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Dr. Lisette Pappaterra

Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago, DO

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Dr. Lisette Pappaterra -Clinic of Hair Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (CapMed).
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Dr. Lisette Pappaterra is dedicated exclusively to the world of hair transplant, with a complete training in the field of hair surgery in different parts of the world with leading physicians with worldwide recognition.

She is the Medical Director and surgical in the Clinic of Hair Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (CapMed). Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University “Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. “ Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Magister in Hair Transplant at the Alcalá de Henares University in Madrid, one of the few universities worldwide where this Master is taught and has the opportunity to collaborate with the most renowned Spanish physicians in the field.

She is always kept updated with the latest developments and techniques in the restoration business going annually to major national and international courses and congresses.

She is a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and the College of Physicians of Dominican Republic. The doctor has enough experience with the classic technique strip (F.U.S.S) and with the most advance technique in follicular unit extraction (F.U.E). Dr. Pappaterra has worked on numerous prestigious centers at European level making a lot of surgeries with excellent results.

FUE Technique
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The Hair Restoration procedure: FUE is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique in which follicular unit grafts (hair follicles) are individually removed from the patient’s donor area and then individually transplanted to the recipient (thinning) area.

The grafts are removed using a precision tool and then placed in the recipient area.

There is no linear scar and no stitches are required, so your donor area will be minimally noticeable within just a few days.

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Male Baldness
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Androgenic alopecia
Hair loss or baldness is a genetic trait—but unlike what you may have been told, it’s not necessarily passed down from your maternal grandfather. Medical science has come to learn that hair loss genes are actually passed down from both sides of the family, and they affect hair loss in both men and women. Hair loss genes may also skip generations and are utterly random in terms of which siblings (male or female) they will affect. They may even have very different effects on siblings within the same family. What causes hair loss for one family member may differ entirely from what causes another family member’s hair loss, so it is best to not rule anything out before seeking a medical opinion.

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Capilar biostimulation
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At Capmed center, we have been performing PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.

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Low Level Laser
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The function of low level laser therapy is to slow or stop the progression of hair loss.Studies on the effects of laser phototherapy have been shown an increase in cellularmetabolism and blood flow in the hair root, which transforms a weakened follicleinto a healthier follicle, preventing excessive hair loss and stimulate their growthphase.

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Facial fillers
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As we age, you might start noticing wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes (resembling what looks like crow’s feet) between our eyebrows, around the nose and mouth. Your skin begins to lose its elasticity and volume. To prevent these dramatic changes there are treatments known as dermal fillers

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Platelet Rich Plasma
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Platelet rich plasma is a biological, autologous, non-toxic and non-allergic product, which activates vascularization. It works in the accelerating process of fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic. It produces a rejuvenating effect, which helps to reduce thin wrinkles and expression lines. PRP also helps to improve tightness in areas with flaccidity.

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Facial peeling
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A peeling is a non-surgical medical technique specified to improve skin appearance. We achieve a complete skin cell renewal, which includes toning down the skin lesions and defects (dark spots, fine wrinkles, dilated pores, scars) and improving skin tone, color and texture.

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