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Vida - Calle Brasilia #1 Col. El Paraiso, 4th floor
Tijuana, Baja California, MX

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Dr. Quiroz
Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

With more than 37 years of experience, Dr. Quiroz is a board certified, bi-lingual, bi-cultural international surgeon, licensed in both the United States and Mexico, and has performed thousands of surgeries using the latest techniques.


American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugia Plastica, Estetica Y Reconstructiva, A.C. Fellow, American College of Surgeons (FACS) International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA)

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Awards & Recognition
RealSelf Top Doctor

Undergraduate & Medical School
Undergraduate: National University of Mexico
Medical: Universidad La Salle in Mexico City

Post-Medical School Training
Internship: University Of Miami School Of Medicine
Residency: General Surgery, National University of Mexico
Fellowship: Plastic Surgery, National University of Mexico

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    Chinny123 Nov 02, 2015

    I did some research back when I was looking into getting a lower body lift and found him. My main reason for going south of the border was to save money and it's the only reason I've been able to get this procedure done. Dr. Q is the chief surgeon at Cosmed Clinic and does a wonderful job, he did my LBL and I had great results, I returned to him years later for this procedure and Monsplasty. My exerience has been great, the staff is wonderful and his facility is one of the best surgical facilities I've seen thus far. I'm so glad I found cosmed as it's allowed me to be free of the insecurities I've lived with for so many years. Thank you so much Dr. Q!

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    Rebecaml24 Oct 27, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz is an unbelievably great plastic surgeon. He made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure I was getting. He answered every question I had with assurance. He always answered my calls before and after the surgery, which I thought was great since it was my first time going through this kind of procedure. He was always checking to see how I was doing in the recovery boutique.

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    scar_ Oct 15, 2015

    I'm the queen of disorganization, I arrived late to my procedure and the doctor Staff was very accommodating I was still able to get my procedure done. Shout out to Paulina the patient coordinator is the best!!! She was able to schedule my transportation and even book my reservation at the Marriott. Best experience ever..

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    caesonia Oct 05, 2015

    Quick note to fill in stars. Dr Quiroz has telephoned me to followup on my recovery as well as receiving emails from his staff. Please see my above review of Dr Quiroz.

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    msmelc Oct 04, 2015

    I have known Dr. Quiroz since 2007. I knew from the years of researched- looking for a Dr that specialized in treating post WT Loss patients, that he was the ONLY one that I was going to let do my surgery. My reduction has given me my life back, something that I cannot ever repay Dr. Q for!! Prior to my surgery, I had TONS of questions....even though I researched everything, and had worked in the medical field for nearly 15 years, I still had many questions. Dr. Quiroz took his time to explain every thing that was going to happen, sometimes even repeating things, until I felt completely at ease with my surgery. Dr. Quiroz also knows what will look good, and would not look proportionate for your body. He doesn't give you unreal expectations. Once I was discharged from the hospital, I was checked on by Dr. Quiroz, himself. He emailed me, and called me daily. He remembers things that you talk about, and asks about them later. Every time I see him, he has a big smile and hug. He is so personable, and patient. The Dr. staff is so sweet and caring. I will be having more surgery this year, and I am confident that the experience will be fantastic!

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    barbiegirl21 Oct 03, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz was very honest with the pros and cons of the procedures. I really loved that about him. I did not feel as he was trying to sell me additional procedures. Out of all doctors I met I felt he was the most knowledgeable. Having had a previous bad experience with my previous breast lift I did a lot of research this time around. HE was very easy to get a hold and answer my questions thoroughly. He made me look gorgeous!

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    Bambi Walton Sep 21, 2015

    Third revision to my body lift was a disaster. Two areas to be treated were missed, ultimately had to have my gastric band removed in US due to infection.

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    canj123 Sep 16, 2015

    My body type has always been pear-shaped, and it was my goal to try and create a more balanced silhouette. I researched many surgeons, and had a few consultations in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills before I decided to work with Dr. Alejandro Quiroz. In addition to his impressive credentials, he showed a genuine interest in my concerns and questions. Also equally important to me was finding someone with whom I felt comfortable and could trust. I found all of these qualities in Dr. Quiroz. The outcome of the procedure was better than I expected, and I was also grateful for the care that I received after the procedure. Surgery can be scary, but with a facility as beautiful and COSMED, and a skilled and kind-hearted surgeon, I felt 100% at ease. I would recommend that if you are looking for the best surgeon and the best experience, COSMED and Dr. Quiroz are it!

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    momRN Aug 27, 2015

    Lots of research and credentials with his training helped along with experience. Great Surgeon, absolutely the best nurses and wonderful 5 star recovery boutique. I m so happy I made the right choice, very courteous and professional manner.I know the results are outstanding I allowed the surgeon to make the best choices for me that best fit my body type and not exaggerate or give me an artificial look and he succeeded at that.

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    Katie6030 Aug 21, 2015

    Dr Quiroz is a good surgeon but he sent me home twice without any prescription pain medication and I suffered horribly. I had to pay $120 to go to an urgent care centre 6 days after my second surgery and get a prescription for percocets. I cried and cried due to pain and have no idea why he won't give his patients pain medication post-surgery. I finally got ahold of him THREE days later (on the 4th day) and he called in a prescription for vicodin to a pharmacy in SD. The doc in San Diego said, after I showed him my vicodin prescription, "Yeah this isn't going to do anything for you." and then I landed in the hospital and my team her says the antibiotics he gave me are useless. I am fighting a serious infection!

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    rc5757 Aug 12, 2015

    .The Doctor at first was very kind and was polite throughout. But after surgery at the removal of stitches, very little comments were made from him how things went or what I might expect. Another words very little communication.I wanted to ask him why my right eyelid was noticeably droopier than the left and would this big lump of skin on my neck go away. But he was already out the door letting a assistant remove the rest of my stitches. I had to leave quickly because other people were waiting for me for are ride back over the border, so I got no answers no pictures taken of me of the final result and no appointment.

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    Sonia Rivera Aug 10, 2015

    There are great talented and gifted people at what they do.
    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning - Football
    Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan - US Presidents
    Koby Bryant, Michael Jordan - Basketball
    Dr. Alejandro Quiroz- Mexico's and US Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (Best kept secret!)
    He listens to all of your concerns, has a passion for what he does, makes his professional suggestions. The results are indeed nothing but miraculous and remarkable. I can not thank you and your staff for all of the extraordinary care I have received all of these years.

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    dntorres01 Aug 05, 2015

    Found out about Dr. Quiroz by doing some internet research on out of country plastic surgery.

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    kat77915 Jul 19, 2015

    A friend recommended Dr Quiroz after seeing the results of a lapband surgery he performed. Now that the surgery is completed and I've seen the results so far, I've come to the conclusion that he works in a more organic, natural way. I felt like part of the process, not just someone on the assembly line. He asked me what I was looking for and together we worked out the plan on how those goals could be achieved.

    I was made to feel welcome and important in their facility by all the staff. I feel like he was so professional yet had such a personal touch that was so different than most doctors I meet. We talked about things other than my plastic surgery. Basically, I got to know him as a person. So when the time came to actually have the surgery, I felt he was invested in me as a person too. There is a lot to be said about that level of trust between two people. I knew that he had my best interests at heart. I felt he would protect me....and he did.

    To top it off, I stayed in their Recovery Boutique which I cannot recommend more highly. I was there for a week and the nurses cared for me 24/7. Room service is on demand with healthy meals at all times. They washed my hair, changed my bandages, fed me, cleaned me, cleaned the rooms everyday and would wheel me up to see the doctor when it was necessary. Not sure how I could have recovered so quickly had it not been for those sweet angels.

    I would definitely recommend Dr Quiroz and this amazing facility.

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    janetewhite Jul 06, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz is wonderful. He listens, he advises, tells you honestly what can and cannot be accomplished. We created a plan together that will keep me looking young well into my 60's and hopefully my 70's (I am 55 and 56 in this pics). I will never use another plastic surgeon..... I am so glad I took the risk and traveled across the border. I have no hesitations with the clinic or any of the doctors in it, nor the travel.... and I research everything to a fault!

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    taylorplay1955 Jul 05, 2015

    Dr Quiroz is an EXCELLENT surgeon. Do not be afraid to go to CosMed Clinic in Tijuana Mexico for your surgery. The entire staff is very professional and the care you get is Outstanding!!

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    vsgbettie Jul 03, 2015

    Dr Quiroz is the most caring surgeon I've met. I have never had a Dr get excited to see me and so excited about my results. He truly is the best.

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    beaglemamasara Jul 03, 2015

    Last year Dr. Quiroz lifted every part of my body from my thighs to my breasts and arms. He has now lifted my face, neck, eyes and brow as well. He is an excellent surgeon and his team works well together, speaking English very well.

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    Soldonmexico Jun 27, 2015

    Obesity Help.
    The Dr. As well as his staff are excellent, the cost is very affordable, and the recovery suite and staff are phenomenal.

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    misael401 Jun 13, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz was honest and professional. he was clear about the procedure and he also was there to check my surgery every day. I am happy to have it done my brown lift and breast implants at his clinic. not better doctor I could have choose.

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    Txgirl1213 Jun 11, 2015

    I had a phone consult with Dr. Q before the surgery. He has fantastic manner and concern. His first question was about my 'expectations'. This is a VERY important question! We spoke for a while on the phone and I was convinced that with my ease with him and the extensive research I had done, I had found the right Dr.

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    aishasolo Jun 06, 2015

    After reading a lot of posts on this site, I researched surgeons in the US and Bolivia (didn't look into Europe and the UK due to the exchange rate). I went pretty far into the planning stages with Makeover Travel, but after I asked some detailed questions (mostly logistics), they stopped communicating with me. Plus, I was really turned off by the continued hyper-marketing (e.g. MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE).
    Then I started focusing on what I saw here about. He sounds very good, and worth serious consideration. I'm going to start the virtual consultation process, and would like to hear reviews/comments from any others of you who've gone to his clinic. Thanks! Aishasolo

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    MaleVictim May 28, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz has been in practice for over 30 years, is board certified and trained in the US. He is licenses both in the U.S. and Mexico. He has a very easy, non-threatening manner. I originally wanted cheek and chin implants, along with lipo and neck muscle realignment, as well as a mid-face lift. He thought this would be over kill and suggested just doing the mid-face lift to take care of some premature sagging, as well as the lip of the jaw line and retightening the neck muscle to recreate the jawline I lost long ago. I'm still pretty swollen, but can't wait to see the results in 3-4 weeks. I already see improvement in these areas.

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    LegallyFabulous May 18, 2015

    See above for my thoughts on Dr. Quiroz and his staff. :)

    I had such a positive experience at Cosmed with Dr. Quiroz that I will be returning next week and my mother has received two amazingly done procedures by Dr. Q. I would recommend him to anyone. I give him 5 stars because he deserves it, plain and simple.

    The clinic is clean and I felt better after waking up from my surgery than I have when waking up from surgery in the states. I have read its because they use better anesthesia because there are no HMO hoops to jump through like in the states. You get the good stuff that doesnt leave you groggy. The operating rooms are state of the art and everything is organized and in its place.

    In the waiting room, there are couches, magazines, tables, and a TV. You can even use the phone to call home to the US for free. Also, there are places to drive to or walk to easily to get food. The clinic is in a nice area of TJ where everyone around is just going to work or school, just like in the US. Additionally, there are security guards who watch you car (if you choose to drive) and make sure that only patients and their families are able to come into the office. You feel very safe and secure. Also, when you leave Cosmed, they give you a medical pass which allows you to skip the long line at the border (it. is. awesome.) so you can get out quickly without having to be stuck in lines when all you want to be is resting in bed.

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    Ex Train wreck May 14, 2015

    Hopefully I can come back to this. I just wrote about him in the facelift forum and I can go back and retrieve. In a word, he's the real thing. Here's what I wrote in the forum:

    I think the man is a very good and diligent artistic PS. He doesn't give too much more than "this is what we should do". And then he does it well. I called down there the first day I was back because I was SO swollen and Minna (the very sweet and beautiful head nurse, scheduler and probably a million other things) put him right on the phone. He just said "I'm not worried about it". He's very calm. And smiles a lot when u see him. His good nature is reassuring. I always think of him as the prince of Tijuana lol. I did do my upper eyes too. That result I'm. It too sure about. I still have hooded eyes. But that may take the swelling to go down completely to totally asses. I'm sure he will do a fix if they're not right and that was easy peassy compared to the rest of it. I felt very comfortable since Dr. Quiroz did my brow lift 6 years ago. It was amazing to se how far he's come since then. The new Vida facility is just gorgeous and completely state of the art. I like to think I helped him with that because over the years I have told so many people about him. The only reason I marked him one star lower in Time Spent is because of me...not him. When I went back to get the stitches out he said something interesting. I asked him if he was happy with the result and he said "very happy....I can always tell how happy I am right after its done and before the swelling sets in". He told me to make Dr. Fuentes my best friend...he's the dermatologist and wants me to do IPL and use a rigorous skin care routine. I felt that was very good advice and will go back down soon and start that. Its less expensive down there. And for me, I love the Latin loving touch....that helped me all around with everything.

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    lam138 May 14, 2015

    I met Dr. Quiroz at the Obesity Help Conference in 2013. I consulted with Dr. Quiroz twice before my procedure. He was very open and made sure all of my questions were answered and I understood what was entailed with my procedure. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has many years experience helping patients after major weight loss. That was important to me, knowing he understood my entire journey, not just his part. He is friendly, kind and compassionate. He checked on me each day during my recovery at the Recovery Boutique. After I returned home he continued following up with me with several phone calls. I definitely recommend Dr. Quiroz and his Cosmed team!

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    Carolina Lynn May 12, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz is confident, professional, & enthusiastic. My Initial consult was by email, but I also followed up with an initial appointment at Cosmed.

    Dr. Quiroz seems to take great pride in his work. He smiles and laughs a lot. He seems to really get that his skills are able to improve the quality of people's lives. He did the surgery and was very happy with the more immediate results. While he and the staff were reassuring, I was anxious and much less certain. I needed to see the end results. Now I have and am pleased and am grateful to report his initial assessment was right on. The down time was worth it. Great staff & immaculate facility. Thank you, Dr. Quiroz.

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    Mcast1 May 12, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz listens to you and your wants. You can trust that he will be honest.

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    PattyS Apr 28, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz so far has been very attentive, when I call and I leave a message for a return call, he returns my call that day. I will do a more detailed review as I cont along this process. Update: I rate Dr.Q right up there as I feel he is a excellant PS, He has always been very attentive and caring ,I would recommend him to anyone looking into having a facelift, I feel that I got a wonderful job done with my PS, I'm glad that I chose him, do not worry about going to Mexico, to him as it will probably be a better experience for you there than here even. Adios friends, May gentle gifted hands be with you all in your PS, I found mine and am very pleased with him.

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    EveO Apr 28, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz was excellent. He was courteous, patient and took the time to listen to each and every one of my concerns and answer all of my questions. I appreciated his professional manner and he made me feel very much at ease. The facility is not only beautiful, but extremely state of the art. The staff was wonderful and attentive. Post op, I stayed in the recovery center which was very pleasant and provided round the clock care. Dr. Quiroz visited me often and took the time to listen to every question or concern I had. I recommend Cosmed and Dr. Quiroz 100%.

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    Bobita Apr 20, 2015

    Sometimes informative and sometimes very short on time. I didn't go through him for my major surgery because of his bedside manner. But, I did decide to do this procedure with him to give his office a try....according to reveiws he does a good job. I was correct; I was rushed in surgery and was given no information on what to expect after surgery or what I should be concerned about after I go home. One of my eyes was bleeding and no one came to clean it up; I had to get up and clean myself. I was not to happy with the patient care....that needs to be worked on.

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    Katgin22 Apr 12, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz has been great, I met with him 2 times prior to my surgery and he answered all my questions and made me confident in my choice to go with him. He has a great bed side manner and would stop by and check on me every day while in the Recovery Center. Since I've been home, he has returned my calls promptly. Everything has been great and I look forward to feeling comfortable in my own skin again.

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    shaii07 Mar 24, 2015

    I cannot express how happy I am with my end results. The first thing that stood out about Dr Quiroz is he called me himself to discuss what needed to be done and he knew what he was talking about. He wanted to know what happened with my first surgery and discussed with me what he wanted to do and what needed to be done to correct my situation.. When it was time to meet the doctor he was warm , friendly and once again up front. One thing that he showed me though my whole process was that he cared. Just an example, I had only planned on staying a few days and had to be back. He expressed that I should stay so they could watch over me to make sure that I was ok. I did not stay and paid for my hard headedness and even so , Dr Quiroz was there. If I had a problem or issue. He took time to call or email me. This is not a facility that is just going to do the surgery and leave you on your own. I have had other plastic surgery procedures done and do not recall the dr actually caring as much as Dr Quiroz did for me. Just an awesome doctor. Thank you Dr Quiroz for helping with my situation. I so appreciate you....

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    Deb2 Mar 16, 2015

    Dr Quiroz is a skilled surgeon, easy to talk with and not the least bit pushy. He listens to your concerns and doesn't try to sell you on more than you want. His staff is very kind and caring. He has called me for a follow up report and is available by phone and email. He requires you to stay in the recovery unit the first night and I really like that. I just had an all around excellent experience.

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    Tinker girl Mar 04, 2015

    Mommy make over concerns: sagging and uneven breast, stomach not flat and what happened to my Brazilian butt.

  • Missing profile picture

    mamabeagle Feb 28, 2015

    See above for doctor review. The $16,000 includes all 4 procedures, recovery spa and flying down a month early to give blood so my own blood could be transfused into me.

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    Calli in California Feb 25, 2015

    Since expanding the clinic it's been harder to reach the doctor. I had serious complications and neither I or my doctor were able to get a return phone call or a copy of my medical records. I would advise getting copies of your records before you leave Mexico as well as a copy of the "legal" agreement you must sign.

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    maximusrev Feb 17, 2015

    Very professional and caring, great doctor, I am very happy I choose Dr. Quiroz!

  • Missing profile picture

    alicia2014 Feb 06, 2015

    As I told Dr. Quiroz before I left, “He is my hero”. He met all my expectations of a professional, knowledgeable and caring physician. Thank you Dr. Quiroz and your staff at CosMed for making something that I thought would be impossible to achieve, become a reality. For me, you are the best in your profession.

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    Rhino906 Feb 01, 2015

    Dr. Quiroz, is very personable, and has a great staff to see to your every need. They just moved to a new facility, and I am impressed with it. I just released him to post pictures of my procedure on his site, and you can see for your self how things went for me. If you are thinking of having similar work done, don't hesitate to contact them.

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    Ckmixx21 Jan 28, 2015

    My experience with Dr Quiroz and his staff has been fantastic. Alejandra is my coordinator and she is great answering questions and giving me details. Dr Quiroz answered all my questions and gave me an honest and complete description of what I would achieve. I'm glad I stayed four days in recovery and an additional 3 days in Mexico at a hotel to rest and have DrQuiroz remove all drains and stitches and check my progress regularly before flying home. My surgery and level of care was outstanding. I felt completely safe as a woman alone in Tijuana. My experience was world class. Dr Quiroz was great.
    As far as results, as a 45 year old gastric bypass patient, I had an expectation of results and I believe Dr Quiroz more than met those. My breasts are lifted and feel great without implants and are a cup C. I can tell by the men they look amazing. My arms are still healing but I believe they will be tiny, the scars will disappear and I'll be very happy with tank tops. I already bought and plan to wear a strapless evening gown with the scar they are so nominal after one month.

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    Sonjahoff Jan 23, 2015

    Fantastic plastic surgeon at Cosmed in Tijuana, Mexico

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    MS San Francisco Jan 18, 2015

    Dr. Alejandro Quiroz is my Angel. He made my entire surgical procedure a very positive and successful experience. As a clinician myself, Dr. Quiroz's expertise, knowledge, compassionate and holistic care for the patient is exceptional. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the surgical experience and my results.

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    kat77915 Jan 04, 2015

    Dr Quiroz is an amazing surgeon. He has a great manner about him and easy to talk to.

    My only issue has been after surgery trying to get pain medication.

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    JK2006 Dec 31, 2014

    During consultation he was very warm, very attentive, listened and answered all my questions. He was charismatic and addressed all my concerns.
    After the surgery every time I voiced my concerns, he was dismissive, told me I was too picky, that I wanted perfection. I will show my before and after pictures and you will see that he didn't NOT do his best work.

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    Jenny in Whitby Dec 22, 2014

    I have never considered myself a lucky person but in the case of my surgery a number of factors seem to have worked in my favor and the outcome is beyond what I had hoped for. My surgery went extremely well! My incisions from the start were in a great place and now as I am healing they are dissappearing into my hair or ears. My jawline which was jowling before is very clean now, but the best for me has been the brow lift. My eyes are very open and bright now and the frown lines and wrinkles are gone. I have always had thick skin and good skin quality, partly from genetics and lifestyle and partly, in my opinion, from bioidentical hormone replacement, and that skin quality has really helped with the result. The staff were wonderful, Dr. Quiroz was fabulous and The Recovery Boutique was worth every single penny. All in all, things turned out really well for me and I am VERY happy with the surgical side of things. A word of caution however.........patient coordination is absolutely abysmal, which is a shame because on every single point other than this it is my opinion that Cosmed could compete amongst the best and quite frankly still does in all of the ways that truly count.

  • Missing profile picture

    diniss Dec 18, 2014

    The doctor is the same if not better than any doctor I have seen in the United States! PERIOD
    The office is technologically equal to those in the U.S. as well. Very professional and lovely setting.
    Wait times are usually under 20 minutes without an appointment! Lovely...

  • Missing profile picture

    Susan Tucson Dec 14, 2014

    Under consideration for 5 years. Did lots of research. So far, very happy with choice.

  • Missing profile picture

    Erhickey Dec 12, 2014

    Dr. Quiroz is extremely well educated and very knowledgeable someone I have great confidence in he is also very friendly. I would highly recommend him and his staff!

  • Missing profile picture

    Terri Shahan Dec 07, 2014

    After consulting with two doctors in San Diego and realizing the expense, a friend referred me to Dr. Quiroz. I was skeptical at first, but decided to go anyway. Best decision I made, I immediately felt comfortable and his work is incredible! Love the office, love his staff, and he is absolutely the best!!!!

  • Missing profile picture

    foxdiachik Nov 20, 2014

    Dr. Quiroz speaks perfect English, is highly accredited, as is his facility. The entire building is both beautiful and immaculate. His anesthesiologist is an MD, which was important to me, as my surgery was a long one. Dr. Quiroz kept in close touch both before and after surgery and leaving the clinic. He spoke with my primary care physician and my daughter, who is a doctor. He monitored the iron levels related to my anemia and made sure I had all the proper treatments while there. He would not operate on me until my blood levels were in the normal ranges. He is dedicated to safety. He refused to do more surgery on me than he thought was my limit at one time.This surgeon has very talented hands.

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