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Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, +57

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Dr. Harold Villalobos - Surgery Plastic and Reconstructive.
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Libre University Cali Colombia, Medical Doctor Degree, 1995.
Specialist in general surgery, 1998-2000, Post-graduation Institute Carlos Chagas - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand surgeon.

Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, 2001-2004.
1995: Medical Surgeon Universidad Libre. Cali – Colombia.
1998-2000: Specialist in General Surgery. Institute of Post-graduation Carlos
Chagas. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
2001-2004: Specialist in Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive.
Federal Fluminense University,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
17/05/2013: Plastic surgery Congress Santa Marta-Colombia 4 days.
23/05/2012:XVII International course of plastic and aesthetic surgery of the SCCP.
21/10/2011: International Symposium on Colombian society of plastic surgery, cosmetic and Reconstruction.
15/09/2010: XVI International course on plastic aesthetic surgery Cali, Colombia 4 days.
20/05/2009: XXXII National Congress of Plastic Surgery 4 Days Barranquilla-Colombia
16/10/2008: IV International Plastic Surgery Symposium Cali-Colombia
06/09/2007: III International Symposium of plastic surgeryCali-Colombia
16/05/2007: XXXI National congress of the Colombian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial and Hand Pereira - Colombia 5 days
13/05/2006: XIV International Course of Plastic Surgery Medellin - Colombia 5 days
25/10/2003: Update Forum in Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Brazilian College of Surgeons
02/12/2002: Treatment of injuries and suturing techniques course.Faculty of Medicine of the Fluminense Federal University.
01/08/2002: Congressman of the 21st day Carioca Surgery Plastic - SBCP 3 days, Rio de Janeiro.
07/03/2002: Course integrated the services recognized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. 7 months, Regional of Rio de Janeiro.
10/12/2001: Instructor of the course "Treatment of wounds and techniques of suture" XXIV week science of Faculty of medicine, 4 days Rio de Janeiro.
26/09/2001: Meeting monthly of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery "Reconstruction with micro-surgical flaps".
29/08/2001: Meeting monthly of the Brazilian society of Plastic Surgery "Breast"
30/05/2001: Monthly meeting of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery "Rhinoplasty"
25/04/2001: Monthly meeting of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery "Face lift"
28/03/2001: Monthly meeting of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery "The silicone and the law"
07/03/2001: Course integrated the services recognized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic surgery 7 months Regional Rio de Janeiro
01/11/1995: II International Symposium of Neurology "New concepts in the Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy" Colombian Association Neurology Cali.
24/02/2001: VII day Pediatric University of the Valle 2 days Cali-Valle
09/03/1991: 14Th day Pediatric Cardiology topics Hospital San José de Buga-Colombia.
26/10/1990: Symposium "Trauma and infection" Colombian Society of Surgery 2 days Cali-Valle
13/07/1990: Up to date course in pediatric surgical pathology Colombian society of Pediatric Surgery 2 days Cali-Valle
26/04/1990: Annual course in Pediatrics Universidad del Valle 2 days Cali-Valle

Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck
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This procedure is indicated in patients with excess abdominal fat and sagging It is practiced commonly in women who have given birth, as pregnancy stretches skin and abdominal muscles, likewise in men and women by genetic condition or for overfeeding which has accumulated excessive fat in this region.

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To ensure the growth and perfect roundness of your buttocks there are two main ways to do it: one is the use of implants, and the other is using the same fat obtained by liposuction. The injection of any other filler material in the buttocks, including liquid silicone is totally banned.

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Butt Augmentation / Brazilian Butt Lift
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To achieve an ideal augmentation and a perfect roundness to your gluteus muscle with a lift proportional to your physical beauty there are two main ways to get it: one is the use of implants and the other way is using the patient's own fat obtained by liposuction or Fat Transfer

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    He was very professional and answered back quickly to Any questions I asked can't wait to meet the dream team #villalobos doll 17"

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    Currently 10 days post-op. I have not one bad thing to say about Dr. Villalobos and his staff. They have been nice, informative, and attentive. They never made me feel ignored or like I wasn't important. Dr. Villalobos was even working through his own injuries just to please his patients.

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    I can say that after a full recovery I am 100% satisfied with my tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lipo, and lipo injection results. Dr. Harold Villalobos and all his staff have been very caring about every little detail not only before but also after the surgery. I am absolutely satisfied and very thankful to him for having me get my self esteem back and would highly recommend him to anybody...

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    He is great doctor. He takes a conservative approach so be very specific about your out come wishes.

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    So far everything is great, i love my doc!

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    Communication with my dr. has been great I have had so much help from his assistant with everything best costumer service . His the best!


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    Dr Villalobos (surgeon) and Dr Diaz (anaesthesiologist) and their team have been absolutely brilliant. Their knowledge, professionalism and care are first class. I have felt well cared for and reassured at all times. The results so far are amazing. Just what I wanted. Very happy!

    Mommy Makeover

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    Dr. V is the absolute best! He and Paola takes good care of you from start to finish! Thinking about going back for a 2nd round! No Mommy makeover is great! Very responsive and attentive, very professional

    Tummy Tuck

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