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Thornhill, Ontario, CA

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Board Certifications

Board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery, American Board of Otolaryngology and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Head, Neck & Facial


American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (CAFPRS)

Consultation Fee

$100. Certain consults are covered by ministry of health plan if accompained by referal by family Dr

Hospital Privileges

Dr. Solomon has hospital affiliations at St Michaels Hospital, York Central, Etobicoke Gereral Toronto..


Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: MD,FRCSC University of Toronto

Post-Medical School Training
Residency: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, University of Toronto.

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    Dr. Solomon was very caring and explained everything to me in detail. I was very nervous but it all worked out in the end. Even when I was worried about the aftercare of the surgery he was able to book an appointment to ease my worries the day I made the phone call! Overall, I am very happy with the work done by Dr. Solomon and would refer him to anyone!

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    Dr. Solomon was extremely nice and caring and listened to everything I had to say throughout the entire process. The day of the surgery he pulled me aside and made sure that what we talked about in the consult was still exactly what I wanted. Then he told me what he was going to fix, made sure again that it was what I wanted and then I was off. He took the time to come visit me in the recovery room and told me it all went just as planned.

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    Before considering a rhinoplasty, I had done a lot of research. As soon as I came across Dr. Solomon's website, I was very impressed with all of his qualifications, and with all of the before and after photos. He is absolutely amazing. He makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole process, and was able to predict the final result precisely with computer technology. During the day of my surgery, he came out to talk to me and made sure all of my questions were answered. He explained what was going to take place during the surgery, which truly did calm me down. Overall, I recommend Dr.Solomon for this specific procedure. I am so thankful that I chose him, and am so happy with my results. It's been a month since my surgery and I already love it. I can't wait to see how it is going to look in a year from now!
    Thank you Dr. Solomon!

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    I have only wonderful things to say about Dr Solomon. He is very friendly, always smiling and is an excellent surgeon. His work is tailored to each patient. I would refer him to anyone thinking about doing any facial surgery.

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    Not impressed with Dr. Solomon. First rhino was in 2007. Went to him again in 2008 for a revision. My nose got so bad after the 2008 revision (not right away but a few months later and continued to get worse). Then I went again in 2011 for another revision. Of course the same issues started to happen again after my 2011 surgery. My mistake was to keep going back to him. If I had known about this website before I had my surgeries with him I would have never picked him as my surgeon. Too many unhappy patients.

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    My rating is based on my overall experience at his office and the excellent results he gave me. I chose Dr. Solomon from this website, thanks RealSelf!

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    Dr. Solomon is a very knowledgeable and friendly at first. But he takes way too many patients then he should. He ended up being exhausted and leaves very little time to actually listen to what the patient wants. Do not recommended unless you are ok with being treated like a cash cow.

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    Dr Solomon is very polite and gentle and my whole experience was very good.

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    Smart, cautious, skillful, kind, great bedside manner

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    I am a past patient of his, and I can tell you his work is excellent. Dr. Solomon had performed a septo-rhinoplasty on me. Dr.Solomon is a caring dr, and he really does care for his patients. Salim Dibian

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    Has many years of experience under his belt. I wouldn't trust anyone but dr. Solomon to do this procedure. He cares and wants to know what is happening with my nose. He totally loves what he does and it shows. Great demeanour , friendly, approachable and an overall great doctor. I would recommend to anyone.

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    Dr. Solomon is super gentle, soft spoken and polite. He made me feel completely comfortable and this is so important because you are trusting this person with your face. I absolutely love my nose and it is not even done healing yet. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Solomon and I am so thankful I chose him to perform my surgery.

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    Dr. Solomon has given me new confidence!!!!! He gave me a beautiful, natural, basically-perfect nose that looks like I was just born that way. I was so nervous to book my rhinoplasty, especially reading all of these scary reviews online-and all plastic surgeons have some crazy (probably all the same person) reviews. But I am SO glad I trusted Dr. Solomon with my nose and I would do the whole thing over again. I absolutely love my new nose and I'm so confident now...I feel like all my photos are photoshopped! My result (5 months later) is actually way better than the image the doctor showed me before my surgery. If you're thinking of booking rhinoplasty with Dr. Solomon, do it!!!!!! You will be so happy and feel so beautiful.

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    I've heard Doctor Solomon's name from several different sources over the years. More recently I've watched episodes of Plastic Makes Perfect where Dr. Solomon is shown performing surgery. I've watched him on YouTube as well as listened to his radio interviews. Beauty by Design also had a clip of his work. So, although frightening in some ways, seeing the Doctor using his skills during a similar procedure to what I desire, allowed me to be better informed and more comfortable knowing how he works.

    My choice to trust Dr. Solomon with this surgery is, I believe, sound. The first consult did feel somewhat fast. When he entered the exam room, he told me that I'm a very pretty girl and I have options. I could do nothing, or I could consider.....he went on to tell me what he was confident he could improve. He basically said that I would end with a more feminine and refined nose. He in no way pushed surgery on me. There was no expiration period for when I could use the consult fee toward my surgery (other PS told me I had to book within six months or lose the fee). After a few days, I called Dr. Solomon's office to book the surgery. I saw the doctor one more time and he had time to have a more detailed conversation with me. What I really appreciated about this man is that he doesn't make light of the situation. He's confident, but let me know that realistic goals is what we're aiming for. He also told me that if I need something from him that he is not providing, just ask. This was in response to my comment that these surgeries must be routine for him, but for me it's a really big step. Doctor Solomon seems very kind and gentle and 'real'...He answered every question I had tactfully and patiently. I felt that I was heard. Doctor Solomon was receptive to my queries and provided answers and explanations for whatever I asked.

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    Like I said above, Dr. Solomon is a gifted surgeon and an artist as well. My result is incredible and very natural. He is very calm which is what you want in a surgeon plus he is kind and friendly. All interactions were above expectations. He is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

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    Dr. Solomon was very professional, clean office, great atmosphere. He was extremely reasonable (other quotes I had were 10K plus tax) and quoted me 5.9K plus taxes. He didn't sit there feeding me "fluff" he got right to the point in a very polite and courteous manner. He didn't make any false promises (that I'd look like an Angelina Jolie or Victoria Secret model). I told him what I didn't like, he gave me my options, answered my questions, got the quote- then done end of consultation. This was perfect for me.

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    I was referred to Dr. Solomon by an ENT and I have been very happy with my experience with him. My meetings with him were fairly brief, but he always asked me if I had any questions and was always kind to me. He let me know that the goal was not a perfect nose, but an improved one, which I completely agreed with. He spoke to me before and after the surgery, answered the questions I had, and let me know things went well. I was surprised with how early I was able to set a surgery date, and with the actual surgery I was surprised with how little pain I was/am in. I look forward to feeling (breathing wise) and seeing his work on my new nose.

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    Dr. Solomon is a very nice person who listens to you and is never rude. after the surgery, he explained everything that he did and cleared up any concerns I had.

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    Updated on 23 Feb 2012:
    This surgeon is absolutely terrible. He advertises himself as if he's good, and misleads you into thinking so. Has two surgeries done by him, both times very unsuccessful. He didn't even attemp to fix my deviated septum ( lazy) and didn't remove the full extent of my bump. Don't waste your hard earned money with him. He is one of the worst in Ontario.

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    Dr. Solomon is straight to the point and extremely reassuring.

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    Dr.Solomon is a true professional is every sense. He is dedicated to his work and his patients. I would highly endorse anyone looking for plastic surgery involving the face to use him to get the best results possible.

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    Dr Solomon was very informative. He made me feel so comfortable from my initial consultation up until when my surgery was finished. Dr. Solomon was also very helpful in making a decision for a chin implant. 5/5

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    Think twice before going to him and learn from my painful experience and many others like me. He is now widely advertising and targeting certain ethnic communities in GTA. He does not have a clue what is considered a beautiful face in different cultures. There is no way he can ever be considered an "ethnic rhinoplasty" expert. Please be warned that he is not going to listen to you and has no respect for individual concerns and does not take the time to explain risks, procedures, or things he can or cannot do. He Lacks empathy and does not seem to understand the value and significance of a woman's face in her life and on her self-esteem. His surgeries are rushed and sloppy. One star is one too many for this doctor. I rated the payment process as 5 star because he is really good at taking your money. His lower fees represent his attitude of "you get what you pay for" , hence the half-done nose jobs. For a whole year, he LIED to me reassuring me that he will fix his mess, and at the end of the year he REFUSED to touch my nose telling me there is no cartilage left and my nose would collapse!! According to 5 other revision surgeons I consulted in Toronto, this is not true. He played psychological games with me going from admitting that my rhinoplasty was unsatisfactory and promised he will fix it to telling me: "it's all in your head" and "you're the only one who sees it's crooked and is bothered by it!!" (who else was supposed to be bothered by my crooked, disfigured nose??!!) , and "stop looking at the mirror!!!!!???" There is a pattern to his work and how he treats his innocent, hard-working patients. Read his online reviews carefully and look at my photos: A picture is worth a thousand words!

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    Dr. Solomon is super gentle, soft spoken and polite. He made me feel completely comfortable and this is so important because you are trusting this person with your face. I absolutely love my nose and it is not even done healing yet. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Solomon and I am so thankful I chose him to perform my surgery.

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    My experience has been horrible. I feel like I was duped or misled into thinking my nose was going to be an easy fix as this dr had promised. We talked about subtle changes. We discussed in great detail over many emails what I did not want, which was a scooped curved bridge. I also did not want to compromise my breathing. That was of the utmost importance to me as well as still looking like myself.
    I feel Dr. Solomon was not prepared for my surgery. my 10minute consultation was rushed, but I still chose him. That is something I will have to live with.
    I was also surprised that he did my preop in front of a room full of other day surgery patients at the mackenzie Health Centre which also lasted maybe 10 seconds. He is very rushed and lacks the ability to customize noses. I feel he was careless with my surgery and just in general very rushed.
    I am now left with a nose that is twice as wide what is was pre surgery, collapsed internal and external nasal valves and obstruction on the right side. A good surgeon listens to his patients and does what the patient wants. When I asked him why my nose is so wide now, he said my nose was too thin pre surgery. I never wanted a wider nose, that was not discussed and neither was trimming away my nasal spine. I am deeply saddened by these changes and do not recommend rhinoplasty. There are just way too many things that can go wrong.
    On the flip side, he has offered his help to redo the surgery and to set up consults with Dr. Rival and Dr. Adamson. I have declined any help he has offered.

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    Dr. Solomon is a very very professional surgeon. He cares about his patients very much, and demonstrates confidence, calmness, and knowledge in his field when he is talking to you.

    Overall I'd highly reccomend Dr. Solomon to anybody considering rhinoplasty or septoplasty. The reason I chose Dr. Solomon was because of his experience dealing particularily with Iranian patients. I wanted the best possible outcome for my nose, and so far I have received it.

    Dr. Solomon is an extremely busy man, seeing multiple patients a day, and thus this hectic schedule is reflected in regards to the response time of his e-mails and calls.
    I believe he was the best surgeon for my procedure, however I respectfully criticize the wait times I spent at his office, and his responsiveness in regards to several e-mails I sent him before the procedure.

    I wouldn't have picked any other surgeon in the Toronto area for my procedure, and I strongly reccomend Dr. Solomon to anybody considering rhinoplasty or septoplasty!

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    Everything was positive from start to finish thanks.

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    Dr Solomon is a fabulous surgeon. When it comes to his bedside manner and the way he cares for his patients, I would give him an A++
    -I would like to mention that after the cast/ splint was removed, my nose looked not so good... and I actually had an emotional breakdown in his office. However, what impressed me the most was that Dr solomon handled me with such kindness and compassion. He calmed me down right away, as he reassured me that i wasn't even close to being fully healed, put things into perspective, and comforted me by saying I wasn't the only one to cry after having the splint removed (as it is not uncommon for one's nose to look somewhat off in the first stages of healing). Fast forward 6 weeks later, and I return for my post checkup, my nose is looking just as he said it would - I see and feel a significant improvement - each day i notice the swelling going down, and my nose is looking just as i had hoped it would! Dr solomon was so sweet and understanding the whole way through, and one of the things that I appreciate most about him was his non-judgmental nature towards my concerns and my questions. moreover, I am a very untrusting person, and it takes a lot for me to have confidence in my dr, but with dr. solomon, my results have proved that I can give him my complete trust. This dr is absolutely amazing at what he does, and I would recommend septoplasty / rhinoplasty to anyone who is considering him. Although you might be waiting a little while in the waiting room, I can assure you he is DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!!! Dr. Solomon, you are The Nose God.

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