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Tijuana, Baja California, MX

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Dr. Sara Lea Salas - Dermatologist & Hair Restoration Specialist
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Dr. Sara Lea Salas, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
Hair Restoration Specialist


General Medicine at the Autonomous University of Baja Californa (UABC)
Specialty in Dermatology by the Dermatologist Institute of Jalisco “Dr. José Barba Rubio”
Certified by the Mexican Board of Dermatology

Hair Transplant certified by the University of Tel-Aviv, Israel
Hair Transplant Mega-sessions with Dr. Shapiro in Minnesota, USA
Certified in Tel Aviv Israel with Dr Alex Ginzburg

Dermatología CMQ 2011, 9(2):142-148, SURGICAL PEARL
Follicular Unit Extraction: a new technique in hair transplantation, a review
Areas of Experience:

Clinical dermatology, hair clinic, assessment and treatment of hair loss in men, women and children
Hair Transplant, dominating the two techniques of hair transplantation FUT and FUE (hair by hair)

Surgical Hair Transplant
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The ever increasing number of people suffering from hair loss are turning to medical means such as medication and surgical hair transplantation. While hair transplant still remains as the only permanent solution for hair restoration, there are other options that can be considered.

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
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Balding or thinning hair is one of the most common problems that we encounter as we age. That does not mean we have to live with it. While there are several reasons why it happens among men and women, there are also many hair loss treatment options that address it.

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Non-surgical Hair Growth Options
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Hair loss affects men and women, young and old alike. This leads to millions of dollars being spent on hair restoration products every year by people suffering from hair loss. More often than not, these hair loss products fall short of their promise of total regrowth.
Although you may find a variety of hair loss products on the market, there are only two drug categories used to treat common hereditary hair loss that are FDA-approved.

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    Great service - great job - my barber of 40 years said it was the best hair transplant job he had ever seen

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    Juan Jose

    I had two hair restorations so far at Baja Hair Center. Different techniques or methods: FUT and FUE. Both experiences were great. No one notice any evidence of restoration at all. I strongly recommend doctor Sara Salas!

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    Had a great experience with Baja Hair Center. Dr.Salas was wonderful and did a great job. She was really easy to work with, provided answers to any question I had and really cared about my experience. Her team was fantastic, all very kind and her office was immaculate. Wonderful experience I would recommend to anyone considering hair restoration.

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    My name is Gerardo living inLos Angeles California. Before contacting Baja Hair Center I asked my sister who lives in San Diego, to do some research and find me the best hair center in Tijuana Mex. She was able to find Dr Salas! After meeting her and her friendly staff as well as her state of the art facilities I realized that I had to search no more because I was going to be in good hands. Dr Salas took the time to explain me the root of my hair loss, the different alternatives and treatments that she can offer me. Never mind to mention her extensive knowledge, training and education on the subject. Nevertheless, her excellent prices on her services.With out hesitation I scheduled my procedure. Everyone was very attentive and on schedule. My procedure was comfortable, fast, painless and over all a pleasant experience considering that I'm not the best patient when it comes to medical procedures. The ambience in her office made me feel comfortable at all times.

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    Prior to arriving all questions were answered and process was discussed to completion. When I arrived facility was in immaculate condition, clean, professional and calming. Staff was very inviting and friendly, everyone had a great attitude and willing to help when ever they could. Post Surgery everything was explained, written down for your convenience, and checked on many times to ensure condition was getting better, Follow ups are still happening to ensure I was satisfied with procedure. Very impressive way to conduct business. Recommended with 5 stars.

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    Hi, The experience so far has been excellent. I am just getting to post op 90 days and starting to experience some growth for sure. The Doc is great, Crystal is very cool. They walked me through everything from the first call to several weeks after the procedure. Not sure what else to say other than I would def do it again, but I don't think I will need too!!

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    Hi everyone looking into getting a hair transplant. To start off I know first hand all the emotions you could be going through right now with trying to find the right doctor It's not easy. With dr. sarah and the staff they made me feel at ease Crystal she was amazing and was always there to answer Any questions I had it was a great Experience. and a Comfortable environment I do recommend Baja hair center about 6 months ago revived 2200 fue hair graphs And very happy with my results

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    Brad Letourneau

    After a long search, I had Dr. Salas do a Mega session on my hair transplant in March 2016. It is 1 year later and I am VERY, VERY happy with the results. She definitely is the most experienced out of all the clinics I considered in Mexico and USA.

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