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Calle Erasmos Castellanos, No.18-202, Plaza Financiera
Zona Río, Tijuana, Baja California, MX

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Post-Medical School Training
General Surgery, Hadassah Ein Kerem University Hospital, Israel, 1996
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hadassah Ein Kerem University Hospital, Israel, 1998
Hand and Microscopic Surgery, Hadassah Ein Karem University hospital, Israel, 1999

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    cassienova Oct 17, 2015

    VERY attentive to detail. He is really an artist, I think you have to be to be a great surgeon. He spent 7 and a half hours in surgery, making sure everything was perfect. He is also funny and friendly, which helps with pre-surgery nerves. I can't recommend him enough, and I'm happy to talk with anyone who's considering seeing him. I am going back to him for a facelift!

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    LisaLias Aug 31, 2015

    Dr. Victor Gutierrez is absolutely without question the best, most highly educated doctor and AMAZING Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. If you want the BEST, without a doubt Dr Victor Gutierrez is your choice.

    In combination with his perfectionism, Dr. Victor Gutierrez is a masterful artist. He is simultaneously caring, kind-hearted and genuine. You know without a doubt you can completely trust him 100% with your health and body. I felt extremely confident about choosing him as my surgeon.

    Dr. Victor Gutierrez has to be the most gifted talented surgeons’ in the world. No other plastic surgeon could have make me look so perfect. My results are remarkable because Dr Victor Gutierrez has a special gift for being detailed oriented. He has a special eye for beauty and knows how to contour any part of a persons body with absolute perfection. I recommend him 100%. He is the only doctor that I would ever trust with my body.

    If you want the absolute BEST plastic surgeon, then without a doubt, your choice should be Dr. Victor Gutierrez. There is no need to look any further. I am experiencing so much joy and satisfaction. My new body is speaks for itself. The magnitude of his skills, talents and expertise can help a lot of people, because his surgical abilities are simply outstanding. I am so happy!!!!!! You can experience my same happiness, joy and satisfaction by also choosing Dr Victor Gutierrez.

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    1Bossdiva Jul 12, 2015

    Dr. G was Heaven Sent and I would highly Recommend him for a number of reasons. First he is passionate about his work and takes the time out to talk to you and get to know about and your situation. He makes you feel very comfortable and safe. When my husband and I met him for the first time my husband understood why I chose him based on his approach to all of our concerns. Elsa is also a great with what she does to make sure are as comfortable at all times. Dr. G did a wonderful job and I was very pleased with all of my procedures. He always answered my questions and made me feel as if I was his only patient. His aftercare has been amazing and I know I have made the right choice with him. His work speaks for itself and my healing and recovery has been nothing but wonderful. So Dr. G to me has been truly a Blessing and his talents and gifts is changing lives for the better every day!

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    turquoisesummer Jun 07, 2015

    6/20/2015 update- In a comment yesterday on my posts, another person informed me that Dr. G was not board certified. Another commenter then responded on the thread that she looked at 2 resources and could not find Dr Victor Gutierrez Uribe. I also then checked those sites and the American Society for Plastis Surgeons which has international listings and could not find Dr. Victor Eduardo Gutierrez Uribe or any version of his name on it.

    The resources checked were:

    I don't think he really has the sensitivity and training in plastics to do good work in body lifts. His sewing is good but lipo is uneven, refuses to lipo legs at all and comes up with all kinds of excuses why he cant or wont do things that other surgeons do routinely. He just does not produce a good result and there is no cost savings either. He says one thing and does another and is very critical of the work of other surgeons but not self critical and gets defensive.

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    Luckyyou1 May 02, 2015

    Dr. G is amazing. He's not like many doctors that I met in the states that only block out 10-15 mins to talk to you during your consultation. When I had my phone consultations, Dr. G and I spoke for 45 mins and I ended the call because I was at work and couldn't talk any longer. Any time I had a question it was answered in a promptly manner. Although Dr. G is funny and down to earth, he is serious when it comes to his work. He is an artist. You will be in good hands if you chose Dr. G. I can assure you that it is not about the money. He was willing to refund me all of my money because he refused to put my health at risk. That says a lot about a person's character. I'm so glad I decided to go with him.

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    rocket_girl3 Mar 16, 2015

    Explained things perfectly made me feel so calm & secure!! Answered each & everyone of my questions with complete honestly! Truly appreciate all the time he took with me

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    AZDee Feb 03, 2015

    Doctor Victor Gutierrez is a very talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon operating out of Tijuana Mexico. Trained in Israel, his skill level is of the highest caliber. His bedside manor is incredible, you will find him to be the most caring doctor you ever have the privilege of knowing. He makes a art form out of Plastic Surgery. His care for excellence is evident in all he does. You will not be disappointed if you are lucky enough to go to him.

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    Jcpina1125 Feb 02, 2015

    Dr. Victor E. Gutierrez is not only a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, but also an Artist!!!
    You can completely put your trust in him to make the best decisions for your reconstructive surgery. I could not imagine myself going to any other PS after the excellent care I received from Dr. Gutierrez, Elsa and the whole team. You will not be a patient to them, you will become their family, that's how much they care.
    Dr. Victor Gutierrez is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico.
    The entire process before and after surgery was an absolutely unforgettable awesome experience. I have never been cared for by another doctor so compassionately and lovingly the way that Dr. Victor Gutierrez and Elsa did.
    After my lower body lift, thigh lift, breast augmentation, butt lift surgery and TT and Nable revision my transformation is amazing. I am in love with my new body!!! His perfect and brilliant work has changed my life forever.
    Dr. Victor Gutierrez is absolutely without question the best, most highly educated doctor and amazing Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I recommended Dr. victor Gutierrez 100%.

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    LisaLias Jan 06, 2015

    He is the BEST plastic surgeon west of the Atlantic Ocean and east of the Pacific Ocean. You can look everywhere, but if you want outstanding results, please look no farther.

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    Lgardner68 Dec 26, 2014

    Dr. Victor E. Gutierrez is such an awesome surgeon. He really does have his patients best interest at heart. You can completely put your trust in him to make the best decisions for your reconstructive surgery. I could not imagine going to any other surgeon after the excellent care I received from Dr. Gutierrez and his staff.
    As I stated in my review Dr. Gutierrez is amazing. When I arrived at the San Diego airport he was there to pick me up. I immediately felt relaxed he was friendly and very reassuring. He had made my reservation for me at a very nice Hotel. The next morning he picked me up and we went to lunch all the while talking and getting to know each other. I was so happy with my decision he really does care about his patients. I can't think of any Dr. in the states that I've gone to that are willing to spend the time with you and get to know you more than just as a patient. I left Mexico with more than just a fantastic make over. I left with new friends too, in not only Dr. Gutierrez but with his assistant Elsa also. She is the best, I think of them often and can not wait till I can get back down to finish my make over and see them all again.

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    AZDee Dec 14, 2014

    After spending nearly a year looking for just the right Board Certified, Plastic Surgeon to perform my lower body lift, I decided to take a chance and follow that inner voice inside that was leading me to Dr. Victor Gutierrez in Tijuana Mexico. Trained in Israel, where the standards are so very high, I was intrigued.... Previously I had gone to a much larger, fancier clinic for the first procedures that I had done, the year before, and although I really loved the clinic and the other doctor, I found my work not to be up to standard it should have been. How did I learn this, well every PS I consulted for the upcoming LBL surgery, all told me I needed to look into revisions. Then when I spoke to Dr. Gutierrez he offered to fix some of these problems so I didn't have to go back to the original PS. That was a really nice gesture, but not enough to sway me as now I had become very picky about the cut lines and the sewing, all learned the hard way. I started looking at his results, and personally calling his patients, they all told the same story about a Surgeon, who becomes more like family member, and cares for you in such a manor. One who rather than just send a driver personally picks you up at the Airport. Spending several hours doing a mark up, checking and rechecking. And one who will not take chances by "doing whatever" a patient requests but rather takes the time to explain why certain things should or should not be done. A Doctor that takes his time to make the best cuts possible and takes his time with the sewing so you look perfect. And one who simply will not operate on you if your blood levels are just not where they should be. You Know you are in very confident hands. And most incredibly a doctor that operates in such a manor that he says you will not be in pain. So could all this really be true? I knew the pictures did not lie, and I trusted what these patients told me so I took a leap of faith and went with a Doctor that does not operate out of a big fancy clinic, but rather a nice smaller clinic that has everything needed for a great outcome. I could not be happier, I took a chance on a doctor who may not have as many reviews as other Doctors but one who has the highest rating from all his patients. I found everything these previous patients had told to be true and even the part about the pain. I am three days out from surgery and feeling great. I could not be happier. My aftercare is wonderful too, the nurses take the best care of me, couldn't be better...Now I must spend some time to talk about his patient coordinator Elsa, she is the sweetest, nicest person that will go the extra mile, to make sure your every need is taken care of. This is not a 9 to 5 job for her, she literally takes her work home with her as she is available 24/7 for what ever you need before, during and after your surgery when you return home. I promise if you decide to make Dr Victor Gutierrez your Plastic Surgeon, you will not be disappointed!

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    LisaLias Dec 08, 2014

    Dr. Victor Gutierrez is a doctor of superb moral integrity, strength and compassion. More than that, his caring and humble disposition makes him an outstanding doctor and surgeon.
    His degree in Micro-Surgery enhances his artistic surgical abilities as well. This specialized training and knowledge allows him to utilize unique surgical abilities, thus surpassing other plastic surgeons in technique, experience and abilities. He is able to make a connection with his patients and always put their safety, welfare and health above anything else.
    You can look far and wide, yet you will never find a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Victor Gutierrez.

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