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Dr. German Arzate DDS, MS

Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX

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CCD Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry
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Doctor German Arzate has years of experience in Dentistry, placing Dental Implants, and practicing Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry and cosmetic dental rehabilitation. He’s a member of the:

– American Dental Association (ADA) (Membership No. 397366094)
– Medical Tourism Association (MTA)
– American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) (Membership No. 044751)
– American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) (Membership No. 39843)

He has vast experience placing dental implants, All On 4 and Snap in Dentures. He also speaks English fluently.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, a specialized clinic located in the heart of Cancun, Leaders in Dental Tourism In Mexico receiving each year hundreds and hundreds of Canadian and American patients that seek first class dental work at affordable prices! The first Mexican Dentists to be awarded with the fellowship of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID, 2014) and well-known dental Specialists in the City and in the Medical Tourism industry.

In addition to being a successful cosmetic dentist and oral surgeon, the doctor is a well-known sculpture artist, which has been his passion and hobby since he was very young. His artwork has been showcased in museums throughout Mexico, including the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.

Dental Implant
From$995.00 USD
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Replace teeth that have been lost with the passage of the years restoring functionality and aesthetics to your mouth.
A dental implant is a cylinder shaped dental root manufactured alloplastic material (usually titanium) which is surgically implanted under the gums inside the maxillary or mandibular bone; once placed and osseointegrated, the dentist will place upon them crowns or fixed bridges that will replace the teeth lost, then the implant helps us provide retention and support a fixed or removable dental prosthesis.

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Bone Graft
From$230.00 USD
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Bone Grafting is the replacement or augmentation of the portion of the jaw bone that anchors the teeth. It’s a surgical procedure that’s often done to reverse the loss or resorption of bone that may have occurred due to tooth loss, trauma, disease or ill-fitting dentures; and to rebuild the bone structure beneath the gums in preparation for the placement of dental implants or other tooth replacements.

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From$12,600.00 USD
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The All On Four is a dental implant solution that has helped thousands of people worldwide to get a strong bite again, just like in your younger years! It is called “all On 4″ because the palate-less bridge is supported over four implants

The All on 4 dental implant is a state-of-the-art innovative procedure that provides patients permanent attached (fixed) teeth utilizing as few as four dental implants.

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From$520.00 USD
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Veneers are layers of porcelain (or other material) that are placed over the outer surface of a tooth to improve its looks. They are glued to the teeth with the help of strong cements that can last for a very long time. Veneers might need to be changed (every so often) for physical reasons like tooth grinding, discoloration, chipping or cracking.

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