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Dr. Rafael E. Estévez
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Dr. Rafael E. Estevez H. is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, board certified to perfom plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic. He's a member of the Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SODOCIPRE), dominican affiliate of the Ibero-latinamerican Federation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FILACP) and of the International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), the latter being the world's largest organization of certified plastic surgeons.

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    My entire experience with Rafael E. Estevez Hernandez, MD was extraordinary. He is quick to respond to questions & I found him to be professional, friendly & welcoming. I highly recommend Dr Estevez. He did an amazing job on my body so far and I look forward to seeing the results as the days go by!

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    He's the best...not to mention very attractive(sorry...just had to say this)..
    He's a perfectionist and very good at what he does....am beyond happy with my results and am glad I trusted my choice and better I trusted my friend who's been with him twice now....Thanks Doc....

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    Dr. Rafael Estevez
    I could never ask for such a great doctor. He knew how to reasonably sculpt my body according to what I already had, i.e. the amount of fat and what my body could handle. He completely cares about his patients and consciously maintains a genuine relationship with his patients. He speaks excellent English and he makes every effort to make sure your at ease with your decisions and the end results. I would definitely go back!

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    Such a caring wonderful doctor, listens to you and MAKES IT HAPPEN FOR YOU... He will change your life positive. My sister Morgan6 and my friend and I have only had surgery from him..all of us mommy package and more with outside results... Miracle hands the the is a perfection.

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    Prior to me making my decision to go with Dr. Estevez, I had contacted 4 of the most prominent Aesthetic doctors in Dom. Rep and sent them all, my medical history along with my photos. All of them just responded with prices on the procedures I wanted done. Dr. Estevez was the only doctor that responded with a concise response. He addressed my medical issues, my medicine and prior surgeries. He told me that I had to see an Endocrinologist for my thyroid problem and get clearance, need to stop certain medication prior to surgery due to problems with bleeding and discussed general anesthesia due to my back problem. He always responded to my emails and answered my phone calls. I saw interviews on Youtube of him and he captivated me with his confidence and security with which he gave his responses. He explained what I should expect and what he could do for me because of my issues. He will tell you what is realistic for you depending on your body. Bedside manners are the best and every office visit was outstanding. His secretary, Loida, is the best. Highly recommend you go and see Dr. Estevez if you want to have a good outcome. If you want before and after of me, you can email me at anny0262@yahoo.com. God bless this doctor. Ana Betancourt (Anny)

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    Hello guys this is my first time reviewing so please forgive me if I forget anything. I had surgery with Dr. Rafael on March 26, 2013. Our initial contacts were very informative, and he answered all my questions fully. He easily gained my respect and confidence. Upon my arrival in Santo Domingo I met with Dr. Rafael, who was very nice, and at that time he had some labs ran to insure my safety during surgery.

    I had surgery the next day which went great! I wouldn't say there was no pain, but I felt way better than I expected. I had a TT, breast augmentation, and a small amount of lipo. Dr. Rafael also provided a nurse for massages after surgery, and they did help a great deal. I never had any issues contacting the Dr. after surgery for follow-up, and I'm happy with my results already ( even though I know final results appear in a few months).

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    I read about the different surgeries and procedures, other peoples’ experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. My original intention was to get a tummy tuck and breast lift until I discovered the mommy makeover then my heart was set so I started to look at where I would get the work done. I live between the UK and the Caribbean and was drawn to Costa Rica because it was close to the Caribbean and two ladies I met had their surgeries there (and they looked great!) and the UK is far too expensive.
    I started researching surgeons and narrowed it down to three. I contacted two of them, one was slow to respond, seemed uninterested, didn’t offer a quote and just didn’t really give me a good feeling. The other, Dr. Rafael E. Estėvez H. (based in the Dominican Republic) was quick to respond, answered all my questions, gave me a quote for surgery and explained everything I needed to know. I got a good feeling about him so I did more research and found that he has done TV appearances and has an active profile on the realself site which made me more confident and comfortable at choosing him to do my work.

    From the outset he was available to answer my questions very quickly, unless he was in surgery then of course it would take longer but always replied. I went from the Caribbean for my first consultation and had my surgery the following day. I had the mommy makeover which included a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction around my front and back, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction to inner thighs and upper arms. Dr Estėvez had previously explained that I might have to have the breasts and arms done another time depending tests when I got there. As all my tests were good he was able to do it all at once which was great to hear! He was very thorough with his screening and testing, remember that your life is in his hands and he has a reputation to keep so he obviously wants to do a great job. His assistant told me that he has ‘magic hands’ that work miracles, I couldn’t wait to get out of surgery!
    Dr Estėvez is a wonderful surgeon and he does have ‘magic hands’ that work miracles, he worked them on me. He was kind, caring, listened to all my concerns and made me feel comfortable and confident in his care. The morning after surgery he came to check everything was ok for me to leave the hospital and gave me all of the creams and medicines needed for my 10 day stay in the DR. I went to a recovery house with 24 hour care (I can’t recommend this enough, even if you can only afford to stay for 2-3 days, I feel it’s definitely needed).

    Any concern day or night I could text Dr Estėvez directly which was and is still an absolute godsend. He always responds. My 2nd night out of surgery I was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep, I needed more pain relief and ended up contacting him at 2am, he replied instantly. He is always at the end of the phone. I am now 5 weeks post op and back in the UK and he is still available to answer any questions/ concerns. I cannot recommend Dr Estėvez enough, my body is going to be amazing once the swelling has finally gone, his care and aftercare are second to none, and if you need him he’s there. Nothing has been too much trouble for him and he has always been patient and caring, I put my trust in him and am extremely happy with my results so far.

    My partner also had some liposuction done to chest, torso, and back and had his surgery the day after me, he is also extremely happy with his results. I have to mention that we had problems getting there which meant we were delayed by 2 days, Dr Estėvez shifted our surgery date and accommodated us without question. He really is a remarkable man and I cannot recommend him highly enough, not only that the surgery would probably cost 3 or 4 times more in the UK or the US so that’s a double bonus.

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    Best doctor I honestly recommend him. Best prices and best service.

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    God when it comes to being a perfection answer all questions and perform what we wanted and more excellent in his field

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