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Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic surgery that removes localized fat in the lower abdomen, sagging skin and umbilical region on occasion, the stretch marks located between the horizontal line that passes through the umbilicus and pubic hair. It is a surgical procedure that solves the problem and the aesthetic imbalance of the abdomen in a more radical way than a liposculpture.

 The abdominosplasty is performed strictly by a plastic surgeon, there are general surgeons who do this procedure as an adjunct to an intra-abdominal surgery, when this type of case is presented, it is best to coordinate both specialists to carry out the intervention without further complication.

Scar of an Abdominoplasty

All surgery leaves scar, in this sense, which is left in this intervention is easily hidden since it is under the bikini, they are very discreet scars. With a tummy tuck you can easily remove scars from caesarean sections or abdominal surgeries that have been done previously. After three months of surgery, the scar will appear red, after a year the scar will be a little more clear and almost invisible, the umbilicus will be more distorted and will take on a more youthful appearance. In case of patients who have thick scars, they can undergo recovery therapies to avoid the bad result, and they can be treated with the scar retouch after the first 6 months.

Postoperative Care
After a tummy tuck it is necessary to bear in mind that the good result will depend on the follow-up of the patient’s instructions:

  • When leaving the operating room, moving the legs will increase blood circulation in this area of the body.
  • Perform post-operative therapies.
  • Use girdle at least during the first 4 weeks after the operation.
  • Avoid carrying weight after the intervention.
  • Avoid walking upright so that the scar is not subject to tension.
  • Cover the scar for 10 days after removing the stitches.
  • Take short walks after three weeks of surgery.
  • Keep the wound covered before taking a bath.

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