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Dr Lina Triana - Plastic Surgeon
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Why should I choose Dr. Lina Triana?
Each and every one of us is unique and different, that is why I am not satisfied with just performing an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure, I focus in improving your quality of life by enhancing your natural beauty

As a woman, doctor and surgeon mi goal is to better serve my patients, that is why I am always thinking on how to go one step further and not only giving harmony to face and body but assesing my patient as a whole, helping her/him achieve emotional and physical wellbeing by offering surgical and non surgical treatments and promoting good habits to enjoy a healthier life.
For me is very important to listen to my patients so I can understand why they want to have this cosmetic, aesthetic medical or surgical procedure since only by doing so, together we can create the best treatment plan for you.

I am a Plastic surgeon from the Universidad del Valle in Cali Colombia, specialized in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Brazil, Age Management Medicine in the Cenegenics Medical Institute USA and Rejuvenation and Laser Design by the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America, USA.

Have made it possible for great plastic surgeons to visit our country and also work with them hand by hand: Thomas Biggs (USA), responsible for today’s breast implants; Ivo Pintanguy (Brasil), latinamerican pioneer in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; David Matlock (USA), specialist in vaginal rejuvenation surgery and Renato Saltz (USA), pioneer y Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

Have been invited as guest of honor, key note speaker and panelist in more 50 aesthetic plastic surgery meetings to teach my colleagues world wide in countries such us: USA, Colombia, Brazil, Belgium, France, Italy, Canada, Monaco, Argentina, Russia, Israel, China, Bolivia, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Greece, India, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Switzerland, Dubai, South Africa, Guatemala, Serbia, Egypt, Tunes and Uruguay; with innovative subjects such as Gluteoplasty with implants Vs Buttock Lipoinjection, Liposuction using Different Technique, Improving Mamopexy results with Implants, Laser Resurfacing in Latin Skins, Hair Transplant, Today’s Plastic Surgeon Complementary treatments and Vaginal Rejuvenation vaginal, subject where I am a world wide pioneer teaching all over the world the different techniques developed through years of working in this area and changing the old concept in my peers of only cutting the labia minora for understanding more woman’s needs working on the outside and inside aspects of our vagina looking at the whole picture thinking more on a design like approach of the vulva area and empowering woman with their sexuality.

I am the Second Vicepresident of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and member of its Executive Committee and Board of Directors; Former Past President of the Colombian Plastic Surgery (SCCP); International Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and member of its International Committee; also member of the Board of Directors of the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies (ACSC).

Rhinoplasty / Nose Surgery
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Many people feel affected by their nose size or contour.

Dr. Lina Triana offers a solution to this dissatisfaction, a rhinoplasty.

If the patient also presents respiratory problems, a septoplasty will also be done (called rhinoseptoplasty), where not only the external part of the nose is reshaped but also along with an otologist, one works to improve the respiratory function.

The rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery in which the patient can go home the same day of the operation.

This surgery can be done with other surgical procedures like a mentoplasty (chin implant), bringing the entire face into more harmonious balance.

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Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery
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Despite feeling rested, we sometimes see ourselves with a lifeless look. We have bags under our eyes and we can have excess skin on our eyelids, which makes us look and feel tired. One way to get back that fresh look is through a blepharoplasty. Men and women can request this type of surgery.

In the preoperative consultation, an ideal surgical plan will be defined for the blepharoplasty patient, which may be a fairly simple one eyelid surgery, either the upper or lower eyelid. In some patients, it will be necessary to operate both eyelids during the same surgery or it may even be necessary to combine the blepharoplasty with a brow lift, facial rejuvenation surgery, laser resurfacing or eyelid/face fat transfer. For those patients who also wish to smooth out fine wrinkles, this procedure can be complemented by applying Botox or performing a CO2 laser treatment.

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Facial rejuvenation surgery or facelift is a procedure that rejuvenates and gives face muscles and skin a more natural appearance. It improves the depth of wrinkles as well as flaccid skin on the face, chin, and neck.

Facial rejuvenation surgery or facelift, may be accompany by other surgical procedures such as Blepharoplasty, Brow lift, and a neck lift.

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Mentoplasty / Chin Surgery
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Enhancement of the chin or mentoplasty is a selective procedure that may be an aesthetic or reconstructive procedure.

It is aesthetic when the patient wishes to have a harmonious face and reconstructive when there is a trauma.

This surgery can be done with other surgical procedures such as a rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

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Otoplasty / Ear Sugery
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Surgical correction of prominent ears, also called otoplasty is one of the few cosmetic plastic surgeries that is recommended from the age of three, for it is considered that with today's alternatives, carrying out this procedure at an early age prevents the child from growing up with a complex due to large ears.

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Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck
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Factors such as pregnancy, genetics, or weight changes over time make the abdominal muscles lose their tone with subsequent elongation of the skin, leaving stretch marks, protruded abdominal walls and accumulation of fat in the abdominal region.

Abdominoplasty, also called lipectomy or Tummy Tuck, is a surgery that involves tying the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin to regain a toned abdomen.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is accompanied by Liposculpture that helps shape the region by removing excess fat in the abdominal area; this is also called lipoabdominoplasty

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Laser-Lipo or Liposuction is a surgery that is done with advanced laser technology to remove excess fat or fat deposits and sculpt the figure.

Laser liposculpture or laser lipolysis facilitates removal of fat in order to make an adequate lipomodeling with fewer traumas, which results in less bleeding, less swelling, less bruising, less pain and a speedy recovery.

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