you will be resting and enjoying different activities while recovering
from your treatment.

We wiill take care of your accommodation and
transportation, according to your needs. No worries. Just relax and enjoy.


Plastic surgery in Mexico has developed facilities for aesthetic procedures, attracting hundreds
of American patients who are looking to reduce the costs of plastic surgery

Many of the treatments offered in Mexico can
cost almost half of what is charged in the United States and Europe.
The low cost of plastic surgery in Mexico is one of the reasons why many
American patients travel to Mexico. Two of the most visited cities in Mexico
for plastic surgeries are Guadalajara and Puerto


Located at 338 miles from Mexico City,
Guadalajara is the proud capital of the state of Jalisco and
it is the second most important city in Mexico.

It is known for having the best weather in the
country. The average temperature varies between50° and 78° F.

Guadalajara is the
birthplace of many of the most representative symbols of Mexico, such as handcrafts,
the charreada, the mariachi, the jarabe tapatío (Mexican hat dance) and tequila

The magnificent architecture of its religious and
historical buildings, specially the Hospicio Cabañas, which is part
of UNESCO’S Cultural Heritage of Humanity; the beauty of its parks
and natural areas surrounding it, such as La Primavera forest,
where sports activities such as camping and ecotourism are performed.

The well-known hospitality of its people, which
have made Guadalajara to be recognized as “The Pearl of the West”.

The activities in this city may vary according to
each tourist’s interests. Starting with the Historic Downtown, with its
beautiful Cathedral
and a 19th century theatre. Through
its picturesque city of Tonalá, where you can find the largest
varieties of handcrafts in the country.

A magic Lake, Chapala, the beautiful
people of the city of Tequila, where the most important beverage of Mexico is

You can take a tour on board of the Tequila
Express, which is a train that will take you to the birthplace of tequila,
having the chance to enjoy landscapes recognized as Cultural Heritage of
Humanity by UNESCO, and learn about the process of making Tequila, all this
with Mariachi music.

We know how important it is for you to have all the
possible support when you decide to go through an aesthetic procedure. That’s
why NASHIELLI Plastic Surgery Center offers you an excellent

International Patient Coordinators team, focused on
providing you all the necessary attention during your trip and stay in Mexico,
so your experience can be as nice and comfortable as possible.

Breast Reduction Surgery
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Is your breast size not proportionate with your body? Does this interfere with your daily activities with physical issues such as neck and back pains, shortness of breath or causing any deformity in your spine?

Breast reduction surgery may be the most appropriate surgical procedure to leave all these issues behind and recover a healthy lifestyle that will let you do your daily activities without any limitation.

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