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Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DO

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Dr. Yily De los Santos - Plastic Surgeon
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ABOUT THE DOCTOR Dr. Yily De los Santos is a renowned plastic surgeon, who has established a private medical practice with an equipped staff based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dr. De los Santos studied medical residency of General Surgery, at Hospital Docente Padre Billini, in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, followed by Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive medical specialization, at Hospital Militar Dr. Carlos Arvelo, in Caracas, Venezuela.

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    Dr. Yily is a gifted surgeon and I love her contouring. Some of the best bodies I have ever seen!

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    She is a very professional person and listens to everything you want to ask and very patient with people, and responds fast to your messages!

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    Her ability to sculpt and shape, I love the feminine eye she has for this line of work. Dra. Yily knows how to CREATE WOMANLY coke-bottle figures and sculpts to the heavens. Her bodies are natural, smokingly seductive and sexy in a real type of way. I didn't go to her for her prices, I didn't go to her seeking a complete 180 miracle, and I certainly wasn't searching for a Doc which would baby me through this process. Yily doesn't beat around the bush, she's a realist who happens to also be a sweet, kind but busy woman. If you're good with that, she's GREAT for you. No, I don't work for her, and I don't receive any monetary discounts or benefits/bonuses from her or her office. I'm just a real Broad who writes what's real to me. Good luck!!

    ALSO REFER TO: Njprbeauty and BootyliciousD--
    No matter who your surgeon is, May the Good Lord watch over your journey and bless you with the body of your dreams!!! XoxxoX

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    I almost confirm my surgery with Dr Campos in MX, but his assistant was daily giving different quote for the same procedure.. So I went to MMH and discuss with a lady online and she told me abt Yily, who is reknown for giving small waist and have great result...I came on realself to and found out she is also known here... Im concerned about gettin TT when I never had kids... Will I have complication if I get prego like 3 years after TT?

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    Change my doctor go Duran don't regret it love my results

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    Researching online, from real self posts. will continue to verify all the board certifications

    Dr Yily and dr Robles are verified plastic surgeons on SOCIPRE.

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    Miss Windy City

    Yily was chosen because of her sculpting ability!!!! And Because she is just plain COLD! Her skills is so extravagant!

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    I decided to go with Yily because her work looks amazing plus she's a women and she know what we want.

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    Ensure Addict

    I have received a quote from Dra Yily and I am ecstatic! I am now waiting to hear back regarding my target surgery date (March 1 2013) and I will be ready for the next step.. finding recovery! EEk!


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    On forums, MMH, Realself, Youtube, website, before and after photos.

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    I had a friend recently go to her and I loved her results

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    Dra Yily was a doll. Very humble and sweet. Dra Ana her (right hand) was great as well. I am very happy with my choice. Happy with my results. The office was clean. Everyone was professional. Dra Yily is not mean. She and Dra Ana has a passion for what they do in my opinion. It is not about the money for sure because there were girls who stayed at my RH who were turned away if their health wasn't right. I highly recommned Dra Yily. Just know the country is very different from the US so be sure to be patient, humble, and kind. You have waited this long what is a few minutes, hours, or days to be certain that everything is right?? You are worth it!!

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