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Zapopan, Jalisco, MX

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American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Consultation Fee

Pre-Op checkup is done in the first consultation when visiting from the US or Canada, booked ahead of time.

Hospital Privileges

Dr. Arreola has hospital affiliations at Puerta de Hierro Hospital .


Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: MD, Guadalajara State University, Mexico

Post-Medical School Training
General Surgery, Guadalajara Civil Hospital, Mexico
Plastic Surgery, Jalisco Reconstructive Surgery Institute, Mexico
Membership: Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER)

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    So far, so good. Dr. Fernando has answered all my questions, gave me a treatment plan for all of my problem areas and spent his time with me during our consultation.
    The hospital was beyond world class. I've stayed at five star hotels that weren't as nice or as clean.
    My surgery went well and so far( on day two) I'm very happy. He came to see me before discharging me on Sunday afternoon and answered more of my questions, showed me the photos I asked him to take during surgery and repeated when I should take my meds.
    He also reiterated that I need to take it easy this first week, since my first question was "when can I start boxing again?"

    Update 9 days post op:
    We've had several appointments since the surgery and they've all gone swimmingly. He listens to my concerns and answers all 10million of my questions.
    Have I mentioned that his offices are FABULOUS and his staff is top notch. They know each patient without us having to say who we are. That's awesome. Except for the first appointment when he had an emergency that put him behind, I have not had to wait long after my appointed time to see dr. Fernando.
    Very pleased.

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    My doctor is located in Guadalajara, Mexico so I couldnt do my follow up in office instead we communicated through emails and pictures. I had plastic surgery done before with the same company about 4 years ago with my rhinoplasty surgeons father who did my tummy tuck, which I'm satisfy with. However his son was not very good at replying back to my emails in a timely manner and I didnt feel as though he actually cared or understood what I was going through in my recovery.

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    I have to say i felt very comfortable with dr and his staff, more personal and kind caring treatment, ask as many questions as u like, So far to date, have emailed, sent pictures discussed prices and what looks like needs to be done over 7times. Dr Guerrero Santos always good about responding either on same day or within 24 hrs. Has offered information regarding transportation to and from airport and place to stay during post op, B&B highly recommended with Emma, includes 3 meals a day your own room for 60 dollars a day. I have already made reservations with Emma she has sent me pictures of room facilities where I would be staying and sounds like a very pleasant and wonderful person. I also take care of my mother and told her I had to figure out what to do with my mother before I came and she offered to give me the room with small living room and sofa bed to accommodate my mother for same price but 10 dollars more for her 3 meals per day. I prefer to seek aid here only because I will probably be in pain and not want my mother to be there, I will feel obligated to help her and won't be able to. She needs meds daily, oxygen machine 24/7. But I thought the offer was wonderful. Instead I am going to bring my husband to accompany me. My understanding is I will spend one night at the hospital and my husband can join me for the night. I hear it's the nicest one new and above U.S. standards, I have already seen pictures and it looks very nice. Will keep you posted. I am very pleased to date with the care I have received and this has been a very bad time for me with tons of problems while I was here during this time.

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    Incredible surgeon and amazing human being, he really follows his own motto, the only thing he cares about is to put a smile on your face!

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    Dr. G has a wonderful, caring personality. He is a very busy surgeon having many surgeries each week of various types. He has two offices with one a the hospital he uses. I arrived and taxied to my Apt. in Tlaqueparque and stocked up for 2 weeks of food then caught a taxi to Dr. G's office at the hospital. I had all my blood work complete before I left but needed an EKG and final check prior to the surgery. Dr. G set me up so I could have those in the hospital which he was to admit me that night. Before he gave me a prescription to fill and a Walmart was next to the hospital so I went there to fill it, Cheaper. I then checked into the hospital around 5pm the day I arrived for surgery scheduled at 8am the next morning. Wow, what a luxury hospital, private room, cable, high speed internet, couch for another person to sleep, comfortable reclining chair and of course the hospital bed. I felt like a queen and this was nicer than any hospital I had seen in the states. Someone said it was just about 3 years old. I knew at that time I would be very comfortable. The EKG Dr came in and that went well and all the way first class service there.

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    Dr. Guerrerosantos and his father are both well known plastic surgeons. He and his team all speak English. he explains everything well so you know what to expect. I felt very comfortable with him.

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    I waited 6 months before writing this review and I am delighted to tell you the results are incredible !!! I did elect to have a few types of plastic surgery so I spent 2 weeks with team Guerrerosantos. They took great care of me. From Dr F's incredible face & body sculpting, Emma's cooking & home care, and personal car service, they are first class ! I wouldn't hesitate to refer them, in fact I really recommend you contact them. I did all the research for you :)

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    • Dr. Guerrerosantos is a very friendly, skillful, and professional surgeon. I’m very pleased that I did my research and chose him. He responded to my emails personally and promptly.
    • Dr. G is an artist who gave me a very subtle and natural look. It’s only been a month and I see an elegant and delicate change. I will comment again in 6 months, and then in a year. With this surgery, one must be patient because it transforms over time. I trust that when the swelling goes down it will appear shorter.
    • Dr. G will do what the patient asks for. Be as specific and clear as possible. He gives his opinion, but he is not arrogant, so in the end, he will do what you choose. (Example: I didn’t want my nose lifted, and he listened to me).
    • The doctor’s assistants, including Camila, Michele, and Marisol were amazing… very kind women… I already miss their presence.
    • Camila was available 24/7 on WhatsApp throughout the whole month I was in GDL (pre and post-surgery). She responded to all my questions and concerns in a prompt manner. She encouraged me as well, and normalized my surgery experience. She was a great support!
    • Beautiful high end hospital- Much better than Canadian hospitals!
    • Received a lot of attention and focus from all the doctors/nurses, as if I were the only patient that existed.
    • Had my own hospital room that felt like a hotel room. I stayed overnight and was monitored carefully.
    • No gas mask was given which was great. Instead, it was an IV sedative and local anaesthetic. Therefore, I woke up peacefully without being sick. I woke up feeling thirsty/dry mouth but that is normal.
    • Like any surgery, I was bruised and swollen. Like any surgery, it is not fun to heal and it takes time… but overall, I had a very positive experience with no regrets.
    • Great price!
    • I definitely recommend Dr. Guerrerosantos to those seeking a surgeon, and I would choose him again if needed! Good luck on your search!

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    Very professional, good listener of my concerns. He clarified all my doubts and answer all my questions in a pleasant manner. Avialable when needed.

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    Open, friendly, helpful. I felt confident in him and trusted him. He is very gentle and understanding.

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    My experience overall with Dr. Guerrerosantos has been very pleasant, to me he is a very professional and ethical doctor. As an American citizen traveling outside of the country for medical treatment it was definitely a very hard decision to make. After reviewing the doctors credentials and he is board certified that made a huge impression on me and ultimately guided me to his office for care. The doctors overall practice is impeccable and CLEAN. I also noticed he is a perfectionist which means to me that he cares about his work. Dr. Guerrosantos staff are also very friendly, professional and beautiful people. The hospital that I stayed in was state of the art and CLEAN (cleanliness means a lot to me). I was fearful at first, because I do not speak one word of Spanish, but the people of Guadalajara are very nice and did their best to communicate with me. I will be in Mexico for 2 weeks and I will be staying at La Casa Emmas bed and breakfast (I don't know the official name) it's just Emma's home. I have stayed here before with Emma and her wonderful family. Emma is the best, she is a wonderful nurse and caregiver and friend and yes her house is CLEAN (LOL).

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    Dr. Fernando Guerrero Santos very skilled surgeon, caring and most important an excellent professional .

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