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Tibas, San Jose, San Jose, CR

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Advanced Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Academic Degrees and Medical Specialties

Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Institute of Reconstructive Surgery University of GuadalajaraSpecialist in General Surgery. Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) / CENDEISSS; Costa Rica university. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. ; University of Costa Rica. Appointment in Professional Societies President of the Costa Rican Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery . (2009-2014). Member of Patient Safety Committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. ;(2010-2012). Board Member of the Ibero Latin - American Federation of Plastic Surgery.;(From November 2009 to November 2013).Committee member Surgical Procedures Abroad of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (since 2012). Member of the Board of the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF);(since October 2012). Membership in international organizationsAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons The International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.  Ibero Latin American Federation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Congresses and conferences Participation in at least four annual meetings, either as an exhibitor, coordinator or assistant; Some of them are: Liposculpture HD, 3D, 17th Congress of the IPRAS, February 27, 2013, Santiago, Chile.;"Thromboprophylaxis surgical plastic surgery" , III Multidisciplinary Experts Forum Thromboprophylaxis de Centroamerica November 8, 2012, 
San Salvador, El Salvador. EXHIBITOR, Orienting the patient on the road to safety, Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ISAPS September 4, 2013. Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ISAPS, Geneva, Switzerland.EXHIBITOR, Safety of the surgical patient; on November 14, LXXIII National Medical Congress of Costa Rica, on November 15, 2011, in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica. GENERAL COORDINATOR III Costa Rican-Nicaraguan Congress of Plastic Surgery, from 9 to 12 June 2011, San Jose, Costa Rica. Sculpting the body;, on June 2, 2011, at the Congress of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, Pereira, Colombia."Prevention of thrombus";, the June 3, 2011, at the Congress of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, Pereira, Colombia.

  • EXHIBITOR, "Safety in Plastic Surgery", on June 3, 2010, at the XVIII Congress of the Ibero ;Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgery, Panama City, Panama. "Global Patient Safety ;on August 14, 2010, at the Twentieth Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, San Francisco, California, United States. "Prevention in plastic surgery" on November 8, 2010 in the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan II Congress of Plastic Surgery, Granada, Nicaragua."Prevention of complications in plastic surgery", on November 18, 2010, in LXXII National Medical Congress of Costa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica. COORDINATOR Symposium of Plastic Surgery at the LXXII National Medical Congress of Costa Rica , 15 to 19 November 2010, San Jose, Costa Rica. "Patient safety in plastic surgery" ;in the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan 1st Congress of Plastic Surgery, November 5, 2009, San Jose, Costa Rica. "What 's new in cosmetic surgery Mama" ;in the LXVIII National Medical Congress of Costa Rica, November 13, 2006.

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    Video: What is Breast Augmentation?Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants or fat, referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation, to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

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      I’ve had several procedures performed by Dr. Alberto J. Arguello, all with excellent results. I chose him because of his credentials and reputation, but after meeting him I discovered what a wonderful person he is. He’s very personable, charming, compassionate and totally committed to the care of his patients. He is obviously well respected by his peers, as he is now serving his second term as President of the Costa Rican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. I initially used Dr. Arguello to do my upper and lower eyelids, and after seeing what a beautiful job he did, I decided to go back and have him do a facelift, necklift and breast lift. I never thought I would have enough confidence in anyone to trust them with my face, but he is that good. I’m thrilled with the results, and how natural my face looks. In fact, after 2 years, those very close to me have never figured out what I did. They tell me how great I look, and assume it's because I've lost weight. Amazingly, I had no bruising after my facelift, which I believe is remarkable. Especially, considering patients I’ve seen who were done by other surgeons, and weren't so fortunate. Dr. Arguello attributes this to his technique. It was a huge relief not to worry about hiding bruises! He did a beautiful job on my ears, which is where a less skilled surgeon often fails, and can be a dead giveaway. Mine look really natural. The scars were very skillfully placed, and are nearly invisible now. You have to look really closely to find them. I’m able to pull my hair back without feeling self-conscious about it. He did a beautiful job on breast lift, as well. I swear the man is a magician! This was a really sensitive issue for me, and he made me feel very comfortable about it. He was very respectful, and of course, professional. I know other patients of his, who have all been really pleased with their surgeries, as well. Dr. Arguello has always taken excellent care of me, even after I have returned home. Any time I have had a question or concern, he has always been very quick to respond, and has never made me feel like a bother. I know I could not be in better hands. I highly recommend him, and personally will not use anyone else. He’s the best!

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      He is the BEST! My entire experience in Costa Rica has been 5 star. Dr. Argüello is a true professional, a highly skilled surgeon & a caring, compassionate human being. He has the skill necessary to perform theses beautiful surgeries & still possesses that rare human quality that automatically conveys to his patients that he truly cares about them & how they will look. Dr. Argüello didn't do just a routine face & neck lift for me, he removed ugly, old scars on the surface of my face & the scarred-over sutures deep in my muscle from a badly botched surgery in 2005. He replaced those ugly marks with his own beautiful placement of the muscle & facial skin & finished it all off with his precision suturing. My eyes were done beautifully & my neck is back to what I wanted. Dr. Argüello also removed my saline breast implants, which unbeknownst to me had become encapsulated & replaced them with soft, wonderful silicon implants, he also did an arm lift that I couldn't be happier with. The incisions are barely visible. I have beautiful breasts again & my arms look like they did when I was 20! Dr. Bryan Arce is the doctor's surgical assistant & in every way reflects the same standard of excellence as Dr. Argüello. He & Dr. Argüello work hand in hand to ensure that everything is handled to perfection. The office staff has been wonderful, my visits were always on time & all of my questions were answered. Follow-up care & concern from Dr. Argüello & Dr. Arce has been second to none & I'm no stranger to surgery. They've been right on top of everything from start to finish. I can't say enough about this wonderful doctor, his staff, all those that graciously served my surgical needs at the Clínica Unibe & my wonderful recovery at Verdeza, it's been the best experience for me & one I shall repeat with others in the future. My expectations have not only been met, but they have been exceeded. If you're looking for the top plastic surgeon in Costa Rica, look no further, Dr. Argüello is the man. Feel free to message with with specific questions, I'll be glad to answer any & all of them.

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      I went on line to get some information and research their doctors. What I read was very impressive. Costa Rica has, in fact, become famous for their medical tourism. There were many plastic surgeons to choose from. Their credentials accompanied their pictures. One stood out among the rest. He is Dr. Alberto Argüello. He has impeccable credentials, and has rotated at some of the most prestigious hospitals here in the US, including Johns Hopkins. He also speaks three languages including perfect English. I decided he was the one I wanted to perform my facelift and eye lift. I contacted him and never regretted my decision to do so. The minute I met him all my anxieties about the surgery left me. He was very professional, but warm and caring. I knew immediately I was in good hands. Clinica Biblica, the hospital where he operates, is a State of the Art facility. Immaculate!
      The aftercare and follow-up from Dr. Alberto Argüello and his assistant Dr. Arce was excellent. After you have gone back home they contact you on a regular basis to make sure all is progressing well.

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      As a result from my 3 pregnancies, I was left with the need to have a reconstructive tummy tuck. A year and a half after having my last child, I decided that the time was right to have this procedure. Of course I was nervous just even thinking about the idea and I was very selective on deciding which surgeon was the right one for me.

      After meeting Dr. Alberto Arguello Ch., this decision was rapidly taken. Dr Arguello not only has a very impressive curriculum and experience, which also includes being the President at the Costa Rican Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon in the past 6 years, but he is highly committed to his patients and clearly has a love for what he does. He explained very well everything, in detail, and helped me feel relaxed about it. He has been very friendly and has responded to every single one of my concerns. Moreover, he was literally a great emotional support who was accessible at all times. After surgery, he made sure I was feeling better, recovering properly and contacted me on a frequently basis. As a patient, I have felt a very personalized treatment and care by Dr. Arguello, something that is very hard to find. He is an amazing doctor, offers an impeccable care and makes you feel you are in the best hands at all times.

      With such personalized treatment, on July 25, I ended up deciding on having my tummy tuck plus breast augmentation and liposuction. I am very happy and looking forward to recovering completely to see the final results. I highly recommend Dr. Arguello for any of your plastic or reconstructive needs. If I had to repeat this experience all over again, it would definitely only be with Dr. Arguello.

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      Lory Ther

      I had a great experience with Dr. A and his staff.
      The first time that I called his office to request information I had a sense of security and trust, they were very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful and kind, they answered all my questions and helped me with lodging and transportation.
      Dr. A was delighful, very patient with my million questions and he was very concerned about my well being, he told me that patient's safety and well being were his priorities. He explained step by step the procedure and possible risks.
      The day of the surgery he arrived on time, he comforted me while in the preop room and gave me reassurance that everything was going to go well.
      Thanks to Dr. A and his expertise everything went well, I didn't have any complications and his follow up was amazing he was there for me 24/7 and he verbally told me "do not hesitate to contact me at any time".
      I had excellent results, I am extremely happy and now not only I have the best plastic surgeon in Costa Rica but also a friend because he is not only a doctor but also a friend to his patients.
      I HIGHLY recommend him as your plastic surgeon.

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      Annie Drake

      Dr. Arguello understood the urgency of the situation and removed it for me at a discounted price, He replaced the old ones with new FDA approved gel implants. While he works out of Clinica Biblica, the most well known hospital in San Jose, I chose to have it done at a smaller place, Clinica Zahha. Five stars is not a high enough rating for my doctor and his staff. Everyone from the receptionist to the Anesthesiologist was more than professional and sparkling clean. Dr. Arce and Susanna helped me to prepare and followed up every day afterward. They stressed the importance of using the proper precautions with medications and blood pressure. Having worked in medical tourism and journalism before, I can highly recommend him and his staff

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      After many hours of research and study, I chose Dr. Alberto Arguello in San Jose, Costa Rica, as the surgeon to perform my facelift procedure. His credentials are impeccable and his reviews were all very good. I am extremely happy with the work that was done and the experience was wonderful. He is really the best surgeon in Costa Rica, and if you choose him, you will not be sorry!

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      I had lots of contact with Dr. Arguello before and after all my procedures. While in Costa Rica he called me everyday, sometimes twice a day to check on me. After I got back to my home in the U.S. I received phone calls daily to check on my progress. I have been very happy with Dr. Arguello and will definitely go back to him for any other procedures needed. He is the most caring Doctor I have ever known and he takes time to explain everything to you and doesn't rush you out of his office.

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