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Toronto, Ontario, CA

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Personal Statement

Dr. Oakley Smith is focused exclusively on aesthetic, cosmetic and/or reconstructive nose job surgery. He is one of a hand full of surgeons in North America who limits his practice to Rhinoplasty surgery.

Board Certifications

Board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery, American Board of Otolaryngology and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Head, Neck & Facial


American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (CAFPRS)

Consultation Fee


Hospital Privileges

Dr. Smith has hospital affiliations at Toronto East General Hospital and Don Mills Surgical Unit .


Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: MD, University of Toronto school of Medicine, 1982

Post-Medical School Training
Rhinoplasty, AFPRS
Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Tulane University, 1989

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    Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable, skilled and easy to talk to, I'm very pleased with my result!

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    I was scared going into the surgery because I knew so many things could go wrong. But now after my procedure I wouldn't be more happy with the results. Dr.Oakley beet my expectations. He was very straight up and honest from the beginning about what to expect, which made me trust him. I wouldn't recommend any other doctor to my friends and family because I would be positive that they are in good hands.

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    Dr. Smith is a great surgeon. He is very honest and does amazing work! I am thrilled with the results and so thankful to Dr. Smith.

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    Dr. Oakley Smith is an amazing and very skilled surgeon. He went above and beyond exceeding my already high expectations. People often describe me as a perfectionist and I am very happy with the way he was able to transform my nose.

    I actually found Dr. Smith through RealSelf. I wanted a rhinoplasty for a very long time, but I knew that I had to choose the right surgeon or I would be risking a deformed nose, and a revision rhinoplasty. After reviewing his pictures and answers to other members' questions, I felt quite confident in him and decided to book a consultation. To be honest, I didnt see any other surgeons for a consultation. I was so very confident in Dr. Smith that I knew after the consultation that I wanted to proceed through to surgery with him. Sometimes you just know when something feels right, and, in this case, I went with him and I didnt feel the need to get another opinion of another doctor.
    I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Smith. He was very helpful from the time I booked the consultation all the way through to before and after the surgery in answering my questions. I never felt rushed during any of our appointments.

    Also, in the above star ratings for Wait Times, I only gave Dr Smith a 4, which in this case is a positive thing. He is such an excellent, skilled and professional rhinoplasty and reconstructive surgeon that he is in a very high demand, and therefore there is a longer wait time to book the surgery. However, the wait time is nothing compared to the years I lived with my ugly nose and I was willing to wait for the best. I have heard of other surgeons booking cosmetic surgeries within 2 weeks of the consultation - be aware because this obviously means that they are either rushing through surgeries or have very few patients.

    Overall, he is an amazing surgeon and I could not imagine a better result. I am very happy that I found him and selected him as my rhinoplasty surgeon.

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    Found him on my own after a lot of research and going to a couple of other consultations.

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    Dr. Oakley is just a good looking and understanding seugeon..Go to him and he will help you achieve the look you want! Beena, his receptionist would always pick up the phone and answer...and I would e-mail back and worth with him ..even sending pictures...He would always reply!!!

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    I want to thank Dr Smith for my new nose. I have always wanted a different nose for as long as I can remember. I was teased in junior school and as a result I became self conscious, almost fixated on the appearance of my nose. The rest of my body I feel good about. I feel I have an attractive face and a good figure. The other parts of my life I'm happy with. I have a successful career, supportive friends and a loving family. My boyfriend always said my nose make me unique and he didn't want a perfect magazine model, but I knew he was just being sweet.
    Not that my nose was ugly, just too big and I didn't like the hump I inherited from my dad's side of the family. After thinking about it off and on for years, I decided it was time to do something. I'm a project manager, so I naturally applied my skills and training to getting a rhinoplasty.
    I know a couple of aquantances so I asked. I started to read magazine articles and contacted plastic surgery societies for references. I asked my family doctor for advice. None of these methods were really useful. The best way is the internet. Surgeon's websites are good, but sites like this one and others are the best way to get a short list.
    I was told I should see 3 surgeons. The first meeting lasted all of 10 minutes and the doctor appeared to be constantly in a rush. This made me wonder if he would be that way during my surgery. Dr Smith was the second. I got a good feeling with him. He was clearly experienced and it was obvious he knew his field inside out. I liked the fact rhinoplasty is all he does. The third surgeon had a paternalistic attitude, basically saying 'don't worry. trust me, everthing will be fine.'
    The surgical experience was better than expected. I liked the fact Dr Smith reviewed my surgery just before we got underway. The third day is the worst, I was most swollen and just felt miserable. My new nose appeared as my swelling went away. I had a smaller and straight nose! I love my profile! People I didn't tell don't appear to have realized what happened, but they have complimented me on how good I look! Not everything is perfect. One nostril is still larger and my tip is ever so slightly turned. But I didn't focus on the minor asymmetries, instead I enjoy the amazing improvement of my beautiful lovely new nose. As I look back on my experience, its been great and my new nose has made me more attractive and feel more confident. Dr Smith has gone a great job and I'm glad I did my research to find him. I recommend him to anyone thinking about rhinoplasty.

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    Dr. Smith is truly amazing. I went to him after spending 20+ years not being able to breathe properly due to a deviated septum. He explains everything very clearly and is very patient in addressing all questions and concerns. My results from the surgery are fantastic, I can finally breathe without obstruction and aesthetically my nose looks so much better. He is a highly skilled surgeon and a very nice person. I am extremely grateful for the high caliber of health care I was provided with.I would recommend Dr. Smith in a heartbeat.

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    Overall, Dr Oakley Smith and his team made me feel very welcomed. It's extremely rare to meet someone who truly loves their job as much as Dr Oakley Smith. I was aware of everything that would take place, and that there would not be any "surprises"

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    Dr Oakley Smith is an awesome doctor. Smith genuinely cares about his patients and their desires. He is realistic and will let you know straight up what can and can’t be done. My experience with him has been great. I will never regret choosing Dr. Oakley Smith as my surgeon. THANK YOU!

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    Then, I found Dr. Smith, who specializes only in rhinoplasty. Period. He was the fist and only doctor that I went to. And, hands down, I must say. He was very professional, as well as very kind and down to earth. On my first consultation he totally took his time, without rushing me. He listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions with great patience, knowledge and professionalism. He took pictures of my nose and modified them on the computer to show me how my nose would look after the surgery.

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    Renee C

    The main reason why my surgery went so well and why I am continuing to heal beautifully is because this doctor really takes pride in what he does and cares for his patients. I would highly recommend this doctor without hesitation! I did a lot of research before choosing dr. Smith and even went to 2 other consultations, the other dr's (solomon/rival) demeanor and personality could not compare to Dr. Smith. He is truly amazing at what he does! Regards, Renee.

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    I can't say enough great things about this surgeon. He takes his time with his patients and really cares about each one individually. He is passionate about his work which shows and always makes his patients feel comfortable and calm. I've been researching rhinoplasty and surgeons for over 6 years now and have narrowed it down to Dr. Smith. I just got my cast off today and could have not been happier with my results - they exceeded my already high expectations. He is so down to earth, caring and personable. I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone interested in rhinoplatsy or revision work. You have to meet him to know exactly what I mean and I'm sure you'll understand.

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    I can honestly say dr. Smith is amazing would recomment him to anyone without a second thought! I already liked him since the very first consultation (usually does not happen as some surgeons rush you and seem uninterested, he was very sweet and knowledgeable) . You can tell he truly cares about his patients and making them happy. He spent enough time with me during the consultation to explain any questions/ concerns and explained everything he was going to change. During consultation he drew everything on a paper; on the day of surgery I was slightly worried he might have forgotten what we spoke about during consultation, but to my surprise he brought the paper with him showing me he has not forgotten anything (very comforting to me). His work speaks for itself but I am shocked at the huge difference rhinoplasty has made to my face- especially my side profile.You gain so much confidence after surgery.
    If you are looking for a skilled,caring, and very experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon definitely consult with Dr. Smith!

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    I can't find enough words to thank Dr Smith for the fact that I've got the look I was looking for so many years. After only 8 days from my surgery - after which I did not feel any pain - I feel great and I look way better than before, and of course I feel more confident in myself.

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    I didn't feel rushed, I never waited longer than 1/2 hour, and he responded quickly to my emails.

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    Dr. Oakley Smith is a true artist and an extremely gifted surgeon. I'M SO THRILLED WITH MY RESULTS!! :) I can not say enough good things about this doctor. I almost cried when he took my cast off and I could breathe perfectly for the first time in 7 years. Also, at only 1 week post-op (despite the swelling), I absolutely LOVE the appearance - somehow it looks even better than what I was hoping for! Dr. Smith really took his time examining & sketching my nose at my consultation, and listened to my concerns. Afterwards he replied in great detail to two very long emails I sent him to make sure we were on the same page. He even revised my mock-up (photoshopped) photos when I requested a few additional aesthetic changes. Actually, I think my end results far exceeded what he did in the mock-up. I feel he really under-promised and over-delivered on all accounts! He was very upfront with me about how complex my case was, and even shared his estimated percentage of how successful we'd be in fixing each area of my nose (breathing, projection, tip rotation, etc.)
    He is so friendly and has a quiet confidence about him that makes you feel 100% comfortable and confident you are in good hands. He's always warm, friendly and never patronizing - I don't know how he has the patience to deal with his many patients asking him dumb questions all day (like me)!
    I am 2 weeks post-op now, and feeling great! I'm so pleased with my results at this early stage; I can't imagine how wonderful things will look when all the swelling goes down.
    If anyone has any questions regarding my review, just send me a PM. My surgery was on May 15th, 2015 and it was a revision procedure to correct a moderately-severly collapsed and pinched nose from a primary rhinoplasty in my early 20s (with a different doctor). If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have chosen Dr. Smith to do my first surgery hands down. He's a bit more expensive than some, but his wait times are long for a reason! I truly believe he's the best Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon in Canada! Worth every penny! Trust me, you can be cheap on a lot of things but NOT on your nose, which you will have for life. I could not be happier - now I can breathe perfectly and have the nose of my dreams!!
    Thank-you Dr. Smith!!!!!!!!! :):):)

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    Dr. Smith is a truly awesome surgeon. He is *very* skilful at what he does and is clearly amongst the best ENT surgeons. I think the results speak for themselves. I had a vary difficult procedure (rhino and septo, as well as having very very thin skin). I felt so comfortable with Dr. Smith that I went to him despite being an out of town patient (over 5 hours away) which meant that there were going to be many extra costs accrued to me (hotel, travel, etc). Of course there are surgeons in my area (as I live in a metropolitan area) but I still chose to go him.
    All of that aside, he is also very friendly and answers questions quickly. I would recommend him without hesitation.

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    He operated on my son last year. Went to Dr. Smith after he rebuilt my son's nose last year. I went in for a deviated septum that obstructed my breathing for 20+ years. He is extremely skilled, knowledgable, kind and expalins everything clearly and realistically expalins what he believes the outcome will be. My surgery was a success, I can breathe freely now and my nose actually looks better than before! Amazing doctor and great staff. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr. Smith :)

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    Dr Smith impressed me with his knowledge, expertise and skill. Plus he's easy going and confident without being overwhelming. He will tell you what can be done and what can't. He's generous with his time in spite of being busy. Most importantly he delivers the results.

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