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Personal Statement

As a highly specialized facial plastic surgeon, I believe in creating balanced and natural results for my patients. This starts with understanding your goals, and then providing you with realistic advice and delivering exceptional care.

Board Certifications

Board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Head, Neck & Facial


Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (CAFPRS)

Consultation Fee


Awards & Recognition
Jack Anderson Award Winner
Professional Recognition:
Lecturer, University of Toronto
Co-Director, Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowships, Canada
Advisory Board Member, Allergan (Botox, Juvederm), Merz (Xeomin, Radiesse), and Galderma (Restylane, Perlane)
RealSelf Top Doctor
Hospital Privileges

Dr. Asaria has hospital affiliations at Humber River Regional Hospital.


Undergraduate & Medical School
Undergraduate: BSc, University of Toronto
Medical: MD, University of Toronto

Post-Medical School Training
Residency: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, University of Toronto
Fellowship: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Michigan

Blog Posts and Articles

Facelift Myths and Realities: Natural Results, Mini facelifts, and Facelifts in Men and Women

Myth #1:

"Facelifts produce an artificial, "operated" appearance to the face."

Patients who are considering facelift surgery today are more educated than ever. The vast majority realize that a good facelift will produce completely natural-appearing results that will not look artificial or "over-stretched" in any way. That said, we can all think of examples of celebrities that have had poor, over-done results. The best way to reassure my patients of what to expect is to show them...

What type of scarring can you expect with a facelift?

Any incision will leave a scar. When performed correctly, however, the scars associated with either a facelift of a mini-lift should be negligible.

The majority of the scar is hidden in the temple hair and in the creases in front and behind the ear. A good facelift surgeon will pay great attention to the natural creases on your face, the pattern of your hair, and your skin-type in order to give you the best possible results.

These scars generally heal as very fine lines that should...

How do I choose the right doctor or the right surgeon for plastic surgery?

Listen. If you are thinking about having a facial procedure performed, whether it is something straightforward like a botox injection, or something complicated like a facelift, you want the best possible person performing your procedure. It’s your face. There are things in life where it makes sense to find the best bargain, or find the most convenient location. Plastic surgery of the face is not one of those things. Pick the absolute BEST person you can find. Not the surgeon who is pretty...

Open Rhinoplasty versus Closed Rhinoplasty

A very common question that my patients ask me is whether it is better to have an open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. Some surgeons talk about open rhinoplasty as being a better approach because there is better exposure and they can do more detailed work. Other surgeons claim that closed rhinoplasty is better because there is no scar and the healing is faster.

Here is the truth. Neither one is “better”. Although there are a thousand questions,...

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    The Doctor acts in a very professional manner. I am happy with the performance of Dr. Asaria and I would recommend him to all my friends.

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    Shirley A Dodman

    Dr. Asaria took the time to explain the procedures and the risks. He is professional, skilled and caring. His support team at FACE, along with the staff at The Cumberland Clinic, are fantastic.

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    I couldn't recommend Dr. Asaria more highly. Simply the best!

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    I initially met with Dr. Asaria for just a rhinoplasty (plus deviated septum correction) but when we looked at my images and my desired outcome, he suggested a small chin implant as well. As soon as I saw his imaging with both the rhinoplasty + chin implant, I knew that there was no way I could just do the rhino! Dr. Asaria walked me through every question I had (and since this was my first cosmetic procedure, I had plenty of questions!) and I felt really reassured from day one. He called me the night before my surgery as well as the night after surgery. He really took the time to listen to every thought that came to mind and has such excellent bedside manner. My new nose is awesome and I am SO glad I went with the chin implant as well since it brings better balance to my face. I HIGHLY recommend you at least schedule a consult with him so that you can see and decide for yourself, you will not regret it.

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    I went with Dr. Asaria due to good reviews. I did not get the outcome I was hoping for and feel that he could have avoided such a situation by not recommending the other procedure.

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    Was referred to me by another doctor who, and i quote, said "he is the best plastic surgeon in canada, people from the states come here to see him" Absolutely fantastic, Jamil is very kind and gentle and makes sure he knows exactly what you want before the procedure. he is not like a lot of other surgeons that just say it will be fine and nod there head without really listening to what you are saying, instead he takes a lot of time and care and even creates goal outcomes using photoshop to make sure he knows exactly what you want. I put my trust in Dr. Asaria and he surpassed what i hoped for. He gives you that nose you've always dreamed of without making it look like you had surgery. I had very little swelling afterwards and my recovery was very quick, no packing needed. If you are considering fixing a broken nose, or just want to get a rhinoplasty to change the shape of your nose, look no further, Asaria is the man for the job! Its been a few months now and my nose is looking fantastic! If i ever break my nose again I know where to go...knock on wood though lol.
    -Jon B

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    Dr. Asaria was very accessible...knowledgeable, kind, thorough, meticulous. He excels in all regards.

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    Dr. Asaria and his entire team gave the best care I have ever received. They are warm, welcoming, and very polite. They made this experience feel like the easiest thing in the world. I communicated to him what I would like done, and the results were exactly what I envisioned. I got a nose that fit my face. I got the nose I dreamed of for so long. Not to be over-dramatic, but he has changed my life for good. He called several times to see how I was doing post-op, which I thought was absolutely incredible because what doctor takes the time to call you and see how you're doing?? This guy. Oh, and he shaved off my facial moles at the same time and they look great now! Dr. Asaria and his team killed it. Best cosmetic professionals in Canada, hands down. Thank you for everything! :)

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    He is a very sweet person, very interested in hearing what you want and will give you realistic remarks on what can or cant be done. Comforting before and after surgery. Will leave you with no doubts and beautiful results.

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    Recommended by another plastic surgeon as a specialist in facial surgery. I made the right choice.

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    Friendly and professional; seems like a doctor who cares about his clients.

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    Stephie 33

    WOW Dr. Asaria was the best doctor I have ever gone to for injectable fillers for my nasolabial folds (smile lines). Dr. Asaria really took the time understanding what I wanted, studied the natural contours of my face and was so gentle. I did not have one bruise or needle mark - it was amazing, my friend didn't even believe me that I had injections when I saw her the next day. And I had a headshot photoshoot 2 days after and looked great, absolutely no recovery downtime because of this Dr.'s expertise... will go again and recommend him to anybody for injectables!!

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    I've had a great experience with Dr. Asaria and his staff. He did an amazing job making my nose look natural and smaller. VERY VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!!!!!! Would definitely not hesitate to return to Dr. Asaria if I decided to get more work done. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.

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    Dr Asaria's surgical skills are clearly exceptional, he's something of a wunderkind I think. But what he does, if done well, requires having at least some of the talents of a Michelangelo as well. It's a rare blend, scientist and artist working together in the patient's best interest. Dr Asaria did a great job, I am very grateful.

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    Dr. Asaria was amazing he was calm and knowledgable and made me confident in his skill the moment i met him. His clinic is comforting and his staff are sweet and helpful. Dr. Asaria and i talked about what i wanted and he definitely delivered! I'm thrilled with the results!!

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    Face Cosmetics Toronto -

    I would recommend this surgeon to anyone, though the price may be on the higher end, you get what you pay for. I'm very happy with my results and research. You feel like you're his only patient and the staff makes a huge effort to know your name and remember you.

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    Dr. Asaria is a true artist and always has your best interest at heart. He is a blessing and has changed my life forever, for the better. Thank you!!!

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    Referral from another surgeon. Superb staff, Superb treatment, and Superb results! Dr. Asaria, and his staff, showed a keen interest in educating me about certain procedures and products, were extremely attentive to my objectives, and were also very focused on giving me a natural (yet enhanced) look. The clinic is captial "G" gorgeous, only surpassed by the lovely nurses and admin staff who are equally as wonderful and pleasant to deal with. I can't say enough good things about my experience at Face Cosmetic Surgery, and I strongly encourage you to book a consultation.

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    I visited Dr. Asaria based on reviews but it was such a mistake. Overpriced for Radiesse and the results were poor. He didn't respond to any emails I sent after the procedure. Glad I did not end up pursuing a surgical procedure I would not trust him with fillers let alone surgery.

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    He's very competent, helpful and perfectly understood my concerns. I am very satisfied, especially because I found him very up-to-date, which is fundamental in this subject, and careful about my doubts and expectations.

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    Dr. Asaria was warm and comforting. He gave me confidence that everything would run smoothly (which it did!). I had walked into the office on my own but once I was there I didn't feel alone at all. I had a lot of support from the surgeon and his whole team. I really believe that this whole experience could not have gone any better.

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    Dr. Asaria was honest and I right away felt like I could trust him and his team . He listened to me but also let me know what would be best for my face. I am very pleased with him and his work . Thank you Dr. Asaria ! :)

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    Dr. Asaria is very knowledgeable and skilled at what he does. He has also displayed patience and attentiveness during our interactions over the past couple of years. He has always made me feel at ease with my concerns and was always ready to provide me with the most thorough information to help me make an informed decision. From my experience, I would highly recommend this talented surgeon to anyone considering facial cosmetic procedure.

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    Dr. Asaria was extremely professional, friendly, honest, also very understanding of what I wanted done and the outcome I was hoping from this very big scary step I was about to take. Even during my follow ups with Dr. Asaria I had a good experience, all my questions and concerns addressed...everything was dealt with promptly & professionally

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    I was referred to him, by my GP. Dr. Asaria is one of the nicest, most caring, and most patient person you will ever meet, and an amazing surgeon. He took the time to carefully explain the procedure, and listened to all my questions and concerns. I could not be happier with the results I was left with after my procedures, and the after care given to me. Dr. Asaria called me right after my surgery to check up on me, and I felt completely taken care of in every respect. He is the best at what he does, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

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    Dr. Asaria is a highly skilled surgeon, and he has a particularly good sense of facial aesthetics. He demonstrated a keen appreciation for my goals, answered my many questions, and continued to communicate with me before and after the surgery. In addition to digital imaging, Dr. Asaria helped me to understand risks, and helped me to manage my own expectations. The results, nevertheless, are better than I expected. Dr. Asaria and I have maintained regular contact via email during my recovery process. His office is clean and modern. His office staff is extremely professional. The wait times for consultation and surgery were very short. The team is especially well equipped to handle out-of-province patients. I would recommend Dr. Asaria to anyone interested in a chin augmentation, or any other facial procedure in which he specializes.

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    I feel good about having this done, and am extremely confident in the doctor's (and his staff's) skill and professionalism. His down-to-Earth, sincere manner is just lovely. I can't commend this team highly enough. I'm glad I went with this doctor and intend to use this positive experience to help make decisions about next steps for my volume loss with the same clinic.

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    Dr. Asaria was friendly and professional. My consultation was brief but Dr. Asaria understood exactly what I wanted to achieve. He expressed clearly that his goal was not to give me an exaggerated look that says "hey I just got a nose job", but simply to refine my existing features.
    As for his bedside manners, I've read other reviews that call him arrogant or condescending and that he pushed for additional procedures. I'd honestly disagree with all of that. I found him to be frank, but knowledgeable with what will balance my face. I asked his opinion on getting a chin implant with the rhinoplasty and he agreed it would be an excellent decision, but explained WHY, it would, and demonstrated the effect using digital imaging. At no point did I find him to be pushy or rude or condescending And I am beyond pleased with the results. At the end of the day you want a practiced surgeon who listens and delivers, not a theatrical doctor who only tells you what you want to hear.

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    I can't say enough about this amazing doctor. He is one of a kind! I really believe he is the best of the best. His friendly approach makes you feel almost like a part of his family.

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    I'm so glad I found Dr. Azaria's clinic (Face Toronto). He is approachable, polite, relaxed, bright, forthcoming with ideas, and, considering he's a cosmetic surgeon running a business, quite warm. I like his viewpoints and specific opinions on what constitutes an improvement and what can look ridiculous -- he seems to have a great aesthetic sense and a good grip on the subtlety that beauty often requires. He's also very gentle, very skilled with a needle and filler placement. All of his staff are exceedingly polite, friendly, helpful and beautiful. The office is clean, bright, and modern-looking. I couldn't be happier with this practice.

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    Dr. Asaria was extremely patient with all my questions and concerns and was very enthusiastic and motivated to give me the best results possible. I definitely would recommend his services to all of my friends and family! My only reget is that I didn't visit him sooner. I'm absolutely in love with my results and will definitely be going back for touch-ups and additional services when needed.

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    Dr. Asaria without a doubt has way past the needed skills/knowledge to do any surgical procedure, no matter how complicated the case. But what matters most when you know the Dr. has the training/skill/experience to do plastic surgery, is to have the aesthetic sense!! To know what looks good and is creatable while working with any individual's genetic structure. I 100% believe Dr. Asaria is the best at this and consider myself so lucky to have picked possibly the best surgeon globally.

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    Dr. Asaria was the first and only doctor I had a consultation with - after meeting him and his amazing staff, I realized there truly couldn't be a doctor, whom I would feel more comfortable with. His wife, Femina, whom is the practice manager, tentatively held a surgery date for me, after I explained that I would need to get surgery ASAP, to allow more time for recovery before school. This is just one example of how amazing everyone in the clinic was - I was so grateful for her. During my consultation, I explained all of the aspects that bothered me, and Dr. Asaria assured me that he would do what he could to make a natural looking nose for my face, while improving the areas I disliked. He was both personable and incredibly intelligent - he explained everything about the procedure (the risks), while remaining completely approachable and comforting. There was never a moment where I doubted Dr. Asaria. On the day of my surgery, which was done in his clinic, his nurses and staff did an amazing job making me feel comfortable. I had explained how nervous I was, and they instantly eased my anxiety. This was a big thing for me. I felt extremely nervous while waiting in his room, until I saw him! My nerves instantly turned to excitement and I just knew I was putting my trust with an amazing surgeon. It's only been approximately a week and a half since surgery, and I truly couldn't be happier - even though I'm extremely swollen. Dr. Asaria is truly talented, and I'm so thankful to of had such an amazing doctor!

    I recommend him to everyone looking for a talented, down-to-earth surgeon. You will not be disappointed.

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    I spent months doing research online at realself and other forums before deciding on Dr. Asaria. His reviews were excellent and unlike a lot of clinics - they seemed like they were written by real people.

    Dr. Asaria took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted to achieve. He actually spent a long time with me during that first consult. I never felt rushed or like he was in a hurry to get me out of the office and on to the next patient.

    And of course, the results were amazing. I'm very happy. He's very subtle and does not overfill.

    Plus, I think with fillers you have to be careful. Because it's not really about the filler as much as it's about the skill of the person performing the procedure that's going to predict what kind of results you get. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Asaria. Professional, kind and very skilled.

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    Dr Asaria and his team were great. I felt very comfortable with Dr Asaria given his great reputation in the industry.

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    I wanted to share a great experience that I had with Dr. Asaria. I had a rhinoplasty done and felt like I was taken care of so well before and after my procedure. Dr. Asaria and his staff are so incredibly nice and my surgery went perfectly. My nose looks simply amazing and I am so thankful to Dr. Asaria. I would recommend him extremely highly.

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    Real Self. Dr. Asaria is fantastic! He is very patient and answered all my questions.

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    Dr. Asaria was extremely accurate and helpful during the healing process which made it easier to get through. He was also great at calling in to make sure that i was recovering well even when i was too out of it to call myself. No matter how silly or random my question Dr. Asaria was always helpful and there for me.

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    Dr. Asaria is an amazing doctor. He genuinely cares about his patience and goes through the whole process with you and addresses and questions and concerns, before and after surgery. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone I know who's thinking about having work done

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    I don't know how I can even begin to sum up Dr. Asaria. Days before my scheduled surgery something traumatic happened and I thought I would not be able to proceed. Dr. Asaria was more concerned about my well being and what I wanted then going along with a set schedule. He is a compassionate and caring human being. He is the only doctor I look forward to seeing and I walk away from every encounter feeling well informed and confident.

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    5 star experience. Dr. Jamil Asaria is definitely a wonderful Rhinoplasty specialist. I was so nervous for my procedure, he was quick to answer any questions I had and his knowledgeable team would always be available on his behalf. All the nurses at the hospital (they have private clinic too) say they see his work day in and day out and he is absolutely amazing at what he does. Which made me even less nervous to go under.
    I got my splint off today and can see even from the swelling that this is the nose I wanted. He does an excellent job keeping it natural to your face and spends so much time on each rhinoplasty (mine was 4 hours plus) that your bruising seems like it is kept minimal. My cousin had the same procedure as me 2 weeks ago different doctor and still has his bruises while mine are completely gone.
    Even after all is said and done and the money is in the bank he takes time from his busy schedule to have another week checkup and month checkup. I felt even at my age (22) I was treated like a valuable patient, there was complications with my medications and at 5 am someone is always there to take the call. THANK YOU GUYS!

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