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Strange you hear the fat pads of Bichat Bichat or balls (well described in some literature), are fatty deposits that are located at the cheeks and the location is that support and contour to the facial structure without But in some patients, mostly Hispanic patients, there is an excess of fatty tissue giving the appearance of a rounded face, obese and facial angles and poorly defined edges.

Strange you hear the fat pads of Bichat Bichat or balls in those patients in whom there is this excess tissue, it is possible to remove the excess volume of these exchanges, improving this way of making an elongated face, slender and simulating the projection of facial bone structures, thereby giving a more harmonious and attractive.

We note the importance of preoperative clinical assessment, as some patients are candidates for plastic surgery for the removal of fat pockets or bichatectomía Bichat, who have some depression or facial asymmetry in this anatomical area, these bags can be used as filler be an extraction or asymmetric (ie the side if the other side done and not done), thus giving a symmetrical appearance and attractive face.

To perform plastic surgery removal of the fat pad of Bichat or bichatectomía can be done with local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia, especially if procedures are performed aggregates. The technique of plastic surgery for the removal of fat pads of Bichat or bichatectomía, takes place inside the cheeks, at the second molars, having a fairly rapid recovery and can resume their activities, as scars are hidden inside the mouth, however, if a combined surgery recovery time will depend on the type and number of surgeries performed.

Usually the plastic surgery of the removal of fat pads of Bichat or bichatectomía, is performed simultaneously with other procedures to improve facial structure making a more attractive appearance, such as: plastic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty, liposuction, neck placement of cheek implants (or malar), or mandibular angle and can be placed with intraoral or extraoral approaches, as appropriate. The risks and complications of plastic surgery of the removal of fat pads of Bichat or bichatectomía, though rare include: hematoma, infection, injury to the duct, but for all these possible complications is preoperative preparation and postoperative management must undertaken to avoid them.

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