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Tummy Tuck

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Pregnancies and weight loss can change the appearance of your abdomen. This surgery removes excess fat and skin, returning tone and firmness to your muscles. Your new abdomen will look toned and with an enviable waist. There are multiple factors that can alter the abdominal wall to give it a flaccid appearance, often with stretch marks and excess skin and fat that can be seen as a true dermo-fatty apron that hinders hygiene, clothing and weakens self-esteem of the individual


With a variable duration (from two to four hours), the intervention is practiced under regional or general anesthesia. This procedure consists of resecting the patient's excess skin and abdominal fat with carefully planned incisions so that they remain below the bikini line. Additionally, depending on the characteristics of the patient, a plication (mooring) of the anterior layer (fascia) is performed covering the rectus abdominus muscles in patients with weakness and / or separation (diastasis) of these muscles.


During the first few days there are different types of discomfort that resolve quickly, among them we highlight the following:
- Pain that gives up with the right analgesics
- Constipation that may be related to certain medications used in surgery that improves with a proper diet or medicated laxatives
- Bruises
- Inflammation of the abdomen
- Sensation of numbness on the abdominal skin

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