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Toronto, Ontario, CA

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Personal Statement

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon with a passion for creativity, artistry and medicine, I love creating natural, balanced & beautiful results for my patients. I have my own private Toronto Surgery Centre (one of the few elite out-of-hospital facilities in Ontario that is fully approved and inspected).

Board Certifications

Board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Head, Neck & Facial

Consultation Fee


Awards & Recognition
RealSelf Top Doctor
Hospital Privileges

Dr. Torgerson has hospital affiliations at Sunnybrook Hospital.


Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: MD, Otolaryngology, University of Toronto
Graduate: PhD, Neuroscience, University of Calgary

Post-Medical School Training
Fellowship: Facial Plastic Surgery, University of Toronto

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    Dr. Torgerson is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, compassionate and gentle. I strongly recommend him!

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    Dr. Torgerson was professional, kind and sincere. His staff were very thorough and attentive. They all payed very close attention to me during the procedure as well as after. Their instructions were clear and concise, leaving little to no room for questions and insecurity - I knew exactly what to expect.
    I was entirely pleased with the Dr., the nurses and the outcome.

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    Dr. Torgerson is so friendly and understanding. He really makes an effort to give you the best nose for your face so that it looks beautiful, but also natural. He has a keen eye for what is attractive. I always felt comfortable with him knowing his vast experience and education as well as his assurances in the days following the surgery.

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    Dr Cory Togerson is amazing! He does great work. I am very happy with my results

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    M. Contareli

    Dr. Cory Torgerson is 100% professional & detailed 3D imaging was amazing and results turned out just like what we worked on together with the imaging.
    Has a lovely clean clinic & staff.

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    My PS was very friendly at all times, and listened to my concerns.

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    Dr. Cory Torgerson is such a professional doctor who knows what's best for his patients. I expressed what I was hoping for in my results and he exceeded my expectations. I feel so great about the outcome of my eye lid surgery as well as my fillers. I will absolutely come back to him again as well as suggest him to others who are looking for a reliable, confident, & caring doctor. Dr. Cory Torgerson's staff were amazing. Not only did Dr. C. Torgerson take time to explain everything to me and all of the steps of the surgery as well as the recovery. His staff did as well. I really appreciated his "OR" staff. They were so kind, caring and patient. When I had a question they didn't hestitate to take the time to calming explain things to me. My overall thoughts, opinions, and feelings of my experience are amazing. I would suggest Dr. Cory Torgerson who are wanting to be treated by him to go ahead and book an appointment. He is in the Heart of Yorkville in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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    During my consultation with the doctor, I was a little surprised that he didn’t try to talk me into having facial surgery, but recommended several treatments that would give me a younger look without surgery. I had done some research and I trusted Dr. Torgerson to do the work because of his credentials. You could see that he cared about what he was doing and wanted to do his best for me. I wish I'd done this sooner.

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    Dr. Cory Torgerson is a highly skilled surgeon, artist and humanitarian. What a wonderful experience to be his patient. I am so grateful.

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    The Yorkville clinic is a very welcoming place. The staff is so friendly and polite, they are always trying to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Dr.Torgerson was extremely professional, friendly and attentive to my thoughts and ideas. He really listened to me and gave me honest opinions. He did not try to push other procedures, he just wanted me to have the best rhinoplasty experience possible. He is genuinely interested in his patients feeling confident and happy about their appearance. He even recommended a great skincare system to me (Allyria), which actually cleared up all my acne, and for that I honestly don't know how to thank him.
    His team is very professional and I received excellent care before and after my surgery (Nurse Jamie is a sweetheart). Dr.Torgerson did such an amazing job with my nose, the result is even better than what I had imagined. I came out of this experience with a beautiful nose, and clear skin, and I couldn't be happier.

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    Dr Torgerson is and excellent surgeon , doctor and person . In addition to my rhinoplasty , he has treated
    my rosacia and acid reflux . I am thrilled with the results . When attending his clinic for follow up , it feels more like coming home for thanksgiving then the usual cold sterile doctor office visit as his staff genuinely make you fell right at home.

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    Anne McGuire

    I was apprehensive when I first made my appointment, but Dr. Torgerson and his staff put me completely at ease.
    I found Dr. Torgerson to have a friendly, approachable demeanour. He answered all my questions and I loved the fact that he was not pushy.
    The entire experience was very pleasant and rewarding.

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    Dr. Torgerson made it very clear that he would not do more than he thought was necessary - especially when I expressed my concern with filler and botox in general and how celebrities my age looked much older due to over indulging. Walking me through the procedure and ensuring I was comfortable put me at ease however in continuing to come back to see Dr. Torgerson and he remembers our conversations, bringing up topics from months ago really demonstrates his investment in his clients. I have always been thrilled with the results.

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    I found that Dr Cory Torgerson strikes the perfect balance between medical professionalism and empathetic pragmatism. Overall, his obvious skill and expertise are complimented by a genuine empathy, friendliness and attentiveness to his patients. In terms of his approach to surgery, I appreciated his focus on achieving facial symmetry and harmony through surgery which is subtle and not excessive.

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    Dr t is professional, personable caring and most importantly he truly cares about his patients I would definitely recommend Dr. Torgerson to all my family and friends.
    Dr.T is a true “artist”! Thank you for getting me back to my “REALSELF”.

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    pleasant staff, pristine facility, very aesthetically precise treatment by a qualified facial plastic surgeon

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    I was introduced to neuromodulators & dermal fillers after reading a blog post from a friend. I went to see Dr. Torgerson approximately one week after reading it and have not looked back since. He is not only incredibly professional, he is an artist with an eye for detail and precision. I would never ever trust my face with ANYONE else (and I've had offers).

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    Keith Williams

    As I have already mentioned, Dr. Torgerson was approachable, yet professional. He obviously enjoys giving people more self esteem. I feel he is a true artist. I appreciate that after I received Botox injections, I didn't look overdone.

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    Dr. Torgerson brought back my faith in good doctors. Being in the medical world myself, I began to feel as if there were less and less doctors that truly care for their patients and their practice. Dr. Torgerson has excellent bedside manner and I felt truly cared for and in a short period of time felt comfortable asking him anything and telling him anything. I truly appreciated this as I know it is very hard to come across, and the best thing and even the rarest point of my experience with Dr. Torgerson was it reminded me to never lose my bedside manner, my faith in medicine and hang in there even when things get really tough at the hospital.

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    Dr. Cory Torgerson has an extremely modern and professional operation. Firstly, he is passionate and meticulous about his work. I had heard that he is the best doctor in Toronto for facial surgeries and I will be another customer spreading the word. Dr. T has a wonderful manner with patients, and spends a great deal of time both pre and post operation. He also has an excellent team of people who help make the experience of surgery and after care very comfortable. The management of all procedures is impeccable and there was not one instance when I felt anxious--and this type of surgery has limited pain and discomfort! I now feel and look several years younger which gives me confidence in the workplace and in my life. The best part is that it is difficult to tell why I look so fresh. After 2 months, there is no swelling and a tiny unnoticeable scar.

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    His precision is impressive, he treats my face like a one-of-a-kind irreplaceable canvas. He has NEVER overdone injections and has consistent impeccable placement of the botox. I wouldn't dream of seeing another plastic surgeon for any treatment. Dr. Torgerson focuses entirely on me when I am there, he's not distracted, insincere or rushed. His staff are clearly cared for, which also says a lot for his character and his value for people as a whole.
    To summarize, he is trustworthy, efficient and artistic, all while being entirely swave, genuine and precise. The other astounding thing about Dr. Torgerson is that he has the ability to be friendly and professional at the same time - I've seen many go to an extreme either one way or the other, not Dr. T!
    Thank you Dr. Torgerson!

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    Dr.Torgerson is a professional facial artist. He views one's face as a painting canvass for his marvelous creations.

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    Dr. Torgeson has a wonderful "bedside" manner and always puts me at ease. He spends ample time during the appointment to make sure I understand the options and makes sure I'm comfortable. He's very professional and friendly and works quickly to minimize any stress.

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