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Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DO

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Dra. Walkiris Robles - Plastic Surgeon
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Personal Statement

Im glad to make dreams come true.

Dominican Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SODOCIPRE)

Consultation Fee
Free if you mention GloboMD when you call or email us

Awards and Recognition
Professional Recognition:
Guest speaker for many scientific works, Congresses on Traumatology, General, Chest and Plastic Surgery
Recognition, U.S Southerd Command Advisory Assistance Group in Dominican Republic

Hospital Privileges
Dr. Robles has hospital affiliations at CECIP Hospital .

Undergraduate & Medical School
Undergraduate: Universidad Primada de America (UASD)

Post-Medical School Training
Residency: Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hospital Salvador B. Gautier
Memberships: Plastic Surgery (FILACP)

Blog Posts and Articles

Hyperbaric Oxygenation an Essential Complement After Plastic Surgery
There are many complete aids for a fast recovery in plastic surgery, the most important is always that the patients always follows the instructions of your Doctor. Hyperbaric Oxygenation is to provide 100% of pure oxygen, increasing atmospheric pressures above the normal environment, while oxygen is received by the body through breathing.Some Advantages and benefits of Hyperbaric oxygenation:- Quick elimination of pain-Less Swelling and bruising-Avoid the risk of infection by increasing...

Breast Augmentation
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The Breast Augmentation is the placing of mammary implants in order to increase the size of the breasts, as well as achieving a symmetrical appearance of the chest. This is a procedure aimed at enlarging breasts that are naturally small, regain the volume lost after pregnancy or an excessive weight loss or get a better proportioned body and shape.

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Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the common term with which the surgical procedure to correct a flaccid and protruding abdomen is named.
The areas to be treated include the center of the abdomen, and may extend to the whole area between the lower rib cage and the pubic bone or even the sides and the back part. This procedure may include different surgical techniques depending on the result wanted. When the reason for the intervention is localized fat, theliposuction would be the appropriate solution to shape the abdomen.

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Face Lifting (Rhytidoplasty)
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A face lift is a surgical procedure, which technical name is rhytidoplasty aimed at improving the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. These signs are the falling of the middle part of the face which may cause wrinkles below the lower eyelid or between the mouth and the nose. Fat may accumulate or displace or there may be a loss of muscle tone in the chin or jowls. All of these make your face look tired and highlight the defects caused by aging.

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Mommy Makeover
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A mommy makeover is any combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your before-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A typical makeover might include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk. The term “mommy makeover” may be new, but the procedures involved have a long, successful, and safe track record.

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    Robles is the best and most professional doctor , her work is impeccable ! I did a lot of research and she is the one to go to , also even after I have been home for a month , I have contacted her and she responds as soon as possible . Her assistants Laura and Raquel are also very professional and extremely helpful !

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    I choose this provider from much internet/forum research.

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    I choose this doctor based off reveiws on this site and talking with some of her past patients!

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    I did so much research and tried to contact previous patients. I got the answers I needed and made my decision.

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    I chose this doctor because of her tummy tuck pictures! I've never seen better work. It's also affordable and I have been offered great help from her assistant. However, after six months out of surgery I cannot recommend this doctor. I now have a pregnant belly constantly and I swell all the time. I followed instructions and I'm still stuck with a body that I hate. Her follow up after surgery was non existent and it took tons of texts and emails to get a response from her or her assistant. I am so disappointed in this experience.

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    I've been doing research for years but the cost of the surgery was out of my price range, until a few years ago when I saw the special on CNN about people that go overseas to have cosmetic surgery. Then I found this site and it was all that I needed.
    I originally planned to go with Dr. Hernandez but his prices were too expensive and it did not include the recovery house. I also contacted Dr. Hungria whose work and prices are really good (5K). But I ended up going with Dr. Robles, because Raquel is very good about communication and she keeps in contact with me answering all of my questions. Plus I was able to see and talk with women on here that actually had their surgery with Dr. Robles and her work in my opinion is perfect!

    I had to update my profile because the afterware is awful and if you need to come back for any type of revision...you may be ignored!!!

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    Well i gotta be perfectly honest! This place is a disaster! Dr robles and her staff was nice, and some of them looked at you like you have a disease. As far as after care, questions being answered, professionalism, HELL NO!!! Thet speak spanish and 5 percent of english so evenif you say stop it hurts they keep going. Dr. Lara, which is robles assistant is full of shit. She say yes to everything even if its wrong. She stuck me like 7 times trying to find a vien for an iv. (I have good viens and never had problems in the us) she just ainy know wtf she was doing! When i went to have a checkup, she had blood all over her jacket! She also was infront of dr robles and dr robles didnt even have to decentcy to say take it off. The blood wasnt from me!!! Thats nasty. These people toss coins if they wanna use gloves or not. Not literally but sometimes they do sometimes they dont. Dr robles office is a hotmess.net. trash cans running over and its the size of a closet. When they schedule a follow up appt. At 2 you will be waiting 2 hours to see her which will be at 4. My overall experiencewas uunforgettable. Would i recommend?! For a cheap prices yes, but as far as everything else, sanitation, bed side manners, aftercare, professionalism, all the most important things, HELL NO!....It makes me questuon if the equipment used for my surgery was sterile. ....... run people! Save your money and go to a doctor thats in the US! They treat us way better!!!!...... sorry robles team i had to keep it real!

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    I made the decision to choose Dra Wilkiris Robles for the following reasons:

    1)The number of great reviews by previous patients.

    2)The beautiful work that she does. I was able to see by photos that other members posted. I was impressed by her tummy tuck incisions, the locations of them, the healing and particularly the belly bottons. She seems to take a lot of pride in her work and does not just do a basic procedure. Her work is more like art and she appears to be a perfectionist. And that is someone who I would want to do my procedure.

    3)The amount of recovery time included in Dr. Robles all inclusive package. When speaking to doctors in the US, they seem to want to send you home fairly quickly. Some doctor said they’d have you home in hours. I did find one doctor who kept his patients for 24 hours before releasing them to go home and for that reason he was my first choice in my area of Virginia in the US. But when I found out that Dr. Robles keeps you there in a Recovery House for 10 days I really liked that idea. I was far more comfortable knowing that someone would be there who is familiar with the recovery process and would know if anything was not normal or out of the ordinary. I would rather be with someone who knows then to be at home guessing, wondering or worrying about what’s normal or not.

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    I chose the doctor because after reading all the post I think she have a bless hands and has a good team, take care of the patient but mostly to care your health first. Also has very low levels of complaints. My heart tells me that she is my doctor.

    I love, love my doctor she is the best very profesional and has magic hands

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    Relax Recovery Home

    she is the most careful and sweet doctor! She took the time to explain everything that I will expect and also she was very realistic.

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    5 stars!! Only thing i had to wait on my surgery date longer then i thought. I wanted to be operated first thing in the morning but unfortunately my doctor only likes a certain anesthesiology so we had to wait for him to be available!

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    i had surgery with dr robles about a year ago, i have no complaints. She really is a sweet genuine person. and she showed alot of concern for me. It was hard being so far from home. I never left the country before, and i dont know much spanish, and she made me comfortable....She made sure i was ok before the surgery because i was so tired from the flight. i feel as if i made a friend in the Dominican republic. I had enough money to get alot of work done, but i got just the tummy tuck. she was more concerned about my safety over everything else. i plan on going back soon (a year later) to do lipo. is funny to me that i came across this thread.and to see someone taking the same steps i did. there are alot of good doctors in D.R. And she is one of them. Dont think that all the great doctors are only here in the us, the work i see the doctors do in dr seems to be more detailed. and the scars lower and neater. and to whoever thinks her work isint real, just know im a real person. and i have "curves for days" thanks to her. ;-)

    Everything was great, i made some parts 4 only because she was so busy, but in her presence she was great. but even with that. there were always people at the recovery house to help me whan i needed it.

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    Dr. Robles is the best! She is very caring and a perfectionist she will give you the best results possible! I have no complaints at all about her.

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    Dr. Robles is great at what she does, she cares about her patients and shows concern.

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    Not many surgeons invest so much time in caring for their patients. Dr. Robles is definitely the exception. She said to call her cel whenever for whatever, not posible to do with other Drs. So happy, don't regret anything and super happy that I chose Robles.

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    I had an amazing experience. I am super happy with my results and I would have to say this has been one of the if not THE best decision of my life!!!.

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    I found this doctor on Real Self and through word of mouth..

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    I am amazedo clear so I can place by my results. Dra Robles is an excellent surgeon. She truly cares about the well being of her patients. At first I was not sure which surgeon to choose and I started to search on the internet and based on everyone's comments and pictures I decided to go to her. I am glad I chose her.

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    I found out about Dr Robles after reading a few of her patient reviews on real self.

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    Got surgery with Duran 4/19 she's the sweetest nicer lady if met very elegant and down to earth. I changed doctors twice but I don't regret it I did 2days ago when I couldn't breath nor eat or talk I can't barely laugh but time will make me better

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    flatter me

    I decided to go with robles because all her work that I saw was on point ,
    no Mel practice under her name and more so she is a woman so she will understand me better.

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    Lots and lots of research, countless hours reviewing pictures and listening to stories led me to Dr. Wilkaris Robles

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    HAZEL 81

    Research about her office and past patient reviews and pictures.

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    Ms Thang

    This surgeon really takes the time to care for her patients during surgery and after I don't have any regrets. For the price I paid the results are wonderful an well worth the trip. This surgeon is at the top of her game when it comes to estetics she understands the concept of shaping the women's body. Thank you Dr.Robles for all thant you do. V/r Your San Antonio Texas Patient.

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    I choose Dr. Robles because ive seen i work on two of my family member and so far they have no complains..

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    Laura responds well before you get here, while your here its like pulling teeth to get a response. The hospital was hectic and I was basically left to fend for myself. The nurses would turn off the call button and not come. I started my period right after surgery and was left there over night bleeding on myself. They would come in and just throw a sheet at me which had basic translations and I would point to the one that closely described what I needed and they would brush me off. The recovery house and the amazing girls I met here was the only good. I don't care how well my results may turn out. This is not worth it. I should have saved for another year and had it in the states. Yes, other women had amazing experiences, which is why I chose her. I know that I and at least 7 other girls have had a horrible experience. Good luck ladies!

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    I chose this doctor by researching my information here in RealSelf. Also by getting in touch with the ladies that also had surgery with her either by posting comments here or contacting them directly and talking to them about their experience. Bug most of all keeping in touch with Raquel Medina who is the doctors assistant and asking her every question that came to mind. Thankfully she is patient and understanding.

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    I had a very positive, great experience in Dominican Republic with Dr. Robles. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and excellent bedside manners. The cardiologist, and pulmonologist were also very helpful and professional. I'm asthmatic and I loved the fact that Dr. Robles was very proactive, and cautions prior to the procedure to prevent any complications. The technician that took my Xray was a bit rude, but nothing that I haven't seen in the hospitals here. I found the premises very comfortable, clean, and accommodating. Nurses were very attentive and friendly.
    I love the fact that even thought I didn't stay in the recovery house, Dr. Robles was very available and very proactive. I love the fact that Dr. Robles took her time to answer all my questions and explain in detail what are my options. Laura and Raquel were very friendly, and attentive. I love the results, love it! My breasts look freaking great, so natural, and full. My belly is pretty, with the cutest belly bottom. My scar is dark now, but I know it will light up with time.

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    I was supposed to go to Cali, Colombia but I was too scared to go by myself so I delayed and delayed... then I started to look for doctors in Santo Domingo and I found this site and started doing my research and heard about Dr. Walkiris Robles and decided to watch her work... I did for a whole year and I never heard malpractice or negative experiences with her, so I decided she was the doctor for me... and I don't regret choosing her... She's an awesome person and human being... ;)

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