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The bichectomia surgery is indicated for the removal of excess body Bichat ball or buccal fat pad which is present in a fatty side structure, in the cheek region. The Bichat Ball Body or Oral Adipose when increased can change the shape of the face, leaving the rounded.

Where is located the scar bichectomia?
The scar is located in the inner portion of the mouth, and after regeneration of mucosa it becomes almost imperceptible.

What type of anesthesia used?
The anesthesia to be performed can be local, local with sedation and general and should be consensus between the team and the patient or guardian.

What is the hospital stay?
It ranges from 6-12 hours, depending on the type of anesthesia performed.

How long does the surgery?
The average time of procedure duration is 20-30 minutes.

There is pain in the postoperative period?
Usually the pain is mild, which is quickly relieved by common analgesics.

How is the dressing?
No need to bandage, just cold compresses on the lateral region of the cheeks to reduce swelling in 48 h post-procedure.

Is there any special care in relation to local hygiene?
It is prescribed mouthwash which must be used every 8 hours with an ointment that accelerates the regeneration of mucosa. From there it will be used an appropriate range of protection for postoperative.

When the stitches are removed?
Points are made with absorbable sutures with no need to remove them.

How long it reached the final result?
The final outcome of the procedure is taken around 6 months after surgery, but in the recent postoperative period we will have a good estimate of the chin and positioning format.

- Communicate with us until the day before surgery in case of flu, infections, etc .;
- Comply with the established schedule for hospitalization and fasting 8 hours including water;
- Wash your hair the day before;

- Avoid sun, cold, local trauma for a period of 30 days;
- Attend to the clinic for postoperative control;
- Obey the prescription;
- You can return to school activities, professional, five days after surgery;
- Liquid diet for 7 days;
- See the instructions as often as necessary;
- Do not traumatize or "scratch" the eyes;
- You can return to normal activities after 3 days.

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