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Dr. Victor Samano certified plastic surgeon offers the highest quality plasticcosmetic and reconstructive surgery services like breast lifttummy tuckbreast augmentationliposuctions and more at affordable prices in Cancun. If you are seeking plastic surgery in Mexico you are in the right place.

Medical Tourism in Mexico is staffed by highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide care and world-class services through an extensive hospital infrastructure with edge medical technology.

Checkups, preventive care, specialized surgery and the recovery of our tourists are promoted and monitored at all times with warmth and professionalism by our specialist tour operators, making your stay pleasant and safe in our country.

To optimally complete the process, we have the best conditions to fully recover: warm to temperate climates with healthy and regulated environments, hotels and tourist destinations internationally recognized for their attractive and diversity.

In our case we offer all kinds of procedures of PlasticReconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery in Cancun, with a variety of hotels with great rates plus the most exclusive resorts in Mexico.

Breast lift (mastopexy)
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It repositions the mammary glands that descended from their original position by means of different techniques, each one designed for a particular type of patient either by means of periareolar (in the circumference of the areola), vertical or inverted “T” approach; these techniques may or may not require the use of a breast implant to achieve greater volume in the upper pole.
Objectives: Correct the position of the breasts by lifting them to obtain an aesthetic and natural shape.

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Mommy Makeover [Body]
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It recovers the appearance of the breast and abdomen after pregnancy repositioning the position and volume of the breasts and removing excess abdominal skin and fat below the belly button and flanks, combining the benefits of liposuction to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and long lasting result.
Objectives: It corrects the position of the breasts, lifting them to obtain an aesthetic and natural shape and removes abdominal excess skin and fat, achieving an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Dr. Victor Samano


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