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Tijuana, Baja California, MX

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Campos Leon Plastic Surgery
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Dr. Jaime Campos is an active member of:
- The Mexican Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AMCPER)
- The International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
- San Diego Plastic Surgery Society.
- Federación Ibero Latinoamericana de Cirugía Plástica y Reconstructiva

He studied medicine at the University of Durango Mexico. at the University Juarez of Durango.
He spend three years of Residency in General Surgery. Three years of residency (Centro Medico Nacional del Noreste Monterrey N.L. Mexico) and a complete residency (three years more) in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Nuevo Leon. He completed a one year fellowship at Clinica Planas in Barcelona, Spain. He strengthened skills in aesthetic surgery and skin care treatments,such as top of the line lasers, peels, fillers among others. He uses European techniques, professionalism and high quality standards on every surgery he performs.

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    Susan McAlester

    Dr. Campos not only changed my body completely, He changed my life.

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    Alright ladies..... Im 5 Days post op.. And Im feeling better. I was literly in so much pain the hours following my surgey i was crying for hours. I couldnt eat nor take any pain medication. I had to call me surgeon and tell him please allow some pain meds. Then he allowed me too.. I had to take a shower the next day, which was a pain in the ass. I can actually say that the recovery is a Bitch. I went for my first massage yesterday, and i thoought it was goinh to be soo painfull, but to my surprice it wasnt all that bad.. Iy felt releiving to my lipo'd abominal area.

    My results are abosuletly AMAZING!! My wait is soooo tiny, i satisfied alone with my wait area. I Literly look like a mermaus.. Im still very swollen and my butt is going to go down, but its okay cause my results are past expectations.

    The reason why i put 4 stars is because this office is supper Busy!!! Dr campos work speaks for it self. That they only have so much time to attend all of us.. Bottom line they are all very nice, If they dont get back to as soon as youd like, its because they are extreemly busy. They will get to you shorty. Excuse my spelling Im doing this in a hurry, as im on medication.
    Any question: I would prefer a private message... So i can get into details with everyones questions...
    Thanks Ya'll :)

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    Me in Dallas

    His name has always stuck out to me because his results have always been ideal imo.. Glad I went to him, it's only hojurs after surgery but even through tghe gafmentm ==, I can tell i will look awesome!

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    Dr. Campos is an amazing and gifted doctor. He knows how to completely transform your body into a hourglass shape; giving you all the right curves in all the right places. His technique is unique and you can't find it everywhere. If you want real curves he is the doctor for you. His patient and makes you feel comfortable and KNOWS what he is doing... Thank you Dr. Campos for my new body!!!! ;)

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    I wasn't able to submit a updated review w/o rating Dr Campos so I gave him 1 star based on the interactions that I've had with his staff so far. From what I've heard, Campos is a good doc so to everybody thats reading this, don't be discouraged. This just wasn't the doc for me.

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    connecticut us

    I had my breasts done fiance had his eyes done. I am in the cosmetic surgery field in the usa and he does better work than the best of the best in nyc. going back to get some facial work done soon. out come amazing no bad points staff is very professional and answer all questions. i cant wait to go back

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    Although some folks think my docs bedside manner is not that great I had absolutely no problems. He was great, he was honest about the results that he could give me and my after care was top notch. I am thankful to God that I made it through my surgery okay and that my recovery, although painful, has been complication free.

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    Make sure your international surgeons are at least certified by their countries. Also, the anesthesiologist is the most important player in surgery. He/She has your life in their hands. I opted for an epidural and sedation because there are far less risks with that than general anesthesia. I stayed asleep during most of the procedure and awoke only 1 time for about 5 seconds. no big deal.

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    Because he did answer ALL of my questions and came to check on me and asked me if I was satisfied with what he did and I was and his staff was very nice and helpful also. I heard of him through another website and did my research and liked his skills to totally transform people's body.

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    While he appears kind and understanding, if your procedure doesn't go as planned he will take no responsibility. He is suddenly full of excuses and weak explanations for why you didn't get what you paid for. When you express your dissatisfaction with his work he gets really defensive and lashes out. He comes off like a cold, money hungry and like he just doesn't care. Be ready to shell out almost the same amount of money if you want it fixed. His prices are getting outrageous. Please read my review for details.

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    Dr. Campos is an artist. I can't wait to see my results months from now. He is very patient, understanding and listen to your expectations. I specifically asked for a small butt. I was more interested in a natural look and body contouring. Dr. Campos I will be back for my second round!!!! Dr. Campos is very busy with patients. I expected not to have a phone call or visit, but he has build an excellent team of medical staff that makes up for his absence. I was seen in his office on 4th day with a low iron count feeling really crappy. he came in, examined my health and showed extreme compassion then took charge of everything and got his staff to take care of me on the spot. Thank god all went well. He is an awesome physician and cares for his patients.

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    I was refereed from a friend. I honestly had a good experience with the staff and everyone! Thank you soooo much Dr. Jaime Campos!!!

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    Dr Campos was amazing, I love my results and feel that he was the best for the job. No doctor in the U.S. compared to him on price and results. Im so happy I chose him for my procedure!!

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    Dr. Campos is so sweet! I had a consult the day before and he did not rush me at all, answered my questions and was completely honest about what he could do for me. My skin is super tight because I have no kids and im young, He let me kow that he could not give me as many cc's as I wanted because of necrosis. I was fortunate to have the honesty but he did do what he could which was about 1000 each cheek.

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    I choose Dr. Campos based on my research of his medical background, patient history/results, staff and location including proper aftercare. he truely cares about patient results and longterm happiness. hes not greedy or money hungry, hes a skilled precise surgeon with an amazing ability to really sculpt something out of nothing! staff is amazing, iI loved madipas wonderful massages, and angie comforting compassion. iI love dr campos and his staff!

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    Thank you Dr campos for making my Dream come true I'm for ever thankful to you and your staff for everything I had an awesome experience with Dr campos he will for ever be my Plastic Suregon the best Dr in the world I'm Beyond happy with my results he not only transformed my Body he change my life for ever thank you Dr Campos n Staff

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    Hes such an amazing doctor. I will forever go with him if I need anything else done. I am extremely happy with my results. He is ONE OF A KIND! & his staff is so sweet & amazing! Love them all!

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    Have not had follow up care yet but everything else has been great so far so I'm sure that will b also

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    Dr. Campos was great answered all my questions n concerns. So did the anistasiologist he was also great and understanding. The staff was great especially my nurse vikie she was great in taking care of me.

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    I don't know why I can't edit the doctor's name. I had it done by Dr. Suarez In Tijuana, Mx. Dr.Campos was my first choice but he was SUPER booked and at that time i wanted it ASAP so I went to Dr. Suarez instead. My first experience with the Dr. Suarez and stuff was AWESOME but the results weren't much to my liking I'll be going back for round 2 soon.i take about the part about me saying it was awesome =[ now im 6months op and it's a FAILURE ...gotta go to someone else for round 2 =[

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    After reading so many views and with the need and want to have some R&R with the boo, we decided MX was for us.

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    I choose Dr Campos cause of all the great recommendations I have got and now I know he's amazing his hands are magic loved my results I would recommend him over and over will never go to no other dr but him !!! #TeamCampos :)

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    Dr Campos is a great doctor. He was very reassuring and informative. 6 months postop and I am so pleased I chose him as my surgeon
    I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of having a bbl procedure, he should be your first choice ;)

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