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Av. Bonampak, Jurel No.63, S.M 3
Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX

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Dr Rafael Velasco Marin has his private practice in beautiful Cancun México. He was born in Mexico City and move to Cancún México in 1991. He has been performing Plastic Surgery procedures since then.

Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin takes a personal approach with each patient and knows that is very important to honestly inform the patient about the surgical procedures and answer all their questions.

During your consultation with Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin, your concerns, doubts and expectations will be fully discussed. The principal objective is to enhance your understanding about the cosmetic surgical procedures and how they apply to you. The principle goal of Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin is to provide the patient a clean and safe environment in which the patient needs will be cared for with state-of-art, knowledge, equipment, products and personalized services.

Treatments and surgery will be individualized and based only on sound medical knowledge. With this every patient will obtain his or her maximum aesthetic results.
Before the patient goes to the operating room his or her general health condition will be complete evaluated with white blood cells, red blood cells, coagulation tests, chest rxs, electrocardiogram and others.

The patient will have a consultation with a board certified Cardiologist that will take care about the patient heart condition.

A board certified anesthesiologist will have an interview with you one day before you go to the operating room. He will explain everything about the anesthetic procedure, about what will you feel before you sleep and very important what will you feel when you start to wake up. Remember if you got good information you will understand what is happening and then you will be able to cooperate and you will not be in panic. And of course the anesthesiologists that interview you will be the same in the operating room.

Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin doesn’t like to invite complications in the operating room. After the surgery is done the patient will be in a recovery room cared by the anesthesiologist and the surgical staff nurses. When the patient is completed awake with normal temperature and normal vital signs, only then the patient will be send to a hospital room.

Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin will visit you twice a day by the time you remain in the hospital. All the bandages changes, the dressing changes, the drainages remove, the stitches remove will be perform by Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin.

His policy is check up closely the post operative outcome, that way, he will be able to detect, avoid or solve any major complication.

Remember the main issue here is your safety.

Medical Services:

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Professional Experience:

Basis of Medical Specialist in General Surgery. Cancun General Hospital
Basis of Medical Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic. IMSS / General Hospital
Private Practice

Medical Studies and Expertise Location:

General Surgery. UNAM Medical Services Department of the Federal District
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic. UNAM, Hospital General de Mexico

Member of Societies:

Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgery-Reconstructive
Member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Member of the Association of Plastic Surgery at the General Hospital of Mexico
Member of the Association of General Surgery Quintana Roo
Member of the AO Fundation
Member of Network Lipolysis
Member of WOSAAM – World Society Anti-Aging Medicine

Special Interest / Field Research:

Internal ultrasonic liposculpture
Body contouring surgery
Face lift
Injuries facial skull
Cleft lip and palate

Check Dr Velasco certified credentials at the national registry of profesionists
0835597 General Medicine
AE-0011438 Plastic Surgeon.
AE-0011439 General Surgeon

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    Barb in Georgia Oct 13, 2015

    This doctor has a no nonsense approach. He looks at you, talks to you and does what he does best.. makes you look wonderful. I arrived In Mexico the same day as surgery. Everything was done timely. My surgery was 6 hours long and I am a small person. He takes his time to make sure things are done properly. He was wonderful and he does speak English!

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    MexicoAmericadisaster Oct 06, 2015

    Through this website especially from 60 loving's review

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    60lovingit Sep 04, 2015

    My rating is 5 stars as all care was excellent, My facilitator Sheri Burke provided a professional service from beginning to end. From arriving at the condo, to surgery, to all doctor appointments, everything went so smoothly. I had a direct line to Sheri with any concerns during recovery.Dr Velasco speaks fluent English and now you have your own private English speaking nurse.The cost included 12 days in a condo with all medications, compression garment , doctor appointments and all transfers. Dr Velasco has methods that are very advanced. He did fat transfers from my eyelids to under the orbital face bone and my nasal folds. Amazing natural results.

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    Fat_Injections_dont_last Aug 15, 2015

    He was no where to be found when the problems were discovered.

  • Missing profile picture

    AlwaysKim Jul 14, 2015

    I cannot find one good reason to give a better review to any Doctor that will not follow up with their patients, and leave them out there to handle all the problems with their surgery on their own.

  • Missing profile picture

    sonothappy Jul 14, 2015

    Chose my Dr. throught Medical Tourism and the rating is because of the experience I had with this Doctor, not happy at all with any of my procedures at this point.

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    Mary , Chicago Mar 02, 2015

    I will save my recommendations till I'm fully recovered .

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    MexicoAmericadisaster Feb 17, 2015

    Once you raise an issue with their practices, you will be treated like a trash: no response, getting an email block from the coordinator, Sheri; being called a psycho by her. My issues are related not to just the look. More importantly, it is related to my HEALTH.

    feel like they are saying, we get money, you are useless in our money making case,
    Patient will be left alone to figure out how to fix the damages.
    Sheri, the coordinator who offered a cosmetic package that includes nose surgery: Package USD 8,000

    Other stuff will coming over time. I won't be able to response to you due to my limited time.

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