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African American Rhinoplasty

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More and more African American patients are seeking nasal refinements to their nose to improve several features. In the past, changes to African American noses was deemed difficult since traditional reductive rhinoplasty techniques were ineffective. However, with advances in rhinoplasty, African Americans can now see greater changes which appear natural than ever before. African American rhinoplasty is now one of the most popular procedures amongst African American plastic surgery patients.

African American noses have a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some geneticists have shown more genetic diversity in some African villages than in entire countries.

Ethiopian noses look different than Nigerian noses and every patient will have different ideas of what they want.
 African American noses have an increased amount of diversity since many patients will have further genetic differences.

Many patients will require support to the nose and surgeons need to understand advanced rhinoplasty techniques in order to provide consistent results. In addition, surgeons need to understand the each patient’s unique perspective and tailor a nose for him or her.

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