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Calgary, Alberta, CA

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Board Certifications

Board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada -
Plastic Surgery


American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS)

Hospital Privileges

Dr. Perron has hospital affiliations at Rockyview Hospital.


Undergraduate & Medical School
ARCT, The Royal Conservatory of Music
Human Physiology, University of Saskatchewan
Medical: MD, University of Saskatchewan

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    He did not listen and did not do corrective surgery after the fact. Just blew me off and sent me on my way.

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    Spanky Bambino

    I met with Dr Perron for consult in Sept '13. I had done a couple of consults with other doctor's but was won over by Dr. P's friendliness and frank honesty. Where other doctors had pressured me to choose from a range that I thought was too big for the look I was going for, Dr. P recommended a conservative approach. He took my measurements and said that 339 cc's would give me a nice, balanced, natural look. He said flat out that he wouldn't want to go any bigger on me. He also mentioned that with my build type, a larger implant would probably make me look fat which was right in line with what I had thought when trying on rice sizers at home. I really appreciated that honesty from him.

    His surgical center is top-notch and the staff that work there are very friendly and knowledgeable. I sent a few emails before surgery and they were very quick to respond. Carol (I'm not sure of her title but she seems to be the surgery pre- and post-care nurse) called me the week before my surgery date to go through all my questions and tell me what to do in the days before surgery as well as confirm my prescriptions and their usage.

    The day of surgery Carol talked to me and my husband about the surgery itself, aftercare, and what to expect during the healing process. She was very thorough and honest and really put our nerves at ease. The surgery itself was very fast (slightly over an hour) and Dr. P was very kind but efficient in the surgical room. He didn't waste any time in confirming my choice, marking me up and putting me under. I like that he was so fast about that process so I didn't have time to get nervous and second guess my decision while I was in the operating room.

    The recovery room at the facility was really nice and aftercare was great. Carol gave me her email address and was quick to respond to the 2 emails I sent even though it was over the holidays and she was at home.

    The only negative point that I can offer is that I waited over an hour at the office for both my consult and surgery. But that's because Dr P takes as much time as he needs to when he's with a patient so I don't mind waiting as long as I get undivided attention when it's my turn. ;)
    I was whisked in right away for my follow up visit the day after surgery because I was just meeting with Carol and not Dr P himself.

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    Funky Nana

    Dr Perron is charming and a gentleman. He is so calm and positive. Dr Perron is very busy so it can take a while to get in and see him. I was lucky enough to get a cancellation date for surgery, so waited only 5 weeks for my procedure ( rather than 5 months)
    His nurse, Carol, is absolutely amazing. She is very compassionate and helpful. As we were leaving, on the day of my surgery, she even demonstrated how I should climb into my car!! She returns calls promptly and makes me feel like she truly cares about how well I do. Carol has a great sense of humour too!
    The OR nurses, Karen & Tara were kind and friendly. Karen kept me chatting prior to surgery which really helped me to stay calm.
    Dr Fox was the anaesthesiologist that day and he explained everything that he was doing. I hadn't had a spinal - or epidural - before so was nervous about that too, but he was able to put me at ease. I remember 'waking' up a little just before my surgery was over and started chatting with him! He told me that Dr Perron was almost done and just stitching me up. I think I was asking too many questions (ha ha ha) and he gave me little more sedation because the next thing I knew I was being rolled back on to my bed!!!
    In recovery Carol brought me a lovely bowl of fresh fruit salad and a fruit tea, nicely served on china with a cloth napkin. Felt like I was in a nice hotel!
    Dr Perron was also very congenial with my husband on my follow up visits.
    So I have no reservations, whatsoever, recommending Dr Perron and his team.

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    Dr. Perron is top notch, he is excited about what he does, listens to your wants and needs and answers any questions you have, no matter how many there are! He is caring, professional, and takes such pride in his profession and his results... He and his staff treat you with the utmost respect and care, are attentive to your calls and messages with barely any waiting time, and are professional in every way. You couldn't be in better hands!

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    I'm writing this review 12 hours post op lol! I only met him last oct for my consult. Then 6 weeks ago meet his nurse Lana to go thru some info and get prescriptions. She was a no bs nurse. She reminded me that this was my choice and that I'm not "sick" I need to suck it up and move around as my as possible. I was taken aback at first by her but meh, she's right!
    Carol was my nurse today who went thru everything I'll need to know and do for atleast this first week. She said I'll tell you about exercise in 6 weeks. You don't need to know about that right now! Baby steps!
    The or nurse was nice and even the anesthesiologist.
    Last but not least. Dr Perron. I went with him because I know a nurse that works with him. She said GO SEE HiM he will tell you the honest truth. He doesn't need your money. He didn't try to up sell me anything. That was nice :)
    Today he joked around with me while he was marking me up. So he says you want both sides done? I was assuming lypo. LOL
    Didn't spend any time with me other than that.
    As for 3 stars for wait time I waited 5 months. Their soonest opening. This was because of the floods in Calgary last year. He was affected. In that the elevator in the building was broken. All in all I am so happy I did this pain and all!!'

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    Confident, what else could you want in a cosmetic surgeon???!!!
    No bull, tells it like it is
    Fair pricing

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    What impressed me the most about Dr. Perron is that he taked great pride in his work. He does what is best for you and your body to give you the optimal outcome!

    His staff was great. Everytime I had a question, no matter how silly, they always answered it and put my mind at ease. They made me feel reassured about the decision I was making to have this surgery and I truly appreciate evrything they have done for me,

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    I originally really liked Dr. Perron. His staff however is terrible. I'm really disappointed in Dr. Perron for his lack of responsibility for follow up.

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    He made me feel comfortable, and said exactly what I wanted to hear! I'm definitely doing it

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    Loved everything about my dr and his staff I doubt my results would be this good going else where. I'm sure having scoliosis is a PS's nightmare. He positioned my scoliosis scar so it is less noticeable, he took more fat out of certain areas and took less in other areas so that I look more straight

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    Dr Perron was amazing! His staff was amazing! Thank you so much !!!! I am so happy and blessed! I highly recommend Dr. Perron! He did the most beautiful job I could of ever asked for!!

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    Dr. Perron is an amazing surgeon and is great at making you feel comfortable. Was very happy with his services and all the staff especially the nurses Lana and Carol.

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    Dr. Perron is very personable and I trusted him completely. He was honest and took all my wants and needs into consideration as to fit these to my lifestyle. He even said he could literally put bigger implants in because of my wide frame, height and 14cm bwd but ultimately suggested a wider midrange implant that he felt would work best.

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    Internet and other people I know have seen him. I have to say that Dr Parron, Lana, Janice, Carol, Brenda and everyone that works there are wonderful people. The after care with Sara was wonderful, I should have stayed longer. I have no idea why anyone would put a negative review about any one of them!!! Dr Parron is a different kind of guy, you will either like him right away or you won't, he is very to the point and up front, if you want someone to dance around you then this is not the doctor for you, if you want experience and honesty you will get along just fine!!!

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    Dr Perron is great! I felt he was very honest and forthcoming when sharing what he thought was best. His staff and him made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. He listened to what I wanted and was looking for; I explained my lifestyle and my concerns if I went to large, as I thought he would recommend a large implant cause I knew before I went there that with my body type and built I was probably a candidate for a very large implant - and I was. I didn't want large large boobs, just a full C :)

    The consult and surgery went amazing. Lana was AMAZING and answered and addressed all my concerns that I had leading up to the process.

    I am rating "after care and follow up" but only had procedure done yesterday and will be talking to Carol on Monday. Carol is AMAZING. I seriously feel good enough to go back to work on Monday, but will be working from home and back to the office on Tuesday unless things really change.

    I would recommend Dr. Perron to anyone :) Very professional and very much advising on what is best for you, your lifestyle and body.

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    Recommended to me by my Physician. I trust my Doctor to give me good info. Once I met Dr. Perron, I felt a lot of trust for him and he did my BA about 6 months before my TT and I'm very very happy! Not everything about the doctor and his office staff are "peachy". I am probably not their typical client (Not wealthy and snotty) so I felt less valued

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