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Dr. Enriquillo Clime Rivera - Plastic Surgeon
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A graduate of the prestigious school of medicine of UNIBE, Dr. Clime is the embodiment of a doctor by vocation. Three days after his graduation he began his internship year at the renowned clinic Corazones unidos, where under the mentorship of the master teacher Dr. Luis Cuello Mainardi give the first steps to understand medicine as a discipline. Less than 24 hours of completing his internship he opened flight to the city of Victoria, in Espiritu Santo, Brazil, where he started his training on the department of general surgery in the mastology team.

Motivated by expanding his knowledge Dr. Clime flew again, this time to the city of Rio de Janeiro where after two years in the tenth Enfermaria, da santa casa da misericordia under the coordination of Dr. Brandão Lira completed his training in general surgery and immediately joined the prestigious Hospital Casa de Portugal in the aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery department, there, under the direction of Prof. Ricardo Cavalcanti received his three years of extensive training. when concluded he dedicated his full time on the pursuit of perfection so he made visits and trainings on the most prestigious medical centers in the United States. Such as south western University in Dallas, Texas. The Hunstad-Kortesis center in Charlotte, NC, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, among others.

Dedicated and in love with his profession, a fact demonstrated by his participation in humanitarian campaigns and presentation papers Dr. Clime by definition is a natural born Surgeon.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
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The abdominoplasty is the operation consisting in the removal of excess skin and abdominal fat and in the correction of the muscle flaccidity. This situation of excess skin and relaxation of the abdominal wall is usually occur in patients who have had weight gain and loss later or in women who have had multiple pregnancies. The abdominoplasty get a abdomen flatter, firmer and a more narrow waist.

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Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery
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The surgery of the eyelids, formally known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove fat, excess skin and sometimes muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. The blepharoplasty can correct the laxity of the upper eyelids and bags of the lower, features that can make the eyes look more tired, in some cases the excess skin can interfere with vision. However, blepharoplasty does not eliminate the “crows feet”, other wrinkles or the the eyebrows. Can be done by itself or in conjunction with other aesthetic surgeries of the face, such as a facelift If you are considering the possibility of undergo a blepharoplasty, you will need more than the basic information about the surgery, like when is it indicated, going back to work and your normal life and what results can be expected. so please ask us about the procedure.

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Breast Lift / Mastopexy
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You can be considered a young surgery within the field of plastic surgery, but certainly one that more techniques and modifications have been presented. Born by the need of some patients that they are satisfied with the size of their breasts, but be due to pregnancies, loss of weight of weight or the combined effect of motion and gravity have a drop (ptosis) unwanted breast, because the ligaments and ductwork in the mammary gland is stretched so it descends the breast.

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Buttocks implants
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Considered as part of the boom of the current plastic surgery. Its history started in 1969, so using is initially the same breast implants to increase gluteus, so the results were quite distant from the desired (shape is different and the forces and pressures that the gluteus is subjected are very different to the breast). Another problem of the initial technique was that their placement below the gluteal fat left the prosthesis very exposed and obvious.

Like everything in medicine technique evolved quickly, large plastic surgery name embarked on the search for appropriate options, today there are large companies that manufacture these implants highly cohesive silicone gel and with a specific format for the gluteus. Coverage of the implant by muscle provide adequate protection, as well as prevent it being evident.

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Facelift (Rhytidoplasty)
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Perhaps one of the techniques that evolved from most dramatically is the rhytidoplasty, because although the history of the facial procedures can be traced back to the documented history of plastic surgery in India at least the year 500 a. C. when public Sushruta the Sushruta Shamita, who was the precursor to the front flap to reconstruct the nose; that we know today as the Indian flap and remains in use. Due to that the nose was considered as a component of reputation and respect, therefore it was frequent amputating the nose, or ears to punish criminals and to the inhabitants of peoples defeated in a war. It is only in the growth of the cosmetic surgery and treatments for facial rejuvenation that the Rhytidoplasty gives a huge leap. Evolve quickly and novel supported by science and by big names of the plastic surgery.

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Without any doubt one of the most popular procedures and with the greatest influence on modern aesthetic medicine. Invented by the Italian gynecologist Dr. Giorgio Fischer but disclosed and used for cosmetic purposes for the first time by Dr. Gerard Yves Illouz of France in 1977, who docked a cannula and introduced the continuous movement used until today. The technique has undergone major changes since its introduction mainly in regard to cannulas, vacuum cleaners, anesthesia, technology as well as more precise indications. However, there is no doubt that the greatest evolutionary leap occurred in 1985 when the dermatologist Jeffrey Klein invents the tumescent liposuction or wet method that we know today as hidrolipo.

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Mammary implants (Breast Augmentation)
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The history of the mammary implants is most occurred rarely example of as the science and medicine is a perfect marriage. When we study the evolution of this procedure we see that although the first increase mamoplastia was brought in 1895 by Czerny who transferio a lipoma (benign tumor of fat) to correct a volume defect. The rapid evolution of the skill is a result of the effort of the science in combination with the medicine.

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    ingrid carvajal

    Even though doctor Clime is a young praticioner, his professionalism and dedication impacted me. I will definitely recommend him.

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