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Tijuana, Baja California, MX

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

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Dr. Suarez has hospital affiliations at CER Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center.


Undergraduate & Medical School
Medical: MD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, General Hospital in Mexico City, 1988

Post-Medical School Training
Mexican Board of General Surgery
Mexican Board of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons

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How to pay for plastic surgery

Being able to pay for a plastic surgery is generally not easy, we always have other priorities that prevents us from making the decision to set up a date. Here is some advice that can help you clear up a plan to reach your beauty goal.

In the majority of cases, a plastic surgery is not covered by health insurance, finding a way to pay for a surgery can be the hardest part of the process.images

Pay attention to your health insurance, there are some procedures, like breast...


Expectations are a very important point when having plastic surgery; it is usually the main cause of dissatisfaction with the outcome of your surgeon. Talk clear and direct, express what you want and ask, everything you need to know, when in consultation with your surgeon that is the time to put a firm foundation for your plastic surgeon so he or she can provide the appropriate alternatives of the procedures you are going to undergo. Remember that the results you get are for you and...

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    He's the best and friendly makes u feel right at home

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    He is nice friendly always has a smile responds to your worries and emails asap the latest a day. Trust me you'll be happy with your results let them know sent u

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    jjd from Texas

    I will update my rating once I have the procedure. TTYL.

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    Referral. I made sure I saw his work on several people.

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    Very nice man. Very professional and respectable. Still wondering why he didn't give me the desired CC amount. Hoping I wont have to go back for another procedure because of it.

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    i was recommended through a friend and I saw her results and she looks I decided to go through with the surgery and i am extremely happy.

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    Dr. Suarez took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. As soon as I met him, I knew he was the perfect surgeon to perform the revision. Great bedside manners by all the nurses. All my questions were answer in a timely manner.

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    I would highly recommend dr. Luis suarez he is an amazing surgeon makes you feel comfortable and explains everything you need to know.

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    I think I described my interactions above with Dr. Suarez. I have known him for so long and watched him, his staff and location grow. When you have people who have worked years with the doctor this alone speaks great things of him! He is always on time. He is always very pleasant. He always gives me a hug and wants to know how I am? He is very talented. Again, as long as Dr. Suarez is performing plastic surgery and I feel I need a procedure I will go to him,

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    I found Dr. Suarez from the Internet, but was very please with the review he had on real self. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Suarez. I'm completely pleased.

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    so i had been searching for doctors for breast augmentation i had always wanted one, but i was to young or broke lol . so when i had turned of age and had certain amount of money saved i decided to search for a doctor , beign from the us i first began to search for doctors in the states , but seriously the prices were off the roof crazy expensive so where near what i had saved , so then a co-worker recommended me to her dr. from tijuana dr. luis suarez , so i thought i have nothing to loose so i began to do some research aside from the fact that my co-worker was really happy with her results , so i went into his website and saw before and after pictures and was happy with what i had seen and also the testimonials , so i called and made a appointment , and went and met dr. suarez , seriously as soon as you talk to him and he starts explaining how the surgery would go about and everything in reference to the breast augmentation he is so knowledgeable and professional and just point blank amazing , i was so convinced as soon as i walked out , so looked for dates they explained to me the deposit situation lab work and so on , so i found a date i liked they let me know it was available , they gave me the option on depositing in dr. suarez bank account in the us which i thought was so time saving so i did , i they saved the date i wanted , i payed off the balance the day of the surgery. i totally recommend dr. suarez and his staff they were nothing but wonderfull !!! you should def. check him out great price , great surgeon , just great great great :d

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    not happy atall

    Please if you can find some Surgeon who will listen to you and strive for customer satisfaction,go for them.You`d better pay couple hundred dollars more,but your satisfaction is the most important thing.

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    I had read good things in the reviews about his bedside manner but personally I did not have this same experience. He discounted what I said, what I asked for and made me feel as if I didn't know what I was talking about. He actually laughed at me a couple times. I found him to be arrogant, dismissive of me and my needs and evasive when I asked for specific explanations. When it turned out that I was right and he was wrong, he showed his anger and his inability to cope with the situation in a professional manner. Instead he became very reactionary.

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    Dr. Suarez is a really nice guy and wonderful surgeon. I gave him this rating because he has a lovely staff that did a great job coordinating everything and answering all of my questions. They did a nice job making this whole journey stress-free and easy for me, but I think it would be better if the doctor himself was more involved in the pre-surgery process. I chose Dr. Suarez because his office offered me a price I couldn't refuse, and I'm glad I did because my surgery turned out to be a very good experience. Fabulous long-term results! Highly recommended!

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    The Dr is professional and at the same time personable. He speaks English and Spanish and we shared common interests as he is also active outdoors. He attended to my needs and even when a slight complication occurred he jumped right on it and re mediated the situation on the spot. My only issue was at most clinics the family can stay with the patient in the room overnight, this apparently is not the case with CerClinic. Suggestion - start taking credit cards. Cosmetic surgeries are self pay for most part and I would have done it sooner if that were available.

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    Dr, Suarez is a realist he let's you know the truth on what is needed....less is more. He took care of all my concerns so far; still need to have additional to get it how I would like it. One con I feel he could have went a little more aggressive on the skin tightening. He prayed with me right before the surgery; I being a Christian that went a long way.

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    Dr. Luis Suarez is very proffessional he knows what is he doing. I visted other doctors and they only answer my questions as can I have this and that. To Doctor suarez I just told him I don't like this part of mu body and what ever you do I want to look natural. Right away he gave me a nice consultayion of what my body needed after three children. I had a hip and back liposuction some of the back fat was trnsfer to my butt and he explained that it was to give my body the shape that I want. By the way during the consultation doctor suarez showed me pictres of previous patiences that had my type of body, including similar hight and weight. I love how they looked and basically that's what convinced me to go with doctor Suarez on top he was the less cost. His stuff it is really nice and professional. I had my surgery a little bit than 24 hours ago and my price was less before surgey but I end up having blood transfusion because my iron level was a little bit low however surgery went find it was after surgery that I needed. They told the situation before surgery and if I had the option of refusing and reschedule two months later which was not convince for me. So far so good I do not have a lot of payne. Only when I tried to get up walking it is a disastet literally I walke bending down. The worst part that nobody mentions on they reviews is the first time you get up you get so dizzy and sweaty that I felt that I was going to die however it goes away after few like 10 minutes for me. This price included everything consultation, all the lab test, suegery, a night on a nice fancy room at the hospital, all the medication after surgery and the tight (fastened). Everything is in the same building the doctor's office, the hospital and the post suite. I had not have any payne medication yet because is more like the most intense muscles soreness ever. My experience so far it really good but i'll post more comments as soon as I see changes so far I can't see my body yet.

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    Nettie in AZ

    I did lots of research, read reviews, asked lots of questions. I am very excited and will definitely let you all know how it goes.

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