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Pregnancies and weight fluctuations tend to leave the abdomen with multiple large sagging and multiple stretch marks, the tummy tuck is the surgery to correct these deformities.

What is a tummy tuck?

It’s the surgery to remove excess skin and fat that accumulates in the abdomen due to pregnancies, obesity and age.

The objectives of the tummy tuck are the flattening and temper of the abdomen giving the appearance of an athletic abdomen, drying the excess skin reducing or eliminating stretch marks with scars located within the bikini line so that they are barely visible, improve the definition of the waist, decrease the thickness of subcutaneous fat around the abdomen and correct the relaxation the abdominal wall.

Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck?

Normally women seek this surgery after the pregnancies when the skin has become very flaccid and / or with multiple stretch marks. Usually it is recommended to defer this procedure until having more children is not desired, because the skin and muscles can relax again.

It is very important that the patient is emotionally stable, in a small percentage of patients, depression after surgery may be experienced and if there is a previous emotional problem, this period can become a serious illness.


When is a tummy tuck performed?

The tummy tuck is usually performed when a person is dissatisfied with the shape of the abdomen. Usually done when women have had pregnancies which have left flaccid skin or with multiple stretch marks and who do not want any more children. The reason is because a new pregnancy will cause again a relaxation of the abdominal wall and the skin and possibly the development of more stretch marks. The miniabdominoplastia is a good alternative in case on which the patient wishes to improve her abdomen but still is not clear or is projected to have more children.

How do I know if I need tummy tuck or if a liposuction is enough?

Liposuction is an excellent alternative to improve the abdominal contour when the abdomen skin is of good quality, ie, it does not have much flaccidity and stretch marks and has good elasticity. When the skin is very flaccid and only a liposuction is performed generally the results are unsatisfactory, the skin is often left with multiple irregularities that are difficult to correct.

If the flaccidity is located only in the lower abdomen is an excellent alternative is the miniabdominoplastia.

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