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Obesity is a big public health problem in many countries because of feeding and sedentary habits. Also, pregnancy can give the woman’s shape a deformity in the abdominal region due to laxity of skin.

 Bariatric surgery’s succesful procedures leave many obese patients in a normal or close to normal weight but with a lot of redundant skin in their bodies, so that is the moment when Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Muñoz Meza way of providing this service is always based in three premises: safe, natural and long lasting results, so he takes his time to evaluate each patient and make an specific surgical plan that works for she or he, trying to achieve the best and most noticeable result in one or two surgical events, but with the least surgical risk and/or discomfort.

The key to his succesful practice is based in individualize and respect each patient’s natural features, available time for recovery and the combination of procedures that “match” each other (specific body areas are treated).
Lipoplasties, is the term used to name several plastic aesthetic or reconstructive procedures performed in order to improve or recover a normal body shape after common conditions like pregnancy, adiposis(lipodistrophies), and after massive weightloss general skin laxity.

Dr. Muñoz’s key to a succesful experience and results is to individualize each patient’s case considering her or his natural features, age, general health, gender, time to recovery and many other factors that contribute to have a SAFE, NATURAL AND LONG LASTING RESULT; in one or two surgical events. A good health and avoiding tobacco, E vitamin prior to surgery are very important facotrs to consider, also a normal haemoglobin level.

Patient arrives one or two days before to surgery. Has a consultation with Dr. Muñoz to discuss Surgical Plan, care and follow up issues. Patient is also evaluated by Dr. Muñoz’s cardiologist, Internal Medicine and anesthesiologist to detect and or discard surgical risks. Proper care is given to prevent cloth derived problems using updated protocols. Patient arrives to hospital the night prior surgery, IV fluids are administered and some routine medications. Next day, the surgery(es) is performed and patient stays overnight for proper care by certified nurses. Next day, patient is allowed to go to hote, room and is monitorized periodically by Dr. Muñoz’s staff.
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