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Male Tummy Tuck

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Abdominal Marking is a special technique that allows you to highlight your abdominal muscles, is a procedure that can be performed on men or women and that will allow you to look as athletic as you want. The Abdominal Marking is able to define the lateral and central marks of the abdomen, simulating the abdominal muscles straight and oblique achieving the results you expect most, without the need for arduous gym days.


The Abdominal Marking as well as a Liposuction, is based on an aspiration technique performed with the support of the most modern technology (Vaser or Laser Lipolysis), which by means of a blunt cannula inserted into the fatty tissue extracts the localized fat.


During the first few days there are different types of discomfort that resolve quickly, among them we highlight the following:
- Liquid elimination through incisions
- Feeling of burning
- Bruises
- It will present inflammation in the liposuctioned areas

Highlighting your abdominal muscles

Look more athletic and surprises others

Natural results

We have the best facilities

Certified Surgeon

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