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New Westminster, British Columbia, CA

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Personal Statement

I am a McGill University-trained plastic surgeon. I did extensive fellowship training in Paris, France, where I was exposed to elegant practitioners who produced authentic, natural-looking results. These mentors shaped my approach to aesthetic plastic surgery.

Board Certifications

Board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Plastic Surgery


American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS)

Consultation Fee

$100. To be applied to a procedure

Awards & Recognition
Professional Recognition:
Examiner in Plastic Surgery, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Hospital Privileges

Dr. Pugash has hospital affiliations at Eagle Ridge, Royal Columbian, Surrey, Peace Arch, False Creek Surgery Centre, ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre.


Undergraduate & Medical School
Undergraduate: BA, Harvard College
Medical: MD, McGill University

Post-Medical School Training
Residency: Plastic Surgery, McGill University
Fellowships: Aesthetic, Cranio and Maxillofacial, and Hand Surgery, Paris, France

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    Dr. Pugash was reccomended to me by a co-worker. She told me to go see him when I mentioned my interest in breast augmentation and that I would love him and wouldn't need to go see anyone else. She was right! Dr. Pugash was the only surgeon I saw for a consult. He answered all my questions, was very informative, honest and made me feel very comfortable. My experience with Dr Pugash and his office staff ( his receptionists are amazing!) was excellent from start to finish. He personally called to check up on me after my surgery ( it was a weekend). I could not have asked for any better. I would highly reccomend Dr. Pugash for any cosmetic plastic surgery.

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    Interactions were minimal with 2 pre-operative appointments. Basically he told ME what kind of implants to get and where to get the incision. Because of his depth of knowledge, I agreed. Who am I to argue a professional of 30 something odd years of breast augmentations. He's a good Dr.

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    loulou from white rock

    Look no further. (Dr. Pugash has other locations in New Westminster and in Vancouver.) I have had nothing but positive experiences with this plastic surgeon and his staff. I have complete confidence in him and his abilities. His staff are delightful!!

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    The consultation was excellent and I was impressed with Dr. Pugash's knowledge, professionalism, and artistic understanding relative to facelift outcomes. I had a facelift, upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), and a bilateral ear lobe reduction. My recovery in just one month is amazing and the result awesome thanks to this incredibly skillful surgeon. He and his support team explained everything step by step and I was made aware of the possible ( but not common) risks of the procedure. The follow up post surgery has been outstanding and even included a personal call from Dr. Pugash. The False Creek Clinic is state of the art and the staff there as well as the staff at the New West location were just fantastic every step of the way. This has been an incredible experience and I love, love, love the way I look.

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    Deb in Vancouver

    Dr. Pugash was very informative and I felt totally comfortable with him and what he proposed. I arranged to undergo facelift and chin augmentation surgery soon thereafter. I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Pugash for his meticulous work in giving me back my confidence. The result is more than I had ever hoped for! Thank you so much Dr. Pugash and his staff for their professionalism and competent care. I would highly recommend Dr. Pugash for any cosmetic surgery you may wish to undergo - he is a truly gifted surgeon!

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    Very straightforward and unpersonable at first and just wants to read his list of precautions about the surgery. After he see's his excellent work on your body he lights up and becomes a bit more excitable. He is very professional, great at what he does. He is also VERY realistic about what he can and cannot do. He said many times that he is not a "magician", but after what he did to me, I felt like he was!

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    I had breast implants with Dr. Pugash in March of 2012. I have two friends who have had implants/breast lift with him and both recommended Dr. Pugash as a perfectionist with an excellent reputation for his work amongst his peers. My consultations were thorough and he was on time. Everything about my surgery, recovery and results have been absolutely perfect. The staff at the surgery day were professional and extremely kind. The facilities were top notch and the after care was excellent. My breasts are stunning and completely free of complications and the decision to have the augmentation with Dr. Pugash was the best. I only wish I had done it sooner.

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    My doctor was very professional and meticulous. He was very informative and knowledgable.

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    I was very pleased with Dr.Pugash! He was so polite and caring every time that I had/have seen him. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that is looking for a plastic surgeon. He takes the time to answer all and any questions you may have. His receptionists are super sweet and always a delight to speak with.

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    Dr. Pugash is very professional and knowledgeable. At no time did I feel that I was being sold on something. I was provided with enough detail and information to make an informed decision. The after care was/is very good.

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    I've never written a review before but am so beyond pleased with the incredible work Dr.Pugash did that I feel like others need to hear my input. This post is being written from someone that has had 3 past breast augmentations and revisions from different doctors and been more and more self conscious with each one until Dr.Pugash did what no one else could and fixed my previous botched jobs. Dr.Pugash is honest, patient, meticulous and most importantly he actually cares about his patients. I'm getting married this year and finally feel confident in my own skin because of him. His staff are equally as valuable and are very easy to deal with. Thank you Dr.pugash and all the staff by his side!!

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    Not only was he professional in the way he listened and conducted my first consult, but Dr Pugash was also amazingly talented come surgery day in giving me the result I wished for.

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    I can't say enough positive comments about Dr. Pugash and his staff. I was impressed with the entire process and would highly recommend having cosmetic surgery done by him!

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    My results are outstanding. My breasts look perfect and totally natural. I went with the size that he chose for my augmentation and I'm so glad I trusted him. Any bigger and they would have looked disproportionate. He is by far the best plastic surgeon. If you are interested in having a breast augmentation look no further. My breasts had zero cleavage to begin with and he said he can only do so much. I wasn't expecting to have cleavage but he worked his magic and I do!!! I can't believe how fantastic they look. Dr. Pugash, his staff, and the False Creek centre far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

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    My few comments are you do have to wait a bit to get in with him but i was okay with that because it gave me lots of time to arrange my schedule and think about it if i was going to change my mind. Overall the process was very smooth and i really appreciated staying overnight, i dont think i could've managed at home. I am healing up very well with a lot less pain than i expected which i think points to excellent surgical skills. The instructions from the clinic were very clear and they made sure to go over them several times.

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    I had a breast augmentation in August with Dr. Pugash and highly recommend him to anyone else who may be seeking cosmetic surgery in the Vancouver area. I ended up developing capular contracture unfortunately, though it was through no fault of Dr. Pugash. I ended up having to get one breast re-operated on many months later after a regimine of medication didn't solve the issue. I am pleased to say that the results now are amazing and I couldnt be happier with the result.

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    I simply do not have enough great words for Dr Pugash and his staff! The attention to detail he gives is outstanding. The man is a pure perfectionist!

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    The staff at the office was extremely kind and friendly throughout the entire process. Dr. Pugash was also very considerate and professional when explaining my options and what the procedure and recovery would entail, answering all of my questions and concerns. The surgery went flawlessly and the results were impeccable so I would definitely recommend him as a surgeon.

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    I am a 41 year old female. My Mother used Dr. Pugash for a tummy tuck seven years ago and was very happy with the results. I had an abdominoplasty assisted with liposuction 5 weeks ago and I am beyond happy with the results. I was feeling somewhat reluctant at my last appointment before the surgery and Dr. Pugash was so helpful, he answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. His staff was also amazing and extremely caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery. He is a true artist!!

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    Dr. Pugash was easy to talk to, very straight forward and down to the point. I've read numerous great reviews about him and after talking to hubby about it for 1.5 years, I finally have some support from him and made the call to book for a consultation and was booked for about 9 months later. Talk about a long wait but I guess good surgeons are the busy ones since he runs about 4 surgical centres in BC. I felt comfortable with him and had the surgery booked for 2 months later. Hoping for the best.

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    I would highly recommend Dr. Pugash to anyone considering this surgery!

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    In May of 2012, Dr. Pugash performed my Breast Augmentation surgery. I tirelessly researched Doctors and their facilities. I had two girlfriends that had gone to Dr. Pugash and while both loved their results, one said he was friendly and wonderful and the other commented that he wasn't overly friendly in their interactions. From the "Before and After" photos and my research, I went for my first consultation with him. I found him to be friendly, incredibly informative..but most importantly straightforward. I wasn't there to make a best friend...I was there for his skills and his talent and his reputation. He was respectful and I felt so confident in him that I booked my surgery that week. The surgery facility in False Creek is indeed top notch, the people on his team are kind and warm. I could not be happier with the outcome. Zero complications, perfect symmetry and minimal scarring even after only 2 months. There's no question in my mind, he is amazing!

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    I had been hearing and reading about the prestigious False Creek Surgical Centre for many years; but required a surgeon closer to my home. When I found Dr. Pugash through a Google search and read that not only did he have a clinic in my area - but that he was, in fact, one of the FCSC surgeons ... my search was over.

    Not only did Dr. Pugash give me this gorgeous face; with it came the confidence, drive and determination to meet ... and exceed ... my weight-loss goal. Dr. Pugash made me look decades younger and completely natural. I think of him and thank him every time I look in the mirror.

    The thoughfulness and courtesy of his whole team is disarming; one is truly made to feel like a member of a caring family. I can most certainly recommend Dr. Pugash; his professional, capable manner inspire complete confidence. His skills as a surgeon are evident in the results. I envy anyone going to see him for the first time and I very much look forward to having another procedure with him in the near future.

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    Dr. Pugash is very straight forward and professional. I loved that about him! He discusses any possible risks and makes sure his patients have a clear understanding about realistic expectations and about the procedure itself. I felt reassured by his years of experience and impressive medical schooling and certifications. He is very confident in his work, and that made me feel confident! His office ladies are really sweet and helpful. They always make you feel welcome and are happy to answer any questions you have. The anesthesiologist and the staff at the surgical center were all very pleasant too and I always felt like I was well cared for. I definitely feel like I made the right choice in choosing Dr.Pugash, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Vancouver area. Or even out of the Vancouver area, he is worth travelling for!!

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    Dr Pugash is an amazing plastic surgeon. I was referred to him by my GP. He is a very busy doctor so he does get behind sometimes, but he is worth the wait. I was referred to Dr. Pugash by my GP and am so happy that I was. Dr. Pugash was professional and courteous and gave me amazing results.

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    diane in surrey

    I highly recommend Dr. P to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery. From my initial telephone call enquiring about breast surgery and tummy tuck, consultation visit to meet with Dr. P, surgery and recovery, I was totally satisfed and cared for throughout the whole process. Dr. P was most professional, respectful, and attentive to my needs throughout the whole process. I felt very comfortable going into surgery - I was very prepared. Today, three months later, I am 100% pleased with my results of the breast augmentation/mastopexies with abdominoplasty and liposuction surgery - results exceeded my expectations. My breasts feel and look very natural and I am thankful I went with the size Dr. P suggested - they are perfect! My abdomen is great and I actually have a new belly button. Thank you so much Dr. P and staff for your kindness, professionalism, knowledge, and caring attitude.

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    I found this Dr. online using Google. Dr. Pugash and his staff are wonderful. He took time to answer all of my questions and was always punctual for appointments. i would highly recommend Dr. Pugash and breast augmentation for anyone considering it.

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    Dr Pugash is a consummate professional. I had heard and seen excellent things about his work before I even booked the appointment with him, but was very impressed by his knowledge and thoroughness at my initial consultation. I appreciate his straightforward and realistic approach, noting that plastic surgery is art, not magic. He sets realistic expectations for his patients, and then delivers on them. Dr Pugash did not initially present as a warm and fuzzy doctor, but that was not what I was looking for in my plastic surgeon. He is a perfectionist who demonstrates the highest degree of excellence in all his work. He took the time to answer all of my questions, and showed the depth of his experience through each of my appointments. My surgery went really smoothly, and my recovery has been very easy and straightforward. I am sure that this is a testament to Dr. Pugash's skills. His office manager, Simone, is amazing. She's very supportive, and willing to chat and answer any questions you might have. The post-op care is also excellent, and very thorough. Dr. Pugash is also far more congenial at follow up appointments than the pre-surgery ones, and demonstrates true respect and care for his patients. Overall, my experience with Dr. Pugash and the whole team at the false Creek surgery center has been very positive. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my sisters, friends, and anyone else who wants to look gorgeous.

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    I had my breast augmentation with Dr.Pugash, it was a scary experience for me to be going through, but Dr. Pugash and his staff were amazing! They answered all the questions I had, and I had a lot of them. Being a out of town client, they answered all my questions and concerns, and made the procedure a pleasant experience. From the consultation, to the surgery, to the questions after the surgery, they were great! Dr. Pugash was a great surgeon to work with, very experiences and knowlegdable. I can not be more pleased with the results I have achieved. His work is simply amazing. I would recommend Dr. Pugash to anyone.

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    Extremely professional, informative, honest & pleasant. So glad I found Dr. Pugash as I truly believe no one else could've done such an amazing job.

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    Dr. Pugash is an amazing doctor with great bedside manner. He gave me realistic expectations of what my end results were going to be - which have turned out far better than I could have ever imagined. He didn't try to up sell me, as the other doc I had a second opinion consultation with was trying to do. He has the reputation of being a perfectionist at what he does and this certainly shows in his work. I recommend him to anyone!

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    Dr. Pugash is very friendly and polite. He knows what he is doing and answers all your questions in detail. He makes sure you are very informed and know all the facts of the surgery. He makes you very comfortable and he is very brilliant.

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    Amazing! He answered all my questions as well as more I hadn't even thought of!

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    Georgia Dearden

    I choose to go with Dr. Pugash for the reason of many people I knew were very happy with the procedures they had received. I am also very happy with the outcome after healing etc... One thing I do wish is that the sizing appointment times be lengthened ... I felt a bit rushed into having to pick the perfect size that your going to have to live with and pay for. My advice if you feel rushed ask to make a second appt for it. I felt that all the staff at the offices and also for my surgery day were great and very helpful always. Thanks you for my new body parts haha!

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    I researched several doctors and decided on Dr. Pugash to perform my breast augmentation surgery. After reading several reviews and talking to friends that have had procedures done by him I was even more convinced when we met that I have made the right decision.He is confident and can visualize easily what you are looking for. I put a lot of trust in him to make the right decision for me on size and type of implant. I was completely pleased with the outcome and just love how my life has changed for the better. Thank you!

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    I woul never recommend him. He is all about money, they are nice in beginning but after they get your money , they don't even want to answer your question if you have problem. No official receipt either.

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    Positive and forthright. Pre-op and post-op instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The procedure was almost painless for me with no complications. One week after the operation I'm very happy with the outcome.

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    Dr Pugash is THE guy you want to see if you are thinking about having your boobs fixed up. After nursing two babies my boobs needed a lot of work. I got a breast lift and implants at the same time and my results are phenomenal! This doctor and his staff were amazing the whole way through my experience! Simone in the office was especially awesome. Very accommodating and the sweetest lady you will ever speak to. I will recommend Dr Pugash a thousand times over!!

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    Dr. Pugash is an excellent PS. He's worth the wait.

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    He gets straight to the point and gives great results!

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