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Adolfo Sesto in addition to "MD" degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, held the titles of "Surgeon General" and "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" graduated from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. His studies and specialty training where course at the internationally renowned "Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Josè Guerrerosantos" with the eminent “Maestro Guerrerosantos”, one of the pioneers in plastic surgery, whom he assisted in his investigations of fat transfer, so popular today.

Dr. Sesto continued his studies in the United States in advanced techniques in plastic surgery to pioneer in Dominican Republic the use of laser in cosmetic procedures and surgeries, performing the first of these procedures in the country and the first endoscopic facelift. This earned him a recognition by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons becoming the first Dominican plastic surgeon to be admitted to membership; also in the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

The refinement of his body contour work (tummy tuck, liposculpture and breast), with the naturalness of his nose jobs, eyelid, neck and facelifts; conjoint to over 20 years of experience and the warmth of his manners, define him as a plastic surgeon committed to excellence.

"My priority is the safety, comfort, care and satisfaction of my patient, hence I always performed in a medical center accredited and certified with proper medical equipment and qualified personnel in all areas of medicine."

"Continuing education is an obligation to my patients, for their health, general welfare and variety in options is very precious to me."

Classical Abdominoplasty
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Involves the tightening of the abdominal muscles and the pull and removal of sagging and excess skin, done through a horizontal incision from hip to hip as long as the amount of skin to be removed (all scars and stretch marks that running between navel and pubis will be removed along). No lipo.

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Buttocks Augmentation and Contouring (Brazilian Butt Lift)
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Involves the removal of fat deposits placed between muscle and skin with a cannula and a suction pump, through incisions of less than 1 centimeter in areas around the buttocks, to provide contouring, and the transference by injection of the fat to the buttocks for definition and volume.

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Abdominoplasty and Breast Lift
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Involves the tightening of the abdominal muscles and the pull and removal of sagging and excess skin, done through a horizontal incision from hip to hip as long as the amount of skin to be removed (all scars and stretch marks that runs between navel and pubis will be removed along). Incisions on both breasts will performed with inverted T, lollipop or periareolar technique, to elevate the nipple-areola complex and the breast tissue.

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Abdominoplasty and Breast Augmentation
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Involves the tightening of the abdominal muscles and the pull and removal of sagging and excess skin through a horizontal incision from hip to hip of a size to be determined by the amount of skin to be removed (all scars and stretch marks between navel and pubis will be removed along).

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    Dr. Adolfo Sesto is an amazing surgical doctor who gave me a lot of confidence in choosing him to be the one who performed the surgery on me. From the first interaction he treated me with a lot of respect and the whole staff made me feel very welcomed at their office. I am a nurse and I saw in him and his work space that sense of trust the time I spent in his location. All my fears went away because of his hospitality and professionalism. I would highly recommend him to any other person who is going through what I did. Making this decision was one of the best I ever made for myself because it motivated me to do so much more for myself I wasn't willing to do before. I am now more fit, my back health is better than ever, and my self-esteem is at an all time high now that I don't have the burden of carrying the weight of large breasts and people see the difference in my mood. And most importantly, Dr. Adolfo Sesto is a doctor who follows up with you after interactions and will ask for updates on recovery after the procedures are done.

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    Just as great of a doctor, Dr. Adolfo Sesto is as a person very kind and marvelous.

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    Dr. Sesto is quite a character. He is meticulous and detailed in his work. You are fully informed and every question is answered. In the hospital I had 2 nurses with me ;Dr.Sesto's and Raysa's. So my every beck and call was taken care of. During my post op visits, Dr. Sesto anticipated how I would feel and explained at length what to expected.

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    He is a wonderful, caring and professional human being. He is absolutely great.

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    staff working with Dr. Sesto is impressive, since I arrived I was given a very gentle treatment , neck was alone , the very slopes of my nurses, anesthesiologist , not really complain.

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    Dr. Sesto is so professional ! He makes you feel comfortable and cares about your health & well being not like other doctors! He does amazing work! love love him! He also has a great personality and such a fashionista! love him!!

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    Dr Adolfo Sesto is very professional attentive and knowledgable.

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    el doctor es muy bueno siempre escucha lo que uno desea y siempre responde a las inquietudes que Una tenga.se Toma su tiempo con sus pacientes.

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    Dr. Aldolfo Sesto is very passionate about his profession. He is also very professional as well as warm, gentle, loving and most of all he listen to his patient. His advise is very honnest. The communication is wonderfull as he always make sure you understands everything about your procedure (lab work, before procedure prep, after procedure expectations etc...) , he makes himself avaible for any concern you might have. He makes you feel like you are his most important patient. The procedure was a succes. It is now 5 and half weeks after the procedure and all is well.
    Dr. Adolfo Sesto speaks perfect english.

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    The best of the best!! I am extremely happy with my results.. Dr. Sesto is the best! If I need to get something else done I will go back to him.. He is all you need!!

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    He is very professional, answered all my questions , take care of me in every sense while I was at the clinic and after procedure for follow ups. Also he still in touch with me always tgere to answer my messages

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    Amazing doctor, extremely caring and diligent, his talent exceeded my expectations!

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    EL mejor cirujano plastico de Republica Dominicana!!!!

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    Dr. Sesto is very warm and kind. He explain my husband and me everything we needed to know about the procedure, and answer all our questions in a very understandable manner.

    His main concern was my general health before, during and after the procedure, so he gives me the confidence and assurance i needed. He does not live anything up in the air, he gives me a guide for my preparation for surgery, and a Brochure with the instructions for post op care. He is great.

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    He is a wonderful doctor. His staff is very caring and always available when you need them. He did wonders with my body and my self esteem. From the moment I met him, I felt at ease and I could feel the love that he has for what he does.

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    Attentive and caring, answered my questions and clarified my concerns. Excellent follow care and follow up.

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    I was recommended by a celebrity friend of mines to the best doctor ever. Adolfo Sesto is the most comforting, friendly, loving doctor I have ever encountered. He made me feel so safe and gives you the reassurance that you are in great hands. He didn't treat me like his patient instead like family. I have had 2 surgeries with him. My last one was liposuction in my abdomen August 14, 2014 and trust me I look and feel better than ever. If I ever decide to have another procedure it will be by him and only him. i trust him with my life because he is simply the best. Dr. Sesto is absolutely amazing!

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