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As one of his many pleased patients stated, “Dr. Redondo is simply amazing!” Luis Eduardo Redondo, M.D. has established an outstanding reputation for excellence in plastic surgery. In addition to his proven surgical skills and experience as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, he is well known by patients to be ethical, compassionate and caring. Patients travel from all over the globe to seek Dr. Redondo’s care and advice.

Combining the utmost in expertise, natural aesthetics and care with an obvious passion for plastic surgery, Dr. Redondo consults with patients from all around the world at his Punta Cana and Puerto Plata offices, designed for comfort and convenience in an elegant, confidential setting, located on the bests and safest hospitals in the area. He and his staff are dedicated in helping you make a confident, well-informed decision in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Redondo’s priority has always been the safety of his patients, that’s the reason he prefers to perform his procedures at the Centro Medico Punta Cana and Centro Medico Bournigal, both state-of-the-art American standard facilities, where advanced surgeries are performed on a daily basis.

Luis Eduardo Redondo, M.D., is board certified by the Dominican Board of Medicine CMD, Associate member of the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery SODOCIPRE, and an associate member of the ISAPS International Society of aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Redondo graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, where he earned his Medical degree. His residency program in General Surgery was completed on the Hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and his Plastic Surgery residency was performed on the Hospital São Lucas da PUC-Rs in Porto Alegre, Brazil, with various of the top plastic surgeons worldwide including the ex-president for the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, CBCP, Dr. Pedro Martins and the ex-president for the International Society of aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ISAPS, Dr. Carlos o. Uebel.

Dominican Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SODOCIPRE) International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAP)
Awards & Recognition
RealSelf Top Doctor
Hospital Privileges:
Dr. Redondo has hospital affiliations at Centro Medico Bournigal (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic), Centro Medico Punta Cana (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic).
Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: Pontifica Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra PUCMM - STI , Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Post-Medical School Training/Residencies:
General Surgery, Hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Plastic Surgery, Hospital San Lucas da PUC-RS, Porto Alegre Brazil

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    Dr. Redondo was so kind from beginning to end of the process. His staff were always trying to accommodate me and my needs, super professional.

    I had an breast lift and implants. I'm in love with them and super happy with the results.

    Dr. Redondo's installations were super clean and impressive with the organization.

    I recommend everything with Dr. Redondo.
    Thank you so much for everything and may blessings for you.

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    I have always hated my nose since really young, it just looked that it didnt belong to my face, even my friends in school bullied me with my nose. As soon as I had the money I just knew that I had to do it.

    Even that this is an expensive procedure for a student I knew that if I look hard enough I would find the right surgeon that can fit my budget but also knows what he is doing.
    Dr. Redondo answer one of my questions from Realself and since that I started exchanging e-mails with him. He understood exactly what bother me and explained me what was needed to fix it. I only have one month from my surgery and even that is completely swollen and he says that I will not see my results before 3 months I really love how is looking. You really can notice that he is a nose specialist.

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    Heading to DR feb 1st for TT and BA with Dr. Redondo in puerto plata.
    I have always been a thin girl ( im currently 5'8 129 lbs) but over the years and two big babies via c section later and just plain belly has lost its elasticity, giving a wrinkly appearance in my mid section.
    I have always been healthy weight, active and worked out lifting for over 18 years. I am not fanatical about it but enjoy the routine and core/ muscle benefits.
    Ive tried a few non invasive methods to "tighten" my ab skin ( thermage and coolsculpting) but neither provided me with great results. It was at this point 3 months ago i decided to investigate surgical options which really was the only option left to permanently and satisfactorily get rid of my wrinkly belly.
    I didnt really want people to know i was doing this..i guess im not entirely sure why other then most of my family and friends think im "in great shape and thin" so i why mess w that? Im doing this for ME.
    I decided to look outside the country to find a reputable board certified doc to perform my surgery so i could travel vacation and voila come back fixed up :). I looked many places..cuba, mexico, and settled on DR. After researching and reviewing docs i went with Dr. Luis Redondo. He has been wonderful to communicate with and answered all my questions. Since i am travelling solo i opted to stay 17 days at the recovery house there. Dr Redondo had his assistant Yamilka contact me directly to arrange details of my stay. She will be picking me up at the airport taking me to all my appts preparing my meals and staying with me for my aftercare surgery. I will have my in person consult jan 30 and 31st w Dr. Redondo and then surgery Feb 1st. Still not sure what kind of tt i will, modified or full..and will need to assess breast implant sizing. Im a 34A now so want just a little bit more for some oomph :) im think between 175 and 250cc which i know is quite small..but i feel that would best suit my frame and lifestyle..will see what doc thinks and will let y'all know what i decide! Getting anxious but excited as the surgery is coming up fast. Ive modified my diet a bit ( i already eat pretty clean) to include kefir probiotics and 1200 mg vit c daily. I am going to start my arnica 200c tabs few days before and both arnica and bromelein after to see if that helps recovery. Thanks to all of you who posted details of your journey. I have gained much insight as to what to expect and feel confident Ill get through this with great results as many of you can atest to. Will update once i have more to report.

  • Luis Eduardo Redondo, M.D.


    I took the plunge and went to Dr L Redondo for male breast reduction, going just by reviews on the internet. I must say Dr Redondo and his staff (Yamelka) are very professional and caring in regards to patient care.
    The Clinic that he uses has state of the art technology and trained staff ( so no need to worry).
    my surgery was done on the 11/16, completed with minimal pain and scares, however I will be going back for a revision on 2/14. I will keep you guys posted and I highly recommend Dr Redondo.

    my blog page will be going live on 3/18 I will keep you updated for info please me a direct message.

    PS i will post before and after pictures after my surgery.

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    A couple of month ago, Dr. Luis Redondo performed rhinoplasty on me and I must admit it was a pleasant experience, not at all traumatic or painful, the way he explained everything before the surgery gave me peace of mind and confidence from the start. After the surgery, I was not sent home until the doctor felt everything was better than ok and working 100%. My recovery was a short week that consisted of not looking in the mirror, following doctor instructions and lots of rest. I never suffered nose or face. The doctor was there when I needed him, he answered my calls anytime and my messages for whatsapp, he showed he cared about me and how I felt and that made me feel comfortable and secure.
    If you are considering getting your nose done, come down to Puerto Plata and in just one week you will have fast but good results. Doctor Luis Redondo office is in an excellent location within a top medical establishment, Centro Medico Bournigal in Puerto Plata, a living safe surgery and everything looks clean and very good preparation. Now I think I'll work on prepping for the next job.

    Hace casi dos meses el Dr. Luis Redondo me realizo una rinoplastia, fue una muy buena experiencia, no fue traumatizante ni dolorosa, sus trabajos son muy naturales y explico todo muy bien desde antes de la operación. El doctor me dio tranquilidad y confianza desde el principio. En mi recuperación nunca sufrí de dolor en la nariz o la cara, fue una semana de no verme al espejo, pero de ver resultados rápidos muy buenos. El doctor Redondo siempre contestaba mis llamadas a cualquier hora y mis mensajes por whatsapp, siempre se preocupaba por mi y como me sentía y eso me hacia sentir cómoda y segura.
    Si estas pensando en una cirugía de nariz quédate solo una semana en Puerto Plata y tendrás todo hecho. el consultorio de el doctor esta en un excelente lugar dentro del mejor centro medico de Puerto Plata, Centro Medico Bournigal, con una sala de cirugía segura y se ve todo limpio y con muy buena preparación. Luego de la cirugía el doctor no te envía a la casa de una vez hasta estar seguro de que este todo bien.
    Ahora solo pienso que sera lo siguiente que me haré en el cuerpo. =)

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    El Dr. es una excelente persona,muy profesional, desque que lo conoci me inspiro total confianza. Hablamos de mi procedimiento el me envio hacer los analisis correspondientes y visitas a los Doctores Cardiologo y Anestesiologo para ver que todo estuviera bien. Luego que el revisara los resultados de los analisis y verIficara que no hubiera problema, pautamos la fecha de la Cirugia y el pago. Tengo que decirles que su equipo de trabajo es muy profesional, dedicados, con experiencia. me senti muy bien con el resultado, 100%. Ahora me siento segura y muy bien con mi cuerpo.

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    Doctor Luis Redondo is great I felt really safe because he took the time to explain every detail of the operation specially when it came to my recovery, i was trying to do it in a short period of time and he deny to do this operation unless i follow his instructions and that gave me confidence to trust because he showed that he cared. Men usually don't give in to this type of procedure but if i had to do it again i wouldn't think twice.

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    Dr. Redondo was awesome, he was just as excited as I was. He made me feel super comfortable. He wanted to do what was best for me to get optimum results. He prefers to go under the muscle, but based on my over-active lifestyle he decided it was best to go over the muscle. When deciding the size, we started with smaller implants to try on, and we went slightly larger until he could see the smile on my face. I was worried about having two different sized breasts, so he actually ordered four implants to try on me until they looked perfect. Throughout everything, Luis was amazing. We were able to connect with him via "Whatsapp" with any questions or concerns prior to, and even after the surgery. I couldnt have picked a better plastic surgeon for myself.
    Also, from the time I called to book my consult, to the day of surgery, was only 2 weeks! I dont think you will find a better wait time. And the staff at the hospital were awesome. Made me feel super comfortable and excited!

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    En un excelente Doctor, muy profesional, muy buen trabajo. me encanto

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