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Facial Hair (Beard, Moustache and Eyebrow) Transplantation

From past to present having a bushy beard and moustache is one of the most important topics about the appearance of many men. The beard and moustache can get thinner, spotty, patchy, and also they may even disappear completely because of genetic factors, immune system disorders, aging, and scarring. Today, many men have not grown facial hair as dense as they desire. The loss of facial hair causes some problems with our appearance and affect negatively on patients physically and even psychologically. At the time Bestify Group clears up all the problems and gives the best and permanent opportunity to bestify yourself urgently and regain bushy beard and moustache with facial hair transplant for men who struggle with beard and moustache loss. The loss of eyebrow is also crucial face appearance problem for both women and men. Occasionally, the hair loss problems may affect important role on self-esteem and self-confidence in our social life.

How to bestify your face with facial hair transplantation?

Bestify Group presents you a pain-free cosmetic surgery procedure that takes place in the presence of experienced and well-equipped medical team in Turkey. Bestify Group partner specialists perform facial hair transplant with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique that gives permanent and best facial hair transplant results and also provide Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique according to types of hair loss of patients. The surgery procedure of facial hair transplantation has similar stages. This procedure can be performed after 20’s when hormone levels are settled because this age is important for the hormonal balance of our body. The facial hair transplant restores beard, moustache or eyebrow by transplanting facial hair grafts from high-density areas into the recipient area where thinning or balding occurred. Donor beard, moustache or eyebrow grafts are drawn mostly from the back of the head that has the abundant amount of hair. The number of grafts required that transplant into the recipient area where thinning or balding occurred can vary according to patients. We do provide maximum possible amount of grafts. After the optimum numbers of grafts are detected, transplantation is applied by technique that is the most productive for you. We do not charge you per graft, we charge per treatment.

Why FUE technique is preferred? The surgical tools that are being used are advanced enough to enable quick extraction and no visible permanent scarring can be seen in the donor area. This technique is performed under the local anesthesia and the procedure lasts about 2-5 hours. Fortunately, as the grafts are drawn from the back of the head, the donor area definitely do not lose its bushy appearance. Also, grafts fit into easily transplanted area and transform safely new type of facial hair such as beard, moustache or eyebrow. Grafts are drawn into the transplanted area are arranged considering to the desires of patients. Therefore facial hair transplantation always gives satisfying and natural results. Your transplanted beard, moustache or eyebrow also will never disappear again.

In addition, we do also provide Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique that extracted grafts are directly implanted into the recipient area. The maximum number of grafts in one session with DHI can be around 2000 grafts whereas in FUE it can be up to 5000 grafts. Therefore, our specialists assist to patients to get a personalized treatment plan, which technique is more comfortable for them. The day following the procedure, patients have a final check-up and are informed about aftercare instructions by our partner specialists. After the healing process is completed, patients can shave and trimmed easily and in safe the transplanted area.

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6 to 9 hours


3 Nights


Occasionally ( at least the donor area needs to be shaved


Needs at least 3 to 4 days to get back to daily life

PRP Therapy:

Included to nourish transplanted hairs


Its pain-free treatment

Scars & Incisions:

None with FUE method


After 15 days


Seen after 3 months

Success rate:

98% with permanent hairs

Donor Area:

Will grow again after the transplantation

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