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Mississauga, Ontario, CA

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Personal Statement

I have a passion for helping people make the most of who they are. In 1987 I founded The Plastic Surgery Clinic, which is now one of the largest and busiest clinics in Canada. My surgical philosophy focuses on delivering the most natural-looking results with the highest safety standards possible.

Board Certifications

Board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Plastic Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery


American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS)

Consultation Fee

Free. Please mention you found us on RealSelf when you call or email the office.

Awards & Recognition
Professional Recognition:
Founder and Past President, Ontario Society of Plastic Surgeons
Past President, Canadian Society of Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery
Former Chief of Plastic Surgery, Trillium Health Centre
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto
Travelling Professor, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Ontario Provincial Legislature Humanitarian Service Recognition Award (surgical relief mission to Haiti)
RealSelf Top Doctor
Hospital Privileges

Dr. Lista has hospital affiliations at Trillium Health Centre.


Undergraduate & Medical School
Undergraduate: St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, 1977
Medical: MD, University of Toronto, 1981

Post-Medical School Training
Internship: Toronto East General Hospital, 1982
Residency: Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, 1986
Fellowship: Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, Sunnybrook Medical Center and Downsview Rehabilitation Center Workers Compensation Board of Ontario, 1987

Blog Posts and Articles

Breast Implants and Pregnancy

July 5, 2013
Dr. Frank Lista

I saw a patient in the office recently who is considering breast augmentation and had a great question. She wanted to know what would happen to her breast after pregnancy and breast feeding if she had breast implants. This is a common concern and so I thought it would be a great topic to discuss on the Plastic Surgery Clinic's blog.

First of all I reassured her that there is no danger in becoming pregnant or breast feeding with implants. Breast implants...

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    I had multiple consults with Dr. Lista prior to the procedure and he went over the details with me repeatedly to calm my nerves. The procedure went great and the after care was flawless. The results were exactly what I had asked for. The staff is professional, timely and efficient. I seriously appreciate the care and would definitely return.

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    Though I was a bit nervous the staff were excellent! My patient coordinator and nurse never made me feel rushed or silly. Just as I was about to be put under a nurse and the anesthetist kept their hand on mine and reassured me everything would be fine.

    I've only seen Dr. Lista three times now for a total of about 11 min. I don't know how to rate because his staff are excellent - all 5 stars and he's polite but he makes you feel very hurried. He does ask if you have any questions but asks it in a way that makes you feel like your question will be silly and bothersome.

    I'm a little worried about my lower ab area and how swollen I am. It looks like my 'baby bump' was moved from my upper abs to my lower abs. I wish he had recommended lipo on my upper back. Not liking that I still have back boob.

    Next appointment I'm definitely asking why he didn't do lipo on my upper abs for better definition. While I did this to get rid of itching (which it did) I still paid $8000 and expected better results.

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    Dr.Lista and Dr.Ahmad knew exactly what I wanted even without me explaining too much. I felt very comfortable and everything was very well explained to me.

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    His bedside manner is amazing. He is funny and he cares. He's cares. That is so important to me. When I saw him for the third time for my third fitting I said "look I need you to care about me and my boobs" (blunt I know) he replied "I care about every thing I do and all of my patients." I believed him and I was not disappointed. It is my first day that is so we will see.

    But if you want a good doctor I would recommend him. A lot of doctors can do your BA but how many will care and not treat you like a number?

    For now I will have my tubes removed tomorrow and update soon.

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    Dr Lista: while I am thrilled to have my stomach back - even a bit tighter than I remember, I mostly appreciate your attention post op when I ran into trouble with the back end. You have no idea what it means to have your surgeon pick up a phone when you feel scared and sore, especially considering my problem wasn't affecting my tummy tuck recovery. Your staff were exceptional, compassionate, and prompt while I was a big suck. I am going to look amazing. My scar is pristine, my pain was manageable, my swelling under control. I've had as good an experience as one could expect from the most major of the plastic surgeries. I have a fine appreciation for your dry sense of humor. See you in two weeks!

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    Dr. Lista was friendly, professional and took the time with each patient. You never felt rushed out of the exam rooms. The day of surgery took longer than anticipated but this is because Dr. Lista takes the time with each patient to ensure optimum results for each individual. I highly recommend this Doctor if you are thinking about Breast Augmentation. They offer a variety of other services as well!

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    Dr Lista and his staff is amazing, everyone is so nice and helpful! His pre-op to bed side to many weeks post op manner is really genuine and he really cares about his patients. He does everything to make recovery as smooth as possible for his patients. His recommended size for me was perfect and I am so happy i chose him to be my surgeon. I love how he uses drains and the pain pump. The pain pump we wear for 24 hours is so great that i didnt have to take any pain pills even though i was prescribed 30 pills! The drains also worked wonders, although i had bruising (i bruise easily), the drains definitely decreased amounts of swelling! My implants didnt sit very high and i didnt get torpedo shaped breasts! I highly recommend him for any surgical procedure.

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    Amazing, perfect and natural results, and after a misfortunate situation (on my part, awful luck) I had the repair done with incredible efficiency, care and effort - incredibly thankful I had Lista and his team behind me for this journey.

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    Dr. Lista is by far my favourite doctors I've ever been to. He's funny, charasmatic and makes you feel so comfortable before heading into surgery. All of his follow up appointments show that he really cares about his patients and wants the best for them. My results were amazing - can't say enough good things about him!

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    Dr. Lista and his staff were honestly one of the best teams I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. From the moment I met Dr. Lista I knew he would be the surgeon for my BA. His staff were SO friendly and outgoing and I loved them all. The day of surgery he made me feel so at ease and a lot less nervous than I was going into it. He's charasmatic and charming and loves cracking jokes to make you feel good! He's always on time for my follow ups and always seems to genuinely care how I'm doing. I still keep in touch with my Patient Coordinator too! She's lovely. I would highly recommend him, I love him & his team and the results were AMAZING.

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    Dr. Lista and his entire team are absolutely incredible. Dr. Lista is very extremely dedicated to creating beautiful natural looking and feeling breasts. He is not only a marvelous surgeon but he is also an artist. He has cultivated a team which is completely conscientious, caring and thorough. They really care about each patient and their health and outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lista and his team to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. You may have to wait a little bit but and excellent surgeon is so worth waiting for!

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    So far, I have been incredibly impressed with Dr. Lista and my care consultant, Brittney.

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    I knew a few women who have had breasts done with him and they all RAVE and call him a genius lol. They all had amazingly quick recovery and unbelievably natural results. I loved that he was concerned about body measurements and proportions and will not do anything the will look too fake or large as he wants all his results to look natural. His clinic is gorgeous, my patient co-ordinator is great, they are very informative answered all my questions!

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    Dr. Lista is very experienced surgeon. He is honest and serious in what he is doing.

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    He is extremely experienced in breasts and he knows what looks good. He treats you as though you are family and does what would be best "if you were his wife" or "if you were his sister" very professional team, upscale clinic, and they get the job done in record time if need be...

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    Rude arrogant impatient and personally dismissive. The day of my surgery I overheard him curse violently at his staff when he didn't realize I was behind closed doors. He immediately put on his plastic smile when I emerged & walked away. The staff member was left covering up for him.

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    Both Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad have a good calming manner. I never felt silly or stupid for asking a question.

    I had more interaction with the nurses post op at the clinic but that is normal. They are very kind and take the time to explain everything. They are very knowledgeable.

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    Dr Lista is an Amazing doctor .He Professtional ,personable,and extremely skilled.

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    Dr Lista was incredibly knowledgable, forward, truthful and patient. I went into my consult unsure if I would have the procedure at all. Right from first contact with the clinic, my experience was pressure free, professional and supportive.

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    Clinic is beautiful. Staff is extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Dr. Lista took a lot of time talking to my husband and I, describing the BA, and answering all our questions. My patient consultant is lovely. Helpful, quick to get back to me by phone and email, and knowledgeable. So far, incredible experience.

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    Dr Lista is an amazing Dr! He is super friendly, kind and makes you feel very comfortable. I had my breast augmentation about 10 years ago and recently had some problems following breast feeding. Dr Lista fixed my problem free of charge and my breast look perfect again! I would recommend him to all my family & friends!!!

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    Dr. Lista is always very friendly and enthusiastic while ensuring your satisfied with the work done and that it looks good. His clinic is sometimes busy, but he is most definitely worth every penny and worth the wait.

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    I had two consultations with Dr. Lista and he answered all my questions. He is polite and friendly. One of my friends had a breast augmentation done by him and she loved the results as well.

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    Very skilled and kind doctor, he knows what looks good, what doesn't he will be honest and straight forward. He's amazing at what he does, if you want quality..Dr. L will give you quality.

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    Dr. Lista is a good surgeon but his follow-up is terrible. I had a tummy tuck in Nov 2012 and other than a 1 week check I have not been able to see him. My post op appointments keep getting changed because he is too busy! He keeps advertising on the radio for new patients yet he can't service the ones he has. Go somewhere else where they can follow-up properly.

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    Dr. Frank Lista is truly amazing. I have never felt so happy and confident about my decision of having him complete my breast augmentation. The procedure went perfect!! No complications as mentioned in my other review, just a mild Polysporin rash near my incision as I have sensitive skin (not surgeons fault as I am not allergic to it). Dr. Lista performed the surgery in a safe and clean environment, providing the best of care.
    In the initial consultation, I was very nervous. However, Dr. Lista made me feel so comfortable and answered all the questions that I had for him. He even went above and beyond and further explain on the questions I was asking and related to other topics that I didn't think of. He is very friendly and caring, and you can see how passionate he is about his work. He allowed me to come back for as many consultations as I wanted before I made my decision on going with him for a surgeon or not. I ended up having 3 consultations before I made my decision - they say the 3rd times the charm. I have never been happier with my decision. My breasts look so natural and feel so natural! My scarring from the incisions are minimal and it's only been 6 months post surgery! I had little to no pain post surgery thanks to the amazing pain pump! Very few surgeons will use this and Dr. Lista is one of the few who do!!!! :) Dr. Lista provided amazing after-care. He ensures that you have various follow-up appointments to ensure that there are no complications post-surgery. He even completes follow-up appointments up to 1 year post-surgery. I have never tried to get him by phone before as I have always had my questions answered from my patient coordination or a staff member. The wait time at the PSC is minimal to none. Every time that I have came into the clinic I have never had to wait. This was a major bonus!! Dr. Lista also provided me with free incentives for being a patient of his. How nice and thought of him and his clinic! He really is amazing.
    Dr. Lista has changed my life forever in the most positive way. I have never been so happy and confident with myself. Thanks to Dr. Lista, Roise and all of his staff!!

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    I did some research, talked to three people that had it done, all different ways and places, and decided to email the plastic surgery clinic in Mississauga. They got back to me very quickly, so I decided to book a consultation. I was disappointed that it was almost two months away, so I asked that they call if they had a cancellation. Wow they did. I was in, in two weeks, took my boyfriend with me and booked the surgery that day. I had less than four weeks to get my physician letter, blood work, etc done, but I did it. I also thought my doctor would be angry, but she just asked why? My surgery date was June 18, 2012, and everything went great. I love my new look, my boyfriend loves them, my family and friends were also very supportive. The only issue are three catty female co-workers who have dubbed me Barbie behind my back. Everyone else thinks they look great.

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    Just be specific with what you want with him, he does listen though!

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    Since I had the lap band done at the Surgical Weight Loss Clinic/Plastic Surgery Clinic I trusted where I was going. The lap band procedure saved my life and I lost a lot of weight (with 40lbs more to go but approx 100 lbs from it) and this is because the surgical weight loss staff has been supportive of me from the start until present! The staff are amazing and so are all the doctors in both the areas of the clinic.

    When I first met Dr. Lista, I looked into his eyes and knew he cared and would treat me well and I was right! I will also once again state clearly, he has the most amazing staff of doctors, nurses, coordinators etc...Its like you are dealing with a family and not a number...You are treated like GOLD!

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    Not much time spent with him. 15-20 minutes tops from consult to surgery date.
    He is amazing and knows what he is doing and what will look good for you!
    Thank you Dr lista and Team!!!!

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    I felt Dr Lista to be arrogant and rude getting quite defensive if I questioned a procedure. Annoyed and abrupt with me when I asked for post corrective surgery. I had a breast lift many years ago with him and till this day I'm upset over the experience. I never returned for my year follow up because of Dr Lista and I discourage anyone who would plan on going to see him. His overall work is ok but there our many other great doctor out there.

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    He has a great sense of humour but is very professional. I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Lista and his staff during my initial consultation. My comfort level has continued throughout the surgery and recovery process. My results are excellent and worth every last cent. I highly recommend Dr. Lista. My BA has been positive in every possible way.

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    Dr. Lista and his team were all always professional and prompt and never rushed me before all of my questions were answered. Dr. Lista was my second consult and I had planned to interview 3 surgeons prior to making my decision. After meeting with Dr. Lista, I felt completely comfortable and did not feel the need to seek a third surgeon. I was also very impressed with Dr. List's use of the Keller funnel as one strategy to decrease the risk of capsular contraction. This certainly solidified my decision based on the research associated with the use of the Keller funnel. The clinics attention to safe care was equally impressive to me as they paid much attention to safety features within the surgical suite and were extremely discreet outside the surgical suite. I initially was quite hesitant to go through with my decision because it is hard to know what you will actually end up looking like or know how much larger you will be post-op. As a type "A" personality, I had a difficult time not being in control of this aspect. My experience at the Plastic Surgery Clinic has been fantastic. They took extremely great care of me during the pre and post op period and continue to do so during my follow up. I needed to make a return trip a few days after my surgery and they fit me without any concerns or booking challenges. The front house staff are professional and I certainly appreciated being assigned to one staff member as my contact person. I knew who to call when I had questions and I knew who was getting back to me and when. Working in healthcare, I see a lot of research that supports how the environment in which where care is provided contributes to the overall patient experience, healing, comfort etc. I noticed from my initial consultation, that the PSClinic had taken this research into account in their design. The consultation areas, pre-op areas and skin treatment for example all provided a visually pleasing environment that helped to calm the butterflies! Overall, I am extremely pleased with my experience and equally pleased with my results. I love my new look and love being fit and shapely!

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    Dr. Lista is amazing! My husband came with me for my initial consult, and Dr. Lista provided us with a wealth of information, as well as his professional recommendations for the result I desired to achieve. The consult was free. There was never any pressure to book a surgery date that very day but I was so impressed with Dr. Lista's bedside manner, his knowledge, experience and techniques, that I knew I didn't need any other consults. I was so excited that I booked that very day! All the nerves and indecision I was feeling vanished - I knew I had found the right surgeon and the right clinic!

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    Quick in and out! Doesn't really seem to care what u want. Only what he thinks would look good.

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    I had three interactions with Dr. Lista before my BA. During consultations he answered my questions well each time, but I felt that he only offered up limited information himself until I probed further (for example, he never told me the shape or texture of the implant he was recommending and why, until I went back for a second consultation and specifically asked). So basically, to me it seemed that if you didn't know the right questions to ask, you'd be lacking knowledge which would help you make a better decision (and given that I've never had a BA before, I didn't know everything that I needed to ask!). Overall, along with my BA results, I am quite disappointed with the whole experience at this clinic.

    Also, the wait times at the clinic on surgery day are ridiculous. I was asked to come into the clinic for 12:15pm, with my surgery scheduled for 1:30pm. I sat in the waiting room, shaking with nerves for over an hour and a half when finally I was called in at 1:50pm. The surgery didn't happen until 3:00pm.

    The only really positive part of the experience was dealing with the coordinators. Tara was super responsive to my emails and was very accommodating, which was appreciated.

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    Extremely knowledgeable, takes your issues and concerns very seriously, very pleasant, good facility and generally very well managed.

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    Completely disappointing. Chose out of desperation and lack of other doctors advertising.

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    Dr Lista is fabulous! The whole staff from start to finish made my whole procedure amazing and as comfortable as possible!

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