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Dr. Rival has hospital affiliations at St Michaels Hospital and Southlake Regional Health Center.


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Medical: University of Toronto Medical School

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University of California, Los Angeles
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    Google search, referral from a specialist in Montreal, general feeling of competence upon meeting him and checking out the website. Dr. Rival is a fantastic doctor - professional, friendly, incredibly skilled and makes his patients feel well taken care of. I went to him for a septo-rhinoplasty and was made to feel at ease about the whole experience. What I can assure you of is how well taken care of you will be in Dr. Rival's hands. This is partly because of the digital imaging he does pre-surgery, which helps you see what he can do (managing expectations). The other helpful resource are the photos he keeps on his website, which gives you an idea of his work. Highly recommend Dr. Rival!

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    Bob S.

    Dr. R is a consummate professional, and the results that he produced on my nose were excellent. I had a great experience. All of my expectations were met and Dr. R as an absolute professional throughout. The only advice that I would provide is that you only have a couple of fairly quick consultations prior to the surgery, so make sure that you have all of your questions ready before your consultations to avoid the nuisance of having to go back and ask your questions by phone or email later. Also be sure to clearly communicate what you want done (as would be the case with any surgeon) so that you can be sure that you'll like the result. I was able to get on the same page with Dr. R in terms of what I wanted, and he produced a magnificent result. I could not be happier - he does fantastic work. I chose him because he has a great deal of experience, and my results testify to that.

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    Following my consultation, I had another appointment with him to take pre-op photos. Using photo simulation, he showed me how my nose would look following my surgery; I pointed out any changes I didn't like and we came to a mutual agreement on what looked best and what was achievable.
    On the day of my surgery, I arrived at the Forest Hill Clinic where the nurse had me dress in a hospital gown and wait for Dr. Rival. He visited me in my room and went over what he would be doing (a closed septorhinoplasty) and asked me if I had any questions. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease. Next, the anaesthesiologist came to see me and asked me some questions (he was hilarious and very sweet). A few minutes later, the nurse took me to the operating room where I had a machine massage my legs (to avoid blood clots and promote blood circulation) and was given anaesthesia. The nurses and doctors told me exactly what I would be feeling/what would be happening every step of the way and before I knew it, I was waking up from my surgery. I felt drowsy and within minutes I told the nurse I felt pain so she gave me some pain medication. I waited an hour during which the nurse helped me go to the bathroom and changed my mustache gauze before she escorted me to meet my mother.
    I bruise VERY easily so I was surprised to see I had virtually no bruising and very minimal swelling. I purchased the pain medication that was prescribed but I have not taken any because I have yet to experience any pain. When I woke up from surgery, I was able to breathe and smell. Today is day 4 since my surgery and I have had an amazing recovery so far. I have experienced no pain and can taste, breathe and smell everything. My swelling/bruising has only improved and I did not experience the typical mass swelling/bruising that occurs around day 2 and 3. I am already in love with my nose and can not wait to see what it will look like once the cast comes off. Dr. Rival truly is amazing! I am so happy that I decided to have my surgery with him. Anyone considering rhinoplasty should definitely consider Dr. Rival.

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    I found Dr. Rival through review sites like this one - believe me I thought I knew who I wanted after getting a referral from my family doctor and searching locally. Once I started reading reviews I picked some top contenders (Rival being my front-runner) and went to meet him. I met with Dr Rival a month ago now for my first consultation. Right away I felt comfortable and understood what the reviewers were talking about - he's easy to talk to, totally gets your issues and even offers some additional suggestions. He did some initial imaging on his app to show me what the results could look like and talked through the procedure. He also talked about cost right up front and answered all my questions (though his website has a ton of info). I left feeling really good and talked to his assistant Nadia at the front desk (who is SO sweet and helpful) and she let me know someone had cancelled and offered me a surgery date just three weeks later! AH! I was nervous but at this point I felt it was now or never. So, I booked my next appointment for the following week. I swear I was the fastest through his process! Consult to surgery in three weeks! At the second appt we did some more imaging using the computer and went through in more detail exactly what I wanted and talked more about the procedure.

    Pre-surgery I started taking arnica tablets like many online recommend (I do think they helped). I started taking them about a day before the surgery. I also stocked up on HydraSense, Q-Tips, Polysporin, Vaseline, gauze (4x4), medical tape and ice packs (though a latex glove filled with frozen peas works perfect!). Make sure you also have a humidifier and lots of pillows to keep your head elevated.

    I kind of stopped being nervous the day of and felt kind of calm. I arrived at the hospital in the morning about 2 hours pre-op. They took my history, did the blood work and then I changed into a gown and waited in the pre-op room. I started to get SUPER nervous when I saw Dr. Rival's face LOL. He grabbed me to chat and we reviewed what he was going to do exactly which relieved some nerves. The anesthesiologist also came in to talk to me. Finally, I went into the OR (which scared me!) and my IV was started on the table and a few seconds later (it felt like) I was out and waking up in recovery!

    I don't remember a lot of that time in the post-op/recovery. I was SO tired, and also really cold which I thought was weird. I felt a bit of burning pain, just a little more than tolerable so I asked for pain meds (morphine) to manage. They were so nice and offered me drinks, ice, warm blankets etc. I must mention how AMAZING the nurses at the Newmarket hospital are, seriously, the best. After I felt okay they brought in my bf and let me sleep for a couple hours. Was a bit nauseous when I finally sat up but I didn't throw-up anything. After getting changed back into my clothes, I was wheeled out by my bf to the car and slept the whole way home. We filled my prescription for T3's and I started taking them right away. I managed to choke down a yogurt when I got home and then slept the rest of the day almost (while simultaneously icing).

    At 12 hours post-op I had hardly any bruising and the pain was under control. My throat was not nearly as bad as I anticipated either. I could breathe through my nose at this point. My moustache gauze did have to be changed every few hours the first couple of days.

    The second and third day were where the bruising and swelling came in, but actually not nearly as bad as I had imagined! Maybe it was the arnica? I had also picked up some arnica cream to apply to the bruises. The second day I began cleaning with the HydraSense and Polysporin as well. I also couldn't breather through my nose the rest of the first week basically. At about day four I was able to stop wearing the gauze and just had a little bit of runny-ness.

    At a week post-op, I had my cast removed and stitches trimmed etc. Didn't hurt at all and omg...the results. As promised, and expected from Dr. Rival, the most NATURAL and refined result. Honestly, it still looks like me but now I have the cutest side profile! He removed the bump on my nose, fixed the droopiness, corrected the over-projection and refined the tip just a bit. I did have a septorhinoplasty so he corrected my septum as well. I can't yet judge the results of that, but I'm sure it will be great. A week out I could stop the meds and just felt a little tenderness. The only noticeable swelling for me was in the tip, as expected. This has already reduced by today (day 10). At day 10 I would be happy with my nose staying the way it is! I know it will just get better :)

    Overall, best decision I ever made - it was nothing in the scheme of things! A week later it's as if nothing happened and you're just better looking and more confident ;)

    One word to describe Dr. Rival is trust. You can trust him to be honest, to take care of you, and to give you a result that you are happy with.

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    He's a really nice doctor and is very knowledgeable. He's definitely the best in the field . Every person I see tells me that my nose job is the best they have ever seen

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    Dr rival was everything I hoped for in a surgeon. He listened to what I wanted. He agreed and helped me to see a clear picture of what I could expect as an outcome. His digital imaging was almost exact to my outcome but my outcome was even better. He is kind, polite,empathetic, professional, caring, talented, an artist when it comes to surgery , honest, confident in his work an makes you feel super confident and worry free. I could go on for hours about how great he is! He changed my life :) I am forever thankful. The secretaries weren't the best with answering phones or returning messages right away but I am sure they are busy. That's the only negative thing I could say and even that wasn't a huge deal.

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    He was very sweet when I met him the first time. He was very sure of himself, was very professional and extremely confident that he could get the job done. After the procedure and after hearing my concerns he became very defensive, very arrogant and sarcastic. It was difficult to have a conversation with him without crying. This experience has been life altering and I really wish I never decided to have this procedure. Also, dr. Rivals secretaries at the Newmarket location are absolutely brutal. So rude I couldn't even believe it. I was warned about them but you truly can't believe it until you experience it. His nurse is also unbelievably rude. They recently hired a new secretary, Nadia, who is an absolute doll. Best decision they've made.

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    Felt rushed. For the money I paid, it would have been good if he spent more time answering my questions.

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    Dr. Rival is a wonderful doctor who has a calm presence about him which makes you comfortable discussing your issues. I highly recommend him. His staff is also excellent.

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    I truely cannot say enough good things about Dr Rival. I am now 8 weeks post op and I have not felt a moment of doubt with my new nose. Surgery was easy and recovery was a breeze. I had hardly any bruising or swelling. The staff at the Newmarket hospital were all amazing. Dr rivals secretary Nadia is great. Always quick to respond to any questions I had. Dr rival is easy to talk to, kind and compassionate. My consults were great, not too long or too short. He answered my questions before I even had to ask and he was honest and realistic. I travelled to see dr rival and I am so happy I did!

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    Not sure but he seems amazing and sets to achieve natural looking results!

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    I found Dr. Rival after he performed Septioplasty on a client of mine. He said it was a life changing surgery and I agree! I am very happy with my septo/rhinoplasty 6 weeks post op. My recovery has been much easier than I expected. Dr. Rival answered all my questions, was prompt for each appointment. I am happy with the result and amazed at how much my breathing has improved. I have asthma and have noticed a huge difference since the operation. I would highly recommend Dr. Rival.

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    He's amazing: Knowledgable, skilled, professional, down to earth, empathetic. Everything you would want. A tiny bit rushed, but he's busy, which is a good sign to me and people that are doing fine don't need that much attention. Everything that was important was discussed without rush. Nadia, the secretary is amazing as well.

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    Have been researching three doctors in the Toronto area and I really like his before and after pics. Dr. Rival is a professional, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

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    I had been considering two surgeons based on online research, and knew someone that had her nose done with one of them about a year ago. After meeting her doctor, I knew immediately this is who I wanted to choose. The timing worked out perfectly for me and I decided to book my surgery date shortly after the consultation. In researching the two doctors, one had both negative & positive reviews, and the other had only good reviews that I could find. I also watched YouTube videos of a few of his patients' recovery periods and was reassured by their outcomes. Of course, I chose the one with good reviews. He is known for giving his patients natural looking noses.

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    After doing my research on facial cosmetic surgeons in the GTA, Dr. Rival emerged as the standout. I booked a consultation with him to both hear his thoughts on what his approach would be to the rhinoplasty as well as have my (many!) questions answered. Dr. Rival balanced both understanding my needs and goals and offering his own perspective, leaving me feeling highly confident in his ability to deliver what I was looking for. He was very patient answering my (many!) questions and did not make me feel rushed during the appointment, or about making a decision overall. The surgery went smoothly and the recovery process was better than I had imagined. I am thrilled with the result achieved. My nose is natural-looking and fits my face beautifully. I also can't say enough good things about the rest of the team, especially Nadia who was wonderful to deal with. Calls and emails were always answered promptly and warmly, and I felt like a valued patient. I highly recommend Dr. Rival and could not be happier.

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