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Luis A. Fernandez Goico


Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DO

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Consultation Fee
$80. Consultation cost is deducted from the procedure cost.

Awards and Recognition
RealSelf Top Doctor

Hospital Privileges
Dr. Fernandez has hospital affiliations at Plastimedic.

Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), 2006

Post-Medical School Training
General Surgery, Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2010
Plastic surgery, Pitanguy Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013

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    Here are the reasons why I chose Dr. Fernandez Goico:
    1) His tummy tuck and breast life without implants pictures.
    2) His education-- he studied in Brazil with Dr. Pitanguay, who is known as the father of modern plastic surgery, and he did a clinical rotation at Harvard. Call me a snob, but that matters to me!
    3) He's young, and establishing his practice. That means he has more time for each patient, and sees each patient as a person.
    4) In his first email response to my pictures, he talked to me about my weight loss, what I wanted to do, my options, and asked me questions. NO other doctor I contacted did that. They all just sent me a quote, some of them for procedures I didn't even ask for!
    5) Karel, his assistant, is a gem! She is wonderful!
    6) They both speak English. If you are having surgery in the DR, even if you speak Spanish, too, this is a welcome change!

    Reasons I am happy with my choice:

    1) The after care-- I never felt rushed. I never felt forgotten. He took the absolute BEST care of me!
    2) My results--let's be honest, if he was amazing, funny, and caring, but didn't do a great job, I would not be singing his praises! I LOVE my breasts! I mean really, truly LOVE. And my TT scar is nice and low, and although I have swelling, I can see that my belly is flat and is going to get even more flat. And I have CURVES! Bada-bing!
    3) I have read reviews where people compromised on bedside manner in exchange for results. I have read reviews where people chose based on their rapport with the doctor, and are unhappy with their results. I got bedside manner, rapport, results-- the works! No compromises!

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    He is an ABOVE AND BEYOND AND THEN MUCH MORE kind of person!

    His professional skills go beyond a medicine title. He is a QUALITY DOCTOR AND PERSON!!

    He truly cares for his patients!
    My experience with him has been far beyond what I had imagined or heard.
    He is genuinely an AWESOME PERSON!!

    Because of the way he is , you can see that he surrounds himself with people that have as high patient standard as he does.

    His whole staff is so caring!!

    I wish there was more people and doctors like him!!

    Dr. FG is a blessing to people around him and a tangible sample of what the Hippocratic Oath was suppose to be all about!!


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    Dr. Goico spends all the time he needs to in order to give you the best result. His bedside manner is the best and his follow ups cannot be beat! Moreover, he has a truly amazing staff that will make you feel right at home. :)

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    Dr. Fernandez Goico is an excellent surgeon. He is attentive to all your needs. He takes his time no matter how many patients are waiting at his office. He makes you feel comfortable and he is extremely gentle. That's what made me love him even more.

    Walking through the door of his office puts your mind at ease. The ambiance, smell, decor and his lovely assistant makes you feel welcomed and worry free. I've seen other plastic surgeons, and none of them made me feel the way Dr. FG did. He has wonderful bedside manners, patient, and extremely skilled. I am more than satisfied with my result, and happy I went to him. I also like that he keeps in touch with you after the procedure. He feels concerned and you can call/text at any time of the day, and he replies without an attitude or rushing you to get off the phone. I would definitively recommend him without hesitance. Dr. FG rocks!!!!! :)

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    Dr. Fernandez is a very caring surgeon who has a gift of not only getting excellent results but making his patients feel secure, pleased and most importantly, in professional hands. I have recommended him two several friends of mine and they have also had a great experience with him. I have nothing negative to say, but endless positive things to express about my whole journey.

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    From the first contact I had with Dr. FG's office everything has been great. Excellence is seen all over the place, from the clinic itself (Plastimedic) to his assistant Karel, to Dr. FG himself.

    When you hear him describe his technique and how he makes a few things different (and explain why he does so) you notice you're in the hands of a true artist, and that's exactly how I feel now, like a piece of art. :D

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    I started out with Dr. Diaz. There was one other doctor that I very much wanted to do my surgery more than that of doctor Diaz. Well my first choice recently replied and had lost his server hence; all of my information as well. Once back in contact with him everything was as I had expected and I made the decision to change doctors. I stand to lose my $300 deposit and asked if it could be transfer to someone else but I was told no that was not possible. I guess just another way to make you pay for changing doctors... I am a believer that things work out for a reason and I also believe it was meant for this doctor : Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD. to be my surgeon. Just a note to others the price given does not include my travel and any other expenses for things that I need to prepare for my trip and stay in Santiago Dominico, Dominican Republic

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    My Dr. was Luis Dr. Luis Alejandro Fernandez Goico. His office and area of operation is in the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I arrived a day before my surgery and I must say I have never felt so much humanity from a Dr before. He took his time to explain to me the pros and cons of the surgery he gave me his own opinion on what I wanted to do from a Drs perspective. After my surgery he did every single thing possible so my post surgery recovery would come out as planned. I must say it is very difficult to find a Dr. that will satisfy every one of a persons needs or desires, but I can tell you ladies Dr. Goico will not let you down and will treat you like a human not just another patient. I cannot explain in words how grateful I am with Dr. Goico. I am 101% satisfied with the outcome of my surgery.

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    I was very satisfied. He is a doctor that tends to each patient with care and his full attention. He's a great doctor and has very good staff. I was pleased and will definitely continue to go to him. I really recommend him with eyes closed!!

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    Dr. FG is this surgeon you would normally find in an ER or Greys Anatomy series and the type of doctor you simply think is too good to be true (if you meet him, you'll understand what I mean). He's very meticulous and has very gentle hands. He explained everything before the surgery and kept it very real when it comes to expectations, even though I believe he went beyond my idea of a great result.

    Karel, his practice manager is simply amazing. She guided me through this whole process and just made everything much easier.

    I completely recommend him! If you're thinking about having plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, do not even think about anyone else!

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    Dr FG is one of the best doctors in DR. He is so awesome. He greets you with a hug and a smile every time you see him. One thing that stood out to me was he is very personal. He speaks very good English. He takes his time with you. He explains everything from A to Z. After speaking with him I was so comfortable about getting my surgery done. My tummy tuck scar looks amazing that was another reason I choose Dr FG. I recommend him to those who are looking forward to go to DR for surgery. I am now almost 3 weeks post op and he is still checking on me. It felt great to wake up to text from your Dr checking on me. He gets two thumbs up!!!!

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    Dr. FG is one of the best professionals in his field. He is intelligent, detail-oriented, caring and overall a great surgeon. He has great credentials and is passionate about his job. He uses his expertise not only to make a living, but moreover to give back to his community by providing his services to those less fortunate, such as his recent participation in Operation Smile, bringing smiles to children with cleft lip. Dr. FG is a one of a kind plastic surgeon, I would undoubtedly recommend him.

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    Sarah Del Mar

    I had my first appointment 1 day before surgery and after reading so many great things about Karel the girl at the front desk, when I walked in she was as friendly, sweet and beautiful as all the other patients wrote! She just has this aura around her and makes you feel great as soon as you walk in. The office is posh and clean.

    Dr.Goico was on point, extremely personable and polite. He spent at least two hours with me in the first consultation talking about everything; risks, what I'm looking for, what I can expect all of the things. We did blood work and a test on the EKG. He also told me he would sit me up at least three times during surgery-that's how they can see the implant placement for how you and the world will see it. Most doctors only do it once at the end from what I've researched.
    About the anesthesiologist, They hold your life in their hands you want to know that there practiced and that the doctor respects and likes working with them. In my case when I contacted Dr.Goico he had told me that was one of the reasons why he choose to work at the clinic that he does -because the anesthesiologist is practically overqualified and actually works most days doing heart transplants a far more technical job than surgeries of breast augmentation. This made me feel very reassured.
    The day of surgey I was nervous but when I got to the clinic it just so nice and clean Dr. G kind of has a Superman/Clark Kent thing going on, he looks very sharp behind his desk and then the day of surgery he comes out looking like a super hero Ninja surgeon)
    Another point that I loved about the Dr. Goico was that he wanted to see me almost every day after my surgery for the first 10 days. I received the lymphatic drainage massages when I would go in and just having your surgeon tell you that everything is going good is very comforting. I know it wouldn't have been like that had I decided to do it in the states.
    For the results I wanted Dr. Goico was amazing and very informative makes you feel very comfortable, I would absolutely recommend him to any of my friends who are considering the plastic surgery. I will add that day or night he has email and he answers. If you don't have a phone on island he has a company phone to lend you! Talk about 5 stars!
    Another client said it best: "When you hear him describe his technique and how he makes a few things different (and explain why he does so) you notice you're in the hands of a true artist, and that's exactly how I feel now, like a piece of art."

    Thanks Dr Luis A. Fernandez Goico

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    DR. Luis Fernandez Goico was the best decision I ever made. He is so understanding, sweet and so perfectionist.He is with you all in all the process pre and after surgery. couldnt be happier. the best in DR

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    Dr. FG is one of those precious gems you just feel that it's simply too good to be true: very informative, always available (literally always!), and truly involved with his patients. His work speaks for himself, and I am happy that websites like this can reveal his talent so that people can hear about him. Warning: he's pretty young (and looks even younger) but don't let that fool you, he's top of the notch.

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    Dr. Fernandez Goico is an excellent young surgeon, that treated me like a princess and made this Surgical Experience a walk in the park! I highly recommend him and his whole staff!

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    Dr. FG and his crew were incredible and treated me like a princess. I felt taken care of at all time. He's very professional and explained everything to me before my surgery. Something I totally want to mention is that he is ALWAYS available, no matter when and that made me feel very comfortable.

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    Dr. Fernandez Goico is an excellent surgeon, who is and was always available. He got some real artist hands. God bless him!

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    Dr. Luis Fernandez is a great plastic surgeon. He is a artist and a science man: PERFECT COMBINATION!!!! God bless his hands!

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    His quote was detailed, personalized and thorough. He answers all of my questions with knowledge and patience. I would recommend him without hesitation. He is one of the kindest, hardest working doctors I have ever met. When you are his patient he knows you and makes you feel valued and well cared for.

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    Dr Luis Fernandez Goico is everything that all the reviews here (everyone is glowing with accolades) say and more. When choosing a surgeon, as a health care professional myself, I know how important it is to have the best pre op care (nutrition and supplements and exercise), surgical expertise and communication with doctor and staff, and aftercare aftercare aftercare!

    Dr Goico is a - I'm having difficulty describing him here because I can't find words good enough to describe how highly I think of him - so let me start with what is most important to all of us- his surgical skills and knowledge and experience - he is the best of the best. He is a perfectionist. A key to this is his ability to communicate by making you feel at ease and comfortable in communicating your heart's desire for how you'd like your body to look and then he will tell you the truth- how much can really be done to give you that ideal- and whether it can be achieved in one surgery or if you will need to break it down into phases- because he is not focused on his income - he is focused on making you beautiful without taking unnecessary risks in your life. I cannot believe how many women are so cavalier about the risks they take when they make the decision to go for the gold...these Mommy Makeovers are serious business- I don't mean to patronize but I have read hundreds of stores here in preparation for mine and the risks that some of these women take is really scary - we all know about the perhaps well meaning but consequentially deadly decisions some of the docs have made and wound up botching a woman's body if not their very I am doubly grateful that Dr Goico prays before each surgery for The Great Physician to use him to do His work on each of us.

    And let me tell you, Dr Goico is like a young lion- fiercely protective of his patients- if you have any questions or concerns or fears, do not hesitate to message him on his WhatsApp...because he always has a ready ear and heart for his patients.

    And finally, I really appreciate that he only works with those he trusts to care for his patients. From his personal staff, his angel Karel (she really is an angel- so sweet and as beautiful on the outside as she is in the inside), to the nursing staff at the surgery center he operates out of, to the aftercare facility that he personally recommends, Arelis Recovery House (he has a wonderful relationship and mutual trust and respect with her - and with me staying here as I state in my review time and time again I can understand why)- if you choose Dr Luis Fernandez Goico, you will not only be thrilled with your outcome as I am, but you will feel safe and be taken care of with the best care all around possible!

    If you have any questions, please contact me anytime! And if you'd like updates on my progress please follow me as I will be updating photos frequently. And I will be having my breast lift and augmentation and rhinoplasty to complete my Mommy Makeover as well! Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I pray everyone has a beautiful and safe outcome! God bless! xoxoxo!

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    Dr. FG is simply a one of a kind surgeon. His bedside manners and the dedication he gives to his patients is simply out of the ordinary. I don't only recommend him as the best surgeon in DR, but as a top doctor worldwide.

    He is also surrounded by excellence. Karel and the rest of his team simply go beyond their duties to make you feel special, cared and safe.

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    Best and safest Doctor in Dr. Excellent, upscale office, professional staff, and work speaks for itself

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    Bingnia diaz

    I was looking for my doctor and i found Dr Luis A Fernandez Goico backround just perfect, i contact him by email and answer right away, he answer all my questions, and had constant comunication since day one with me.
    Very professional, and very nice as a person.
    He's staff are so nice, and treat me like a princess ;) the day of the surgery everything was just at time and i spend the night in the clinic (beautiful clinic by the way) very clean and modern!
    My recuperation are very nice, i feel almost no pain, and look beautifuuuuulllll ;)))
    I really recomend doctor Fernandez Goico, you wont regreat, the results are just amazing!!!
    I will defenetly return to him in the future to other procedure of any kind!
    Thank you so much Dr Fernandez you are the best!!!!!!

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    Dr Fernandez-Goico is funny and warm, approachable, honest, and extremely meticulous. He's very human and humble despite his amazing looks and even more amazing abilities. When he explains what you need or what he did, it's with exacting detail, and it becomes very apparent he deeply considers every move. He said he has a passion for surgery, and I think you can see this is all his results, most more substantial than mine.

    The staff is wonderful and the facilities are clean. Karel is amazingly helpful, and when I teased him about how Karel keeps everything under such good control, Dr FG joked, "My wife can leave me but Karel can't leave me."

    His fees are unbelievable for the quality of care and artistry your body receives. It's very helpful that most things are included: labs, urinalysis, chest X-ray, EKG, overnight hospital stay, anesthesiologist, and compression garment (aka faja, aka torture device :-). They also have a couple of drivers. Please remember to tip them, as well as Ana the lymphatic therapist.

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    Best plastic surgeon in the world! If my girl ever needs something, I won't hesitate to take her to him. Cool guy, not stuck up doctor. Very dedicated and explained me every step of the way. I felt confident from the very beginning. This rocket is just launching!!!

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    A+++++ for Dr. FG and his crew! An incredible surgeon with top skills! Gave me exactly the size and type of breasts I was looking for!

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    lamimi 45

    Tommytuck lipocetion bbl excelente trabajo lo recomiendo con los ojos serrados pendiente en cada momentos un extraudinario equipo de trabajo

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    Dr. Luis Fernandez Goico is a full, honest and with a vocation for plastic surgery that far to see in doctors today. Hope you do not forget me when I turn old lady and need some adjustments. ;)

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    Dr. Goico is a true professional and fluent in English and Spanish. He is blunt and does not sugar coat his words, which I appreciate. He is down to earth, easy to talk to and gives you his undivided attention. You will feel like you are his only patient. Highly intelligently but not socially awkward. Communicated very well and explained everything with lots of details. Excellent and soft bedside manner. A skilled sculptor and perfectionist. Overall had an excellent experience. Highly recommend him!

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    Dr. FG is an excellent plastic surgeon who listens and takes the patient's opinion and desires very much into consideration. He understood perfectly which were my expectations and fulfilled them with exact precision.
    His office: flawless, you notice exquisite decor and just plain neatness.
    The clinic and staff: very professional and modern.

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    My Consultation with Dr. Luis has been clear and straight forward. I found him honest and expectations are clearly spelt out. He has responded to all my questions and answered them to my satisfaction. It is very clear to me that he has my welfare and best interest at heart. Now I have met and been treated by Dr. FG I can tell you he has a very plesant personality and is easy to talk with. He is the kind of person you want as a friend - dependable and consistent. His level of care is not only at the begin but all through. He is very good looking and it may sound like all the ladies are in love with him. Believe me his personality is so great that when you met him his looks pale into the background. He want his patients to have direct access to him and provides a mobile phone after surgery with his number already saved - no middleman.
    If I had to do this again the only change would be I would not wait to 2015 but done it by 2013 latest
    He is excellent.

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    I need t give a full review when I get back to the states. I am so happy I picked Dr. Fernandez Goico. He is awesome, knowledgeable, and knows all the new up to date plastic surgery techniques. All the 5 stars I rated him are actual, he is always there for you. His secretary, Karel, makes you feel like you are the only patient he has, that is how sweet and professional she is.

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    As I mentioned before, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a plastic surgeon: someone who was discrete, who would err on the side of being conservative, who had a deep appreciation for aesthetics in everything they did, obsessive attention to detail and slightly perfectionistic tendencies. The fact that Dr. Fernandez Goico studied at the Pitanguy Institute was a clear indication to me that he is deeply committed to his work and to professional excellence in his field.
    Dr. Luis Fernandez Goico’s website, office and demeanor, both in person and via email were all very strong indicators to me that he would be the best fit for me. The excellent, clean, modern design of the office, the thoughtful selection of the smallest details like the kind of paper stock he chooses for his business cards, the wallpaper in his consultation bathroom, the cups and saucers that coffee is served to his clients in—all of these details were signals to me that he had the mindset that I was looking for in a surgeon.
    Dr. Fernandez Goico really shines, though, in after-care. He is rigorous, disciplined and steady and he expects the same from his clients. He uses only the massage practitioner that he works with in his practice. He has opinions on everything from the types of tubes used for drainage to the best post-surgical garment brand for his clients.
    The last thing I want to say about Dr. Fernandez Goico is that he manages to be as precise and exacting as I have described—but he is also incredibly warm and comforting. Surgery of this nature is serious. You will be in stitches. You will be uncomfortable. You will be tired, but unable to sleep. You will be prodded and poked when you want to be left alone. You will have to ask for help to go to the bathroom. You will, at some point, be in tears. You will wonder why in the world you decided to do this to yourself. In short, Shit. Gets. Real. And in those moments, there is no doctor I would rather have by my side than Dr. Luis Fernandez Goico.

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    Dr Fernandex Goico is the best. Read my full review for details. I have given him a 5 because he is above expectation. His work is a master piece, the aftercare & follow up is phenomenal and the price un-believable this is the best kept secret.

    His Bedside manner amazing. Checked and monitored my progress all through.
    He answered all my questions and made himself available to me 24 hours. I had a phone to reach Dr. FG anytime of the day and he responded immediately. He answered all my questions and explained the process I was about to undergo the risk and implications. He also explained how I should prepare for surgery and what to do after surgery.

    After care process is the best his nurse came to the recovery home to massage me and dress the incisions even on a Saturday. He responded to my calls when I had questions regardless of the time. He actually gives all his patients a phone to be able to reach him at any time.

    Dr FG treats all his patience with care and makes them feel very special. He is very observant and would ask questions. You do not feel rushed out of the office Dr. FG and his employee’s treats the patience with a high level of care.
    The payment process was straight forward western union deposit to hold my spot and I paid the balance the day I arrived DR.

    Dr FG staff are very professional caring and respond like lighting that is exactly what I tell Karel. I sent her an email on Saturday night expecting a response on Monday she responds within 5 minutes.
    Dr FG service is in a class of his own. His employees Karel is exceptional. His service has no rival because it is in a class of its own. It is above expectation. His after care is in a class of its own. I was given a phone so I can reach the Dr. at anytime. And he responded to my calls in less than 20 minutes all the time.

    Do not be deceived that he is in Dominican Republic. The kind of service I received from him you will need to be a Hollywood star to receive such service in the states. The surgical center is 3 years old with the state of the art equipment. I am very happy with the work done and would do it again in a heart beat.

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    Muy amable, simpático y te hace sentir cómoda. Aparte de que sí necesitas algo o tienes preguntas siempre esta disponible 24/7.

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