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Procedure that removes excess fat and abdominal skin and, in most cases, restores weakened or separated muscles, creating a smoother profile and abdominal toned. Having a smooth and toned abdomen is a desire of most people. However, sometimes, physical exercise and weight control are not enough to achieve our goals. Even individuals with normal body weight and proportions may have a protruding abdomen with, loose and baggy should in such cases be performed abdominoplasty

How much will I lose weight with a tummy tuck?

The purpose of abdominoplasty is improved body contouring and reduction of the local skin sagging, however, is a surgical procedure that removes a certain amount of skin and fat of course there will be a reduction in body weight, which varies depending on the abdominal volume unique for each patient.

Abdominoplasty leaves a very visible scar?

Scar from a tummy tuck is located horizontally just above the deployment of the pubic, extending laterally to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the volume of the abdomen to be corrected. This scar is planned to be disguised under the swimsuits.

How long will attain the final result?

In the first months, the abdomen shows a relative insensitivity, and be subject to periods of "bloat", which resolves spontaneously. Over the months, having started modeling exercises oriented, will be gradually reaching the final outcome. Should never be regarded as a definitive result before 12 months postoperatively.

A new navel will be made?

No. Your navel will be implemented and refurbished. Surrounding the navel there is a scar that will suffer the same evolution of scar below.

The tummy tuck corrects that excess fat on the stomach area?

Not always. This depends on the type of trunk (thorax + abdomen together). If it is kind of short, hardly be corrected. Being of type long, the result will be more favorable. It also has great importance in this respect, the thickness of adipose tissue (fat thickness) coating that body area.

Can I have children in the future? The result will not be harmed?

There are no formal contraindications to pregnancy after abdominoplasty. However, the aesthetic outcome of the surgery may be compromised after pregnancy are advised to have children before all scheduled to undergo a tummy tuck.

How is the postoperative abdominoplasty? It is very painful?

Like any surgical procedure requires some precautions and restrictions that must be informed by your doctor. A tummy tuck is a surgery in which the level of pain is quite tolerable by most patients being solved with common prescription painkillers.

There are risks to this procedure?

Like any surgical procedure tummy tuck is not without risks. To reduce complications, your doctor will make a proper clinical evaluation with preoperative imaging, surgical planning and reviews.

What type of anesthesia is used for this operation?

Anesthesia technique is individualized for each patient and may be used general anesthesia or blockages. The type of anesthesia to be used will be consensus among the staff and the patient.

How long is the surgery?

The mean operative time was 3 hours. This period may be extended if there is association with liposuction or if the case demands. However, the time of surgery should not be confused with the length of stay of patients in the Surgical Center, because this residence includes the period of preparation for anesthesia and postoperative recovery. Your doctor will inform you about the total time.

How long is the hospital stay?

Between 1-3 days (normal movement).

Dressings are used?

Yes Special dressings, and periodically exchanged by the staff daily by the patient at home.

When are the stitches removed?

most points is made with absorbable sutures are not required withdrawal. For some external points, the withdrawal may be initiated around the 8th. day and should be done selectively, in the days that follow. Rarely complete withdrawal exceed 2 weeks.

When can take full bath?

If not using drain 24 hours after surgery. If wells are used after 3-5 days.

l need to use brace and perform lymphatic drainage?

Yes Lymphatic drainage is important postoperatively both in reducing edema (swelling) and in decreasing postoperative fibrosis. The brace is used in order to reduce swelling and ease the body remodeling should be used for about 2 months after surgery.

When return to normal life?

Mostly during two weeks should take greater care with respect to posture being necessary to walk "with the slightly stooped posture body", with slight flexion of the trunk. Up to one month postoperatively will release for light exercises like walking and after 2 months for most activities.


- Communicate with your doctor before surgery in case of flu, menstruation, illness, etc.; 
- Intern at the hospital indicated in the bill, according to the time of admission; 
- Avoid alcoholic beverages or very hearty meals, the day before surgery; 
- Avoid any slimming drugs that may be using for a period of 10 days before surgery. This also includes certain diuretics; 
- Schedule your social, domestic or school activities, so as not to become indispensable to others for a period of approximately 3-4 weeks.


- Avoid strenuous activity for 21 days; 
- Get up as often as it is recommended by hospital discharge, according to the periods of stay seated, as well as to avoid as much, long stairs; 
- Do not expose to sun or cold, for a minimum period of 4 weeks; 
    - Curved Floor with slight flexion of the trunk, and maintain short steps, for a period of 7 to 14 days; 
- Obey the prescription; /> 
- Probably you ll be feeling so well, to the point of not remembering who was recently operated. Watch out! The euphoria may lead her to an untimely effort, which determine certain disorders; 
- Do not worry about the intermediate forms in various stages. Take with your surgeon, and only him, no doubt; 
- In case of obese patients, may occur after 8 "day, the elimination of a certain amount of yellow or bloody fluid, one or more points of scarring. Do not worry, because if that happens it does not mean complication. Except in special cases, free food, from the second day, mainly based on protein (meat, milk, eggs) and vitamins (fruits); 
- Wait to make your "diet or weight loss regime" after the medical release. The anticipation of this conduct on their own, may determine to be ironed difficult consequences.

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