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Arroyo Hondo II, Santo Domingo, DO

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Doctor Tania Medina has been inclined toward the pursuit of beauty, skin care and the improvement and enhancement of the female form since she began participating in various beauty pageants and was chosen in 2000 as Miss Dominican Republic USA. She also won the Queen International contest and received the title Miss American Continent in 2001. In 2006 she was the first Dominican to be selected as a Miss World finalist, and among the 10 finalists of the Miss Dominican Republic Universe.

When choosing a profession, she decided to enter the School of Medicine of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC) where she graduated with highest honors earning her degree and the title of “Doctor of Medicine” summa cum laude.
She performed an internship and prepared for the National Medical Residency competition at Dr. Salvador Gaultier Hospital, where she earned the highest rating of the year with the highest score ever by any contestant in the competition to that point.
Dr. Tania Medina Collado graduated as a reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon from the prestigious National Residence of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Dr. Salvador Gautier Hospital, where she was recognized by the authorities as one of the top students in her years as resident specialist.

Doctor Medina has performed many international rotations, one of the highlights of which was at the Michoacan, Mexico Lip and Palate Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Morelia. There she was trained in the treatment of pediatric facial abnormalities and learned to give smiles back to children with these problems. In the United States she assisted in rotation at Peck’s Center with Dr. George Peck, renowned surgeon for nasal cosmetic surgery techniques (rhinoplasty) gaining this knowledge and to provide them in our country. He has also made multiple courses of massive weight loss (post bariatric) surgery post, as these cases require special handling.

She has participated in and presented at numerous national and international research conferences and taught in the medical and scientific community, as well as being research advisor of BioIntec. She is a Dominican Medical Association member and candidate member of the Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SODOCIPRE).

Today the doctor serves as a plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeon in your post bariatric reconstruction, in the beautiful Center for Plastic Surgery and Liposuction, CECILIP located in Amiama Tio Luis Street (Camino Chiquito) No. 60, Arroyo Hondo, Santo Sunday. She is a part of the Staff of Surgeons National Private Aesthetic Plastic, Reconstructive and Dr. Ivanhoe Baez, and Department of Hospital Dr. Salvador B. Gautier Plastic Surgery.

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    I decided to have my procedures completed by Dr. Tania Medina as she was one of the firsts Drs. That responded and had availability around the dates that I selected to have my surgery. The communication between Dr. Medina and her assistant/ myself has been great. Dr. Medina also had great surgery outcomes and reviews from others on real self.

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    Since the beginning I knew that I was and good hands because I saw how she says no to patients that were not in good condition to do everything they wanted even when they had the money to do it. She was clear about what she was going to do and was there for everything I needed it. After the surgery she saw me every three days and performed all the cures herself. She even sent the tissue that was remove from my breasts for biopsy and found a pre maligning lesion on both of my breast that I'm now taking care of and I will be always thankful for that. She is a great person and you can definitely trust her and as a woman she understands.

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    Dr. Medina answered all my questions in a timely manner, she took her time explaining the procedures and showed pride and dedication to her skills. Professionalism at its finest.....

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    body of a goddess27

    Thank you Dra.Medina you have changed my life your hands are a gift from God it was a beautiful experience I love my new body and yes the booty is popping lol :)

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    She's a great person. She has a incomparable heart and she's always taking care of her patients all the time. She's so sincere and she always told me what was the best for me. She's a great surgeon. The emails was answered to me super fast! She called me a hundred of times and also, answered all my questions before and after my surgery!

    I just love her, She's the best!

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    Dr. Medina is a very caring, professional, beautiful and experienced P.S. Her staff was amazing and courteous , she was very responsive with communicating, and her clinic and rooms were extremely clean and modern. Also the recovery house she recommends my home really made me feel like home. I miss the girls already. I felt so comfortable with her I felt in my heart she was the right choice after researching numerous doctors in the u.s and dr. I took a chance flying from the Bahamas despite everyone elses fears and return in one peace with a better body. I have absolutely zero regrets with this Doctor here I love love LOVE my new body and so does everyone else. Thank you Dr. Medina

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    Dr. Medina is an amazing caring person. Cannot wait to have my surgery done by her :)

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    Tania is a perfect doctor the best , in my operation I didnt feel any pain at all . The nurses and dr tania where check in on me every 5 minutes . I recovered like in no time . I love her and her group of nurses n coworkers they made me feel like I was home.you that are reading this and feel like u dont like yourself or dont like something about your body and you dont find a solution , or the right doctor .I recommend her wit my eyes close . Dont wait just do it .

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    Dr. Medina is a beautiful person who made me feel confident about my procedure. She was very caring and makes her patients her priority. I wanted one of the best doctors and I can tell you myself that Dr. medina is the one I would highly recommend.

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    Dra. Medina is a caring doctor. She went above and beyond to take care of me while in the Dominican Republic and I'll forever be grateful. I am in love with my results. She really sculpted my body and I instantly saw a major change in my shape. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery cause I can't wait to see my final results. Tania Medina is awesome!

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    I don't have no words to describe Tania cause she is everything amazing, so professional and friendly at the same time. Dr. Tania text me thru whatsapps everyday to find out how I'm doing thank her I feel better and sexy.

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