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Dr. Andrade’s facility, The York Plastic Surgery Centre, is a state of the art and beautifully appointed facility that provides a professional and welcoming environment. The clinic has 3,000 square feet of reception area, patient exam rooms, private operating suite main OR, minor procedures room, pre-operative room and recovery area. Meeting the highest standards of patient care and technology, The York Plastic Surgery Centre offers the very best in overall patient experience.
Dr. Andrade performs a wide range of cosmetic procedures at his facility with a qualified professional team of registered nurses and Royal College certified, fellowship trained anesthesiologists.

Dr. Andrade also has operating privileges at Southlake Regional Health Centre which is located minutes away from The York Plastic Surgery Centre.

Breast Augmentation
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Details of Breast Augmentation and Implant Procedures

Dr. Andrade is an experienced, highly trained board certified Plastic Surgeon (MD, PhD, FRCSC) who is a leader in breast and body contouring surgery. A trusted choice among referring doctors and health professionals, The York Plastic Surgery Centre offers a state of the art, professional and welcoming experience for all patient who come to the facility.

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Tummy Tuck
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The majority of patients seeking tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) are healthy and physically active but nonetheless they have excess skin and fatty tissue on the lower abdomen. This is a particularly common problem for females after childbirth or for those who have lost a significant amount of weight. Tummy tuck surgery is best performed on people who have a healthy weight or are only modestly overweight. It is not recommended as a weight loss procedure for very overweight patients due to the increased risk of complications.

During your consultation, Dr. Andrade will ask about your specific abdominal concerns, including any past abdominal surgery. The physical examination is very important and will include examining your abdomen for overall skin quality and the amount of excess adipose tissue, location of pre-existing scars, hernias and loose abdominal muscles. Photos will be taken so the preoperative and postoperative appeance can be compared.

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The ideal patient for liposuction surgery is healthy and physically active, with a normal or only moderately elevated body weight. Liposuction is recommended to treat focal deposits of excess adipose tissue rather than as a weight loss technique. Common areas treated in Dr. Andrade’s practice include the thighs, abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), and rolls under the armpits. During your consultation, Dr. Andrade will ask about your specific physical concerns and your expectations of surgery. During the physical examination of the areas to be liposuction contoured, the amount of adipose tissue, skin quality, cellulite or contour irregularities will be identified.

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